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1 September 1926Northwest Airlines was founded by Colonel Lewis Brittin, under the name Northwest Airways (>Delta Air Lines)USA
1 September 1927National Air Transport delivered the first air cargo in the United States between Dallas and New York (>UAL)USA
1 September 1937Air Canada, Canada’s largest airline, began operations as TCA (Trans-Canada Airlines)Canada
1 September 1943 Ozark Air Lines was founded (>>TWA >>American Airlines)USA
1 September 1946Vickers Viking entered service with BEA (British European Airways)UK
1 September 1951Fiji Airways' first commercial flightFiji
1 September 1954First flight Lockheed L-1249 Super Constellation, 4 engine airliner, turbine powered version of Constellation familyUSA
1 September 1954Finnair inaugurates a Helsinki to London service operating Convair CV340sFinland
1 September 1965CAS (Continental Air Services), a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental Air Lines started flying in South-East AsiaUSA
1 September 1967Air Malawi started operations on this date & suspended all flights on 25Feb2013Malawi
1 September 1967Air Rhodesia was formed (>Air Zimbabwe) Southern Rhodesia
1 September 1969Kingdom of Libya Airlines (KLA), was rebranded as Libyan Arab Airlines (aka Jamahiriya Libyan Airlines)Libya
1 September 1972British Airways Group was established, which resulted in BOAC and BEA being dissolved on 31Mar1974 upon the formation of British AirwaysUK
1 September 1979Command Airways was rebranded as Magnum Airlines HelicoptersSouth Africa
1 September 1979Air Lanka made its inaugural flight (>Srilankan Airlines)Sri Lanka
1 September 1981Horizon Air, founded in