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1 October 1928

Newark, the first major airport in the New York metropolitan area was opened

1 October 1931 KLM began a regular service between Amsterdam and Batavia by Fokker F.XII. At 13,744 km (8,540 miles) this was the longest regular air route in the world at the time Netherlands
1 October 1935 The first company to bear the name British Airways was formed, by the merger of Hillman Airways, Spartan Air Lines and United Airways. UK
1 October 1941 Inter-Island Airways name changed to Hawaiian Airlines USA
1 October 1947 Los Angeles Airways began the first scheduled carriage of airmail using the Sikorsky S-51 helicopter USA
1 October 1949 Aden Airways, a subsidiary of British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC), started operations South Yemen
1 October 1950 Ilyushin IL-14 passenger aircraft first flight USSR
1 October 1951 Air Vietnam was formed to take over services from Air France South Vietnam
1 October 1958 Nigeria Airways, founded on 23Aug1958 (after the dissolution of WAAC), commenced operations as West African Airways Corporation Nigeria Limited Nigeria
1 October 1963

UTA was formed as a result of a merger between Union Aéromaritime de Transport (UAT) and Transports Aériens Intercontinentaux (TAI)

1 October 1963 Autair International commenced scheduled services after rename from Autair (>Court Lines) UK
1 October 1964 Derby Airways changed its name to British Midland Airways (>British Airways) UK
1 October 1965 Bechuanaland National Airways was organized on this day, with the help of the UK airline Autair International (>Botswana Airways) Bechuanaland
1 October 1967 Frontier purchased Central Airlines USA
1 October 1969 The Concorde supersonic transport plane breaks the sound barrier for the first time UK
1 October 1972 Malaysian Airlines Berhad, registered on 03Apr1971, officially began operations (>MAS) Malaysia
1 October 1972 SIA (Singapore International Airlines), established on 28Jan1972, started operations Singapore
1 October 1973 TAAG, started operations as DTA on 17Jul1940, was redesignated TAAG-Angola Airlines following independence Angola
1 October 1974 Lufthansa CityLine was formed as OLT in 1958 first flew on 17Jun1959, became OLT (Ostfriesische Luftransport) in 1970 and to DLT on this date West Germany
1 October 1974 Air Maldives was formed Maldives
1 October 1977 Sun D'Or was established as El Al Charter Services Ltd Israel
1 October 1988 Aerovias de Mexico was renamed  to AeroMexico Mexico
1 October 1992 Ukraine International Airlines was established Ukraine
1 October 1994 ICX International Cargo Express was merged into Air Transport International USA
1 October 1994 Shuttle by United (formed by United Airlines) began operations (>United Shuttle >>UAL) USA
1 October 1995 airBaltic established on 28Aug1995 start operations Latvia
1 October 1997 Alitalia Express started operations (was integrated into mainline Alitalia on 06Feb2015) Italy
1 October 1998 Amaszonas was founded Bolivia
1 October 1999

Japan Air Charter  name changed to JALways

1 October 2002 Completion of Rheintalflug Seewald's integration into Tyrolean Airways (>Austrian arrows) Austria
1 October 2004 Landsflug, established in 2004, started operations Iceland
1 October 2004 Georgian Airways was launched after being renamed from Airzena Georgian Airlines Georgia
1 October 2006 Iberia's low-cost subsidiary Clickair was founded as Catair Spain
1 October 2007 Caribbean Airlines acquired all outstanding Tobago Express shares, taking over its routes and fleet Trinidad & Tobago
1 October 2007 MASWings took over the routes and aircraft previously flown by FlyAsianXpress Malaysia
1 October 2008 Asian Express Airlines became Tasman Cargo Airlines Australia
1 October 2008 Kyokushin Air ceased operations Japan
1 October 2009 SAS Norge was fully absorbed into SAS Norway
1 October 2010 Star1 Airlines ceased operations Lithuania
1 October 2010 ANA Wings operations started Japan
1 October 2011 The Continental-United merger results in the end of Continental USA
1 October 2011 Flyme  began operations Maldives
1 October 2012 City Airways operations started Thailand
1 October 2014 Air One services start operating under the Alitalia brand Italy
1 October 2014 JAL Express started operations after merging into its parent JAL (Japan Airlines) Japan
1 October 2015 Arke was renamed to TUIfly (Netherlands) Netherlands
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2 October 1965 United Libyan Airlines was absorbed into Kingdom of Libya Airlines (>Libyan Airlines) Libya
2 October 2000 Sahara Indian Airlines was rebranded as Air Sahara (>JetKonnect) India
2 October 2001 Swissair grounded (declared bankruptcy and 11Sep2001 terrorist attacks blamed) Switzerland
2 October 2007 Cargojet Regional began operations as Georgian Express Canada
2 October 2009 Feel Air was established. Sweden
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3 October 1927 Grand Canyon Airlines' first flight was on this date as Scenic Airlines USA
3 October 1938

