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Northern Marianas Islands is in the Pacific Ocean, east of the Philippines and south of Japan. The approximately 16 coral and volcanic islands, including all of the Mariana Islands except Guam, comprise an area of 464 sq km (179 sq mi). The principal islands are Saipan (122 sq km/47 sq mi), Tinian (101 sq km/39 sq mi), and Rota (83 sq km/32 sq mi). The island of Saipan contains the seat of government, a busy seaport, and an international airport.

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September 8, 2014Star Marianas Air- 'Active' airline that started charter flights in 2009 [added]


Operating DatesStatus

Air Marianas   


^ Comments :  

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Air Papaya   


^ Comments : Air Papaya was a carrier based in Saipan planning to launch operations in 2014 with A320-200s

^ Genealogy :  

Air Saipan   


^ Comments : Air Saipan was founded in 2006 but did not start operations

^ Genealogy :  

Fly Marianas   


^ Comments :  

^ Genealogy :  

Pacific Island Aviation (PIA)   

1988 - 2005Inactive

^ Comments : Pacific Island Aviation was formed in 1987 & commenced Helicopter operations in Aug1988. Moved to commuter status & started operations on 21Mar1992. Ceased operations on 9Feb2005

^ Genealogy :  

Saipan Air   


^ Comments :  

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Star Marianas Air   

2009 - dateActive

^ Comments : Star Marianas Airs' first flight was a charter from Tinian to Saipan on 02Apr2009

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