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Latest Updates & Additions to be added to the database
April 30, 2017Brooks Aviation is an 'Active' cargo carrier based at Douglas Municipal (KDQH), Georgia [status change]USA
April 30, 2017British Aviation Services [added] was formed in 1946 & in 1962, BAS Group merged with British United Airways (BUA)UK
April 30, 2017Wrightson Air Hire [added] was renamed 1934 to Air Hire [status change]UK
April 29, 2017SundAir was hoping to start in Apr2017 but has delayed until 3Q2017 [news]Germany
April 29, 2017Nordavia has confirmed that it will change its name to SmartAvia [added] from the end of Oct2017Russia
April 29, 2017Air Carnival has ceased operations as its owners attempt to sell off the low-cost carrier [status change]India
April 28, 2017Hong Kong Air Cargo (Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok) has acquired its Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) from the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (CAD) [added]Hong Kong
April 28, 2017Saudi Aramco Aviation is an established private carrier based at Dammam King Fahd International (DMM) [added]Saudi Arabia
April 28, 2017On 24Apr2017, Borajet announced that they will temporarily suspend their operations [status change]Turkey
April 27, 2017Viva Nepal Airways (Kathmandu) has been granted an Air Services Licence (ASL), valid for one year, from the Nepali government ahead of plans to begin operations later in 2017 [added]Nepal
April 27, 2017Skybus resumed operations in early 2017 after suspending services [status change]Kazakhstan
April 27, 2017Pan Pacific Airlines intends to commence flying from Kalibo to Incheon starting on 27Apr2017 [status change]Philippines
April 26, 2017West Air Luxembourg [status change & tree added] was rebranded as Smart Cargo [added]Luxembourg
April 26, 2017Air Majoro is a regional based at Nazca Maria Reiche Neuman (SPZA) [added]Peru
April 26, 2017Kan Air has ceased all operations as of 21Apr2017 after being forced to ground its aircraft due to technical difficulties [status change]Thailand

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Air Gaspé began charter flights in 1951 and became a subsidiary of Quebecair in 1973 (Canada)