Imperial Airways took delivery at Croydon of the first of their Armstrong Whitworth AW 27

3 October 1973 AeroPeru, formed in 1973 to take over operations of SATCO, operated its maiden flight Peru
3 October 1979 Bering Air, founded by James & Christine Rowe as a charter airline in 1979, started operations USA
3 October 1990 Interflug, as a consequence of the German reunification was liquidated East Germany
3 October 2004

Iraqi Airways operations restarted with a flight between Baghdad and Amman

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4 October 1958 BOAC de Havilland Comet made first the commercial transatlantic crossing by a jet airliner, from Heathrow Airport to New York International Airport UK
4 October 1961 North Star Air Lines, an independent airline, registered in London. Did not start operations UK
4 October 1968 First flight of the Tupolev Tu-154 USSR
4 October 1994 Merchant Express Aviation Services, established on 11May1990, started operations Nigeria
4 October 1995 Moskovia Airlines was founded as the commercial division of the Gromov Flight Research Institute (Gromov Air) Russia
4 October 2005 GoJet, established in late 2004 by Trans States Holdings began scheduled passenger services USA
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5 October 1916 AT&T (Aircraft Transport & Travel) (>British Airways) was formed. The first airline to offer regular domestic passenger transportation service UK
5 October 1951 First flight of the Convair CV-340 USA
5 October 1962 Transmeridian began operations as Trans Meridian Flying Service (>British Cargo Airlines) UK
5 October 1985 People Express Airlines acquired Frontier on this date & continued operating it as an independent entity USA
5 October 2008 Galaxy Airlines, established on 17May2005, starting operations on 31Oct2006, ceased on this date Japan
5 October 2013 Colombe Airlines officially launched scheduled operations Burkina Faso
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6 October 1923 CSA was founded by the Czechoslovak government as CSA Československé státní aerolinie (Czechoslovak State Airlines) Czechoslovakia
6 October 1927 Western Canada Airways commenced contract airmail service between Lac du Bonnet, Wadhope and Bisset, Manitoba (>Air Canada) Canada
6 October 1929 Hawaiian Airlines, founded on 30Jan1929, began operations on this date as Inter-Island Airways USA
6 October 1955 First flight of the Convair CV-440 Metropolitan USA
6 October 1959 Spantax (Spanish Air Taxi Líneas Aéreas S.A.) was founded by ex-Iberia pilot Rodolfo Bay Wright and ex-Iberia flight attendant Marta Estades Sáez Spain
6 October 1994 Air Mandalay was established Myanmar
6 October 1994 IMAIR was established as Improtex Azerbaijan
6 October 2001 Silk Way Airlines. founded in 2001, started commercial flights Azerbaijan
6 October 2009 Comoros Islands Airways started operations Comoros
6 October 2010 Blue Line ceased operation France
6 October 2014 Livingston Compagnia Aerea (New Livingston) suspended all operations and its AOC was revoked the following day Italy
6 October 2014 East Air suspended operations after the Tajikistan GCAA revoked the carrier's AOC citing “certification” issues Tajikistan
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7 October 1919 KLM was formed. It is the longest surviving airline with the same name Netherlands
7 October 1933 Air France was formed from a merger of Air Orient, Air Union, Compagnie Générale Aéropostale, CIDNA, Lignes Aériennes Farman and SGTA France
7 October 1975 Alpine Air Express operations started USA
7 October 2009 It was announced that Avianca would merge with TACA but both airlines stated that each would maintain their own identity El Salvador
7 October 2010 SpiceJet commenced operations on 24May2005 & international services are launched on this date with a flight from Delhi to Kathmandu India
7 October 2011 Solid AiR, established in 1996, was declared bankrupt Netherlands
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8 October 1933 CGTA (Compagnie Generale de Transport Aerien) ceased operations when it merged into the newly created Air France France
8 October 1929 Cubana was founded as CNCAC (Compañía Nacional Cubana de Aviación Curtiss) Cuba
8 October 1934 Inter-Island Airways made the first inter-island air mail flight in the Hawaiian Islands under a United States Post Office contract. USA
8 October 1945 KD Avia (Kaliningrad Avia) was formed as Kaliningrad Avia USSR
8 October 1945 SAHSA (Servicio Aereo de Hoduras S.A.) was founded on this date with the help of Pan American Airways & began operations on 22Oct1945 Honduras
8 October 1951

