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March 25

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Latest Updates & Additions to be added to the database

March 25, 2017 First Nation Airways has suspended operations for a second time in six months airline, but is hoping to resume operations on 28Mar2017 [status change]Nigeria
March 24, 2017 Honesty Air Cargo is new airline that part of a larger shipping group. It is located at Ras al Khaimah International (RKT)  [added]UAE
March 24, 2017 After Alaska Airlines' recent purchase of  Virgin America, it has confirmed it will discontinue the name sometime in 2019 [news]USA
March 23, 2017 Air Chang'an  [added] resumed operations as an independent airline on 09May2016 after forming Grand China AirChina
March 23, 2017 Fly Baghdad was reported as suspended operation in late 2016. Now appears to be Active again [status change]Iraq
March 23, 2017Zozik Air appears to be active & ACMI only [status change]Iraq
March 22, 2017Azmar Air started operations on 12Oct2005 but appears to have ceased operating [status change]Iraq
March 22, 2017One Chabahar Air deleted because of duplication [deleted] & the remaining is still active [status change]Iran
March 22, 2017Yuva JetLines Airways was founded in 2016 & hopes to start operations in 2017  [added]India
March 21, 2017Faraz Qeshm Airline was founded in 1993 & renamed to Qeshm Air in 1996. It is still operating [status change]Iran
March 21, 2017Pars Air was founded in 2016 & hopes to commence operations in 2017  [added]Iran
March 21, 2017Pasargad Airlines was privately owned charter and schedule flight operator that operated 2009-2011 [status change]Iran
March 20, 2017JC (Cambodia) International Airlines commenced revenue operations on 17Mar2017 with a return flight between Siem Reap and Macau Int'l. [status change]Cambodia
March 20, 2017Gorkha Airlines is planning to resume operations five years after it formally terminated all operations [update]Nepal
March 19, 2017LAP >LAPSA [added] >TAM Mercosur >TAM Airlines >LATAM Paraguay  [added]Paraguay
March 18, 2017IAG’s new long-haul low-cost airline operation, Level, will commence services in Jun2017 [added]Spain
March 18, 2017Corail Helicopteres is a helicopter passenger charter carrier based at St. Pierre de la Réunion Pierrefonds [added]Reunion
March 18, 2017Corail Helicopteres is an offshoot of the Reunion based helicopter charter company [added]Mauritius

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