The first Royal flight by BOAC took place. The then Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh flew to Montreal in a Boeing 377 Stratocruiser for their Canadian tour

8 October 1998 Oslo Airport, Fornebu was replaced replaced by Gardermoen as Norway's new International Airport Norway
8 October 2004 Vbird, a low-fare airline founded in 2003, ceased operations Netherlands
8 October 2014 Apsara International Air commenced scheduled operations with daily flights between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap Cambodia
8 October 2015 Aviatsa commenced commercial operations using a pair of B.737 Classics Honduras
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9 October 1922 Dornier Do Komet II was first flown Germany
9 October 1935 The first Martin M-130, China Clipper, was delivered to Pan Am USA
9 October 1946 Air Atlas (Societe Cherifienne de L'Air) was registered (>RAM) Morocco
9 October 1974 Air Maldives started operations with Male to Colombo Maldives
9 October 1998 Amakusa Airlines was founded Japan
9 October 2005 Alajnihah Airways launched cargo services Libya
9 October 2008 Interavia ceased operations Russia
9 October 2008 LagunAir ceased operations Spain
9 October 2010 Air Mekong flight operations are launched Vietnam
9 October 2013 Air Bashkortostan was closed down by owner VIM Avia Russia
9 October 2015 Congo Airways started operations DR Congo
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10 October 1926 Northwest Airways began service as a contract mail carrier, carrying air mail from the Twin Cities to Chicago (>Delta Air Lines) USA
10 October 1956 First flight of the Lockheed L-1649 Starliner USA
10 October 1971 EgyptAir, established as Misr Airlines on 07Jun1932 was renamed from UAA (United Arab Airlines) on this date Egypt
10 October 1974 Air Nippon started operations as NKA (Nihon Kinkyori Airways) Japan
10 October 1983 Air Link International Airways was established Philippines
10 October 1985 Presidential Airways, founded in 1985 by Harold J. (Hap) Pareti (formerly PEOPLExpress) as a low-cost carrier' commenced services on this date USA
10 October 2006 Esen Air started operations Kyrgyzstan
10 October 2007 Azteca Airlines (Lineas Aereas Azteca), having suspended operations on 26Mar2007, ceased fully due to poor financial situation Mexico
10 October 2010 RAK Airways suspended all services & was relaunched as a low-cost carrier UAE
10 October 2011 AviaNova ceased operations Russia
10 October 2014 Primera Air Nordic commenced scheduled operations using its sole aircraft, a B.737-800 Latvia
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11 October 1919 Handley Page Transport began offering the first in-flight meals, on its London-Brussels service. They are sold at 3 shillings UK
11 October 1927 Richard Hoyt establishes Atlantic, Gulf, and Caribbean Airways (>PanAm) USA
11 October 1938 Blohm & Voss BV 142 first flight Germany
11 October 1947 Trans-Texas Airways began operations as a local service carrier (>UAL) USA
11 October 1970 First flight of the B.747-200B USA
11 October 1989 Partnair, founded on 30Jun1971, ceased operations Norway
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12 October 1929 Panagra, founded on 13Sep1928, commenced operations (>>Braniff) USA
12 October 1937 Malayan Airways was formed (>MAS) Malaya
12 October 1980 Mesa Airlines commenced operations USA
12 October 1981 Great Lakes Airlines began scheduled services with flights between Spencer, Iowa, and Des Moines, Iowa USA
12 October 2009 Qatar Airways Airbus A340-600 conducted the world's first commercial passenger flight using a mixture of kerosene and synthetic Gas-to-liquids (GTL) fuel Qatar
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13 October 1919 First company executive aircraft entered service: S. Instone & Company (shipping line) operated a de Havilland DH4A from Hounslow UK
13 October 1930 First flight of the Junkers Ju 52 Germany
13 October 1937 Elders Colonial Airways commenced flights on the route from Lagos-Accra utilising a de Havilland Express from Imperial Airways Nigeria
13 October 1950 First flight of the Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation USA
13 October 1964
Queen Elizabeth was flown from London to Ottawa on the first Air Canada DC 8 sporting the new titles and paint scheme
13 October 1976 Midway Airlines was founded by investor Irving T. Tague USA
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14 October 1962 Air Madagascar was formed by the Government of the then-new Malagasy Republic and Air France to succeed Madair


14 October 2005 Air Jamaica Express ceased operations Jamaica
14 October 2006 Air Nauru, was renamed to Our Airline (>Nauru Airlines) Nauru
14 October 2010 Air Corsica was renamed from CCM France
14 October 2010 Livingston Energy Flight have their AOC revoked (+>Livingston Compagnia Aerea) Italy
14 October 2012 BlueSky Airways flew its first commercial charter flight Botswana
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15 October 1921 CETA (Compania Española de Trafico Aereo) was established (>Iberia Airlines) Spain
15 October 1928 KNILM (Koninklijke Nederlandsch-Indische Luchtvaart Maatschappij), founded as NILM, was appended with the Koninklijk (Royal) title (>Garuda) Dutch East Indies
15 October 1932 The Aviation Division of Tata Sons start an airmail route between Karachi and Madras, the first regular air service within India India
15 October 1934 National Airline System, later known as National Airlines, began operations as a Florida intrastate carrier (>PanAm) USA
15 October 1939 New York mayor Fiorello La Guardia dedicates an airport in Flushing bearing his name. La Guardia airport was the costliest to build at the time, $45 million USA
15 October 1946 Malev commenced operations as Maszovlet Hungary
15 October 1951 Air Vietnam, formed on 01Oct1951 to take over services from Air France, started operations South Vietnam
15 October 1956 Royal Air Cambodge was founded Cambodia
15 October 1987 Malaysian Airlines System Berhad was rebranded as Malaysia Airlines Malaysia
15 October 1991 Volga-Dnepr Airlines, established on 22Aug1990 as a joint stock company, started operations Russia
15 October 1997 Buddha Air, formed in 1997, started operations Nepal
15 October 1998 China Cargo Airlines, established on 30Jul1998, started operations China
15 October 1998 Allegiant Airlines, founded as WestJet Express in Jan1997, began scheduled services between Las Vegas and the airline's initial hub in Fresno USA
15 October 2000 Jordan Aviation (JATE), formed in 2000, started operations Jordan
15 October 2000 Skyways Regional started operations (>Direktflyg ) Sweden
15 October 2001 Twin Jet started commercial air charter services France
15 October 2002 Jetconnect, established in Jul2002, commenced operations New Zealand
15 October 2007 Airbus delivers its first A.380 superjumbo jet, to Singapore Airlines Singapore
15 October 2009 Mistral Aviation, formed in 2002, had its airline license revoked Republic of Congo
15 October 2009 Direct Aero Service operations started (>Romstrade Logistic Expres) Romania
15 October 2011 TAME Xpress, established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of national carrier TAME in Oct2011, started operations Ecuador
15 October 2012 Falcon Express Cargo Airlines, formed in 1995, suspended operations UAE
15 October 2013 Air Costa, founded in 2012, operated its first flight India
15 October 2014 Last commercial flight out of Blackpool Airport (Squires Gate) (to the Isle of Man) UK
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16 October 1933 DNL (Det Norske Luftfartselskap) was established (>>SAS) Norway
16 October 1978 The L.1011-500 TriStar first flew. This was a longer-range variant USA
16 October 1991 Mandarin Airlines started operations with direct flights from Taipei to Sydney Taiwan
16 October 1992 Euravia ceased operations to form Meridiana with UniversAir & LAC (Lineas Aereas Canarias) Spain
16 October 1997 First flight of the B.777-300. This essentially replaced the B.747-100 & B.747-200 USA
16 October 2001 Royal Air Cambodge was shut down Cambodia
16 October 2001 Belair Airlines was registered in the Swiss Commercial Register Switzerland
16 October 2003 Mekong Air International ceased operations because of SARS fears Cambodia
16 October 2009 Air Dominicana, started operations Dominican Republic
16 October 2012 Islas Airways, having started operations on 15Feb2003 ceased & was was subsequently declared bankrupt Spain
16 October 2014 FlySafair started operations South Africa
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17 October 1945 Lacsa was established by Pan American World Airways, the Costa Rican government and Costa Rican private interests (>Avianca Costa Rica) Costa Rica
17 October 1977 Port Authority of New York & New Jersey lost its bid to ban the Concorde USA
17 October 1996 Last Vickers Vanguard (G-APEP) British short/medium-range turboprop airliner retired. Now on display at Brooklands Museum UK
17 October 2001 RPX Airlines operations started Indonesia
17 October 2008 Omskavia ceased operations Russia
17 October 2008 Tesis Aviation Enterprise, founded in 1993, had their flights suspended by the Russian aviation authority due to unpaid fees Russia
17 October 2008 Vyborg North-West Air Transport ceased operations Russia
17 October 2008 Hansung Airlines had its AOC withdrawn. Restarted as T'Way Air on 16Sep2010 South Korea
17 October 2011 Libyan Airlines resumed commercial services following the lifting of all sanctions Libya
17 October 2015 US Airways, established as All American Aviation eventually merged into American Airlines USA
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18 October 1948 Cathay Pacific Airways, founded in Jan1946 as Roy Farrell Export-Import Co., was registered as Cathay Pacific Hong Kong
18 October 1979 First flight of the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 USA
18 October 1994 Air Mandalay start operations with a flight from Yangon to Mandalay Myanmar
18 October 2005 Eos (Atlantic Express) started operations USA
18 October 2006 Eirjet ceased operations Ireland
18 October 2008 Hansung Airlines stopped flying as AOC was withdrawn on 17Oct2008 (>T'Way Air) South Korea
18 October 2011 TAR Aerolíneas was formed by Grupo Mafra (a property development group) Mexico
18 October 2014 Mitsubishi MRJ90 official rollout occurred Japan
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19 October 1917 Love Field in Dallas, Texas was opened USA
19 October 1920 SCADTA (Sociedad Colombo-Allemán De Transporto Aéreo)(Colombian-German Air Transport Corporation) began operations (>Avianca) Colombia
19 October 1927 Pan Am started operations as ACA (Aviation Corporation of the Americas) USA
19 October 1970 Midland Air Cargo, formed in 1970, began revenue services UK
19 October 1977 Concorde made its first landing in New York City UK / France
19 October 1999 Lion Air was founded Indonesia
19 October 2010 Hamburg International shuts down all operations and files for bankruptcy protection Germany
19 October 2016 Jetairfly  became TUIfly Belgium Belgium
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20 October 1955 LTU International Airways was founded as Lufttransport-Union (>airberlin) West Germany
20 October 1956 Royal Air Cambodge, founded on 15Oct1956, started operations Cambodia
20 October 1956 LIAT was founded as Leeward Islands Air Transport Services Antigua
20 October 1961 Madair launched services, between Tananarive and Paris using a Douglas DC-7C (>Air Madagascar on 14Oct1962) Malagasy Republic
20 October 1969 Finnair introduces an inertial navigation system on its aircraft, becoming the first airline to dispense with the need for a navigator aboard Finland
20 October 2008 New Air & Tours was rebranded as enerjet Canada
20 October 2008 flySur ceased operations Spain
20 October 2011 Flybe Nordic began operations Finland
20 October 2012 Kingfisher, having ceased operations on 30Sep2012, had its AOC revoked India
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21 October 1929 Chinese Airways Federal Inc., inaugurated on 26Aug1929, began scheduled services China
21 October 1936

PanAm initiates regular weekly transpacific passenger service as the Hawaii Clipper took off from Almeda, near San Francisco, arriving at Manila on 27Oct1936

21 October 1948 Tunisair operations start as Societe Tunisienne de l'Air Tunisia
21 October 1950 First flight of the Martin 4-0-4 USA
21 October 1966 First flight of the Yakovlev Yak-40 USSR
21 October 1970 Caledonian Airways took over British United Airways & renamed it to British Caledonian (>BA) UK
21 October 2004 East Line Air, established on 27Nov1995 was renamed Russian Sky Airlines Russia
21 October 2004

Jade Cargo was founded by Lufthansa Cargo & Shenzhen Airlines

21 October 2008 Aladia ceased operations Mexico
21 October 2012 Hello operations started in August 2004 & ceased on this date Switzerland
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22 October 1923 Ost-Europa-Union was formed from the merger of two groups of companies affiliated with Junkers Germany
22 October 1929 NYRBA do Brasil began operations (renamed to Panair do Brasil on 21Nov1930) Brazil
22 October 1945 SAHSA (Servicio Aereo de Hoduras S.A.) began operations using a Douglas DC-2 on domestic flights Honduras
22 October 2000 Buraq Air was established on this date & started operations on 15Nov2001 Libya
22 October 2012 P.C. Air ceased operations Thailand
22 October 2012 Gambia Bird Airlines operations started Gambia
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23 October 1944 SADE (Servicios Aeropostales del Estado) merged with LASO (Linea Aérea Sud Oeste) & LANE (Linea Aérea Nordeste) to become LADE (Lineas Aereas del Estado) Argentina
23 October 1946 Orient Airways was registered in Calcutta (>>PIA) Pakistan
23 October 1968 Aeropelican Air Services was established on this date & started operations on 01Jul1971 (>>Brindabella Airlines) Australia
23 October 1991 Elk Airways was established Estonia
23 October 2006 Porter Airlines scheduled services started, using its two Q400s Canada
23 October 2009 Seagle Air ceased operations Slovakia
23 October 2011 Dubrovnik Airlines started operations in 2005 & ceased on this date after defaulting on its debts Croatia
23 October 2013

Aegean Airlines completes acquisition of Olympic Air

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24 October 1945 American Overseas Airlines began the first scheduled commercial transatlantic airline service by a landplane, operating between New York City & Bournemouth-Hurn Airport USA
24 October 1961 NAB (Navegacao Aerea Brasileira) was purchased by Lóide Aéreo Nacional Brazil
24 October 1994 Montenegro Airlines was founded Montenegro
24 October 1995 MarkAir, formed in 1946 as Interior Airways, ceased operations USA
24 October 1998 Air Charter ceased services & merged into Air France France
24 October 1999 Royal Phnom Penh Airways was established Cambodia
24 October 2007 BoA (Boliviana de Aviació) was created by means of the Supreme Decree Nº 29318 Bolivia
24 October 2007 Caribbean Star Airlines was purchased by LIAT on this date, with the merger being finalised on 15Jun2007, with LIAT becoming the surviving carrier Antigua
24 October 2012 WOW air acquires Iceland Express' operations and network Iceland
24 October 2014 The New Zealand division of Vincent Aviation was placed into receivership New Zealand
24 October 2014 4YOU Airlines was declared bankrupt Poland
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25 October 1927

Bunavad, the first national airline of Bulgaria, commenced operations

25 October 1930 TWA (originally Transcontinental and Western Air) began the first regular passenger flights between New York and Los Angeles (>American Airlines) USA
25 October 1946 CAT (Civil Air Transport) was formed as Chinese (CNRRA) Air Transport Taiwan
25 October 1951
Japan Airlines (as Japanese Airlines) operated its first flights, using three Northwest Airlines Martin 2-0-2 aircraft, flown by Northwest crews
25 October 1985 First flight for Emirates, was EK600 operating Dubai–Karachi UAE
25 October 1991 First flight of the A.340-200 France
25 October 1994 Shaheen Air, founded in Dec1993, started operations as Shaheen Air International Pakistan
25 October 2003 Minerva Airlines, a regional airline operating behalf of Alitalia was formed in 1993 & suspended operations due to bankruptcy on this date Italy
25 October 2007 First commercial flight with passengers of Airbus A.380 was made by Singapore Airlines. Passengers bought seats in charity auction Singapore
25 October 2009 CSA Czech Airlines discontinued all long-haul routes from Prague, including New York and Toronto Czech Republic
25 October 2015 Transaero Airlines declared bankruptcy & ceased operations Russia
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26 October 1958 The first commercial flight by a B.707 jet airliner took place, on Pan American World Airway's transatlantic service from New York City to Paris USA
26 October 1968 First flight of the Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante Brazil
26 October 1986 Ozark Air Lines, founded on 01Sep1943, ceased operations (>>TWA >>American Airlines) USA
26 October 1993 ValuJet Airlines began operations (>>AirTran >>Southwest Airlines) USA
26 October 1997 British Airways merged TAT into Air Liberté France
26 October 2003 Air Southwest, established in May2003, began operations (>>Eastern Airlines) UK
26 October 2006 Oasis Hong Kong Airlines, long-haul low-cost airline, began operations Hong Kong
26 October 2007 Cargo Air was re-established from Vega Airlines & started operations on 15Sept2008 Bulgaria
26 October 2008 Felix Airways was founded as the 1st lo-fare carrier in Yemen Yemen
26 October 2011
ANA (All Nippon Airways) flew the first commercial flight of a B.787 Dreamliner, from Tokyo to Hong Kong
26 October 2012 Gambia Bird Airlines first international service, from Banjul to London Gatwick, took place Gambia
26 October 2013 Jat Airways was reformed as Air Serbia Serbia
26 October 2013

Augsburg Airways ceased operations


26 October 2013 MetJet ceased operations USA
26 October 2014 ValuAir flights taken over by Jetstar Asia Airways Singapore
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27 October 1936

PanAm initiates regular weekly transpacific passenger service as the Hawaii Clipper took off from Almeda, near San Francisco on 21Oct1936, arriving at Manila on this date

27 October 1960 Air Mali (1960–1985) was established Mali
27 October 1971 Air Congo, founded 06Jun1961, commenced operations 29Jun1961 & was renamed to Air Zaïre on this date Zaire
27 October 1972 Biman Bangladesh was officially founded Bangladesh
27 October 1988 First flight of the ATR 72 France
27 October 2002 Australian Airlines launched services Australia
27 October 2002 Germanwings was founded


27 October 2006 Mihin Lanka was formed on this date Sri Lanka
27 October 2008 Air Busan, established in Aug2007, started operations on this date as Busan International Air South Korea
27 October 2012 bmi was integrated into British Airways UK
27 October 2013 HK Express' first flights as an LCC commenced Hong Kong
27 October 2014 Appalachian Air started operations from Pikeville, Kentucky, to Nashville, Tennessee USA
27 October 2015 Kiwi Regional Airlines, founded in 2014 by local businessman Ewan Wilson, commenced operations New Zealand
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28 October 1927 Pan Am opens its 1st service, a 90 mile route between Key West & Cuba carrying only mail USA
28 October 1939 Aerolloyd Iguassú, founded in the beginning of 1933 in Curitiba, was sold to VASP Brazil
28 October 1972 First flight of the Airbus A300 France
28 October 1979

Allegheny Airlines changed its name to USAir, reflecting the growing route system of this former local-service carrier (>American)

28 October 1990

First scheduled flight of Lufthansa to Tegel Airport in Berlin after German reunification


28 October 1991 Namib Air name was changed to Air Namibia Namibia
28 October 1994 BMED (British Mediterranean Airways), established as a limited company in 1994 Lord Hesketh, began operations (>>British Midland >bmi >>British Airways) UK
28 October 2001 Cronus was fully integrated under the Aegean Airlines brand Greece
28 October 2003 Air Arabia, founded on 03Feb2003, commenced operations UAE
28 October 2007 BMED (British Mediterranean Airways) was fully integrated into British Midland (BMED >>British Midland >bmi >>British Airways) UK
28 October 2008 Avolar began operations on 07Sep2005 & was forced to ceased on this date due to the illegal operations of the airline Mexico
28 October 2015 Fastjet Zimbabwe launched with an inaugural flight between Harare and Victoria Falls Zimbabwe
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29 October 1918 DDL (Det Danske Luftfartselskab), was founded (>SAS) Denmark
29 October 1923

CSA, founded on 06Oct1923, commenced operations as Czechoslovak State Airlines

29 October 1930 Dobrolet was abolished, forming the basis for the Central administration of the Civil air fleet (GU GVF), later becoming Aeroflot USSR
29 October 1959 First flight of the Antonov An-24 USSR
29 October 1962

East Anglian Flying Services officially changed its name to Channel Airways

29 October 1989 ILG fully integrated Guernsey Airlines into Air Europe Express UK
29 October 1994 Dissolution of Euroberlin France France
29 October 2000 Air Andaman started operations Thailand
29 October 2005 Air Aland, established as Flyg & Far Åland in Jan2005. started operations Finland
29 October 2005 Ghana International Airlines launched with inaugural flight from Accra to London Ghana
29 October 2006

Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise, founded on 24Jun1932, merged into Rossiya

29 October 2008 Peruvian Airlines, founded in Nov2007, commenced operations Peru
29 October 2008

Sterling ceased operations

29 October 2008 Northwest Airlines (founded in 1926) and absorbed into Delta Air Lines Inc. by a merger that was approved on this date USA
29 October 2011 Sky Express ceased operations Russia
29 October 2011 OpenSkies ceased operations UK
29 October 2013 FlyNonstop ceased operations Norway
29 October 2014 Air Armenia suspended operations Armenia
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30 October 1928 The Japanese government established the JAT (Japan Air Transport Corporation (NKYKK) as the national flag carrier Japan
30 October 1930 Cubana, founded on 08Oct1929 as CNCAC (Compañía Nacional Cubana de Aviación Curtiss), started operations Cuba
30 October 1945 The act that called for the creation of the East African Air Transport Authority, the organism that among other things would create East African Airways (EAA), was signed Kenya
30 October 1955

The first commercial flights begin at the new O’Hare Field, Chicago International Airport

30 October 2005

First flight (Auckland – Apia) of Polynesian Blue, a partnership between Virgin Blue and the Government of Samoa (>Virgin Samoa)

30 October 2006 Arik Air commenced operations Nigeria
30 October 2011 PRiMA Aero Trasport Italiani, launched as Eagles Airlines, operated its last flight Italy
30 October 2013 Midway Airlines (founded on 15Nov1993) ceased operations USA
30 October 2014 NokScoot secured its Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) from the Thai Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Thailand
30 October 2014 Fuzhou Airlines launched operations with a commercial flight between Fuzhou and Beijing China
30 October 2014 Air One ceased operations and its assets merged into Alitalia Italy
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31 October 1937
Continental Air Lines moved its headquarters to Stapleton Airport in Denver, Colorado from the Continental Center I building in the Cullen Center complex in Downtown Houston
31 October 1947 Avro Tudor 4 entered service with BSAA (British South American Airways) UK
31 October 1957 Alitalia merged with Linee Aeree Italiane (LAI) and took on the name of Alitalia Linee Aeree Italy
31 October 1962 China Airlines, formed on 16Dec1959, started domestic operations Taiwan
31 October 1975 General Air Luftverkehrsgesellschaft, formed on 01Mar1974 to succeed General Air Nord, ceased operations West Germany
31 October 1977 Air Tungaru was founded Kiribati
31 October 1982 Continental merged with Texas International dissolving TI), offering service to four continents (North and South America, Asia and Australia) USA
31 October 1987 British Airways accepted the airline's first women pilots UK
31 October 1996 Air Tahiti Nui, founded on this date, commenced operations on 20Nov1998 French Polynesia
31 October 2001 Air Canada Jetz commenced operations Canada
31 October 2001 Swissair was grounded after 70 years of flying, with the 9/11 terrorist attacks blamed Switzerland
31 October 2001 United Shuttle (formed by United Airlines) began operations on 01Oct1994 as Shuttle by United, ceased operations USA
31 October 2005 Jazeera Airways, established as first nongovernment owned airline in the Middle East in Apr2004, started operations Kuwait
31 October 2005 Aero Flight ceased operations Germany
31 October 2006 Jags Aviation was established as a domestic charter company Guyana
31 October 2006 Galaxy Airlines, established on 17May2005, started operations Japan
31 October 2008 Air Comet Chile ceased operations Chile
31 October 2012 Ryazanaviatrans, established in 1992, was ordered to cease operations Russia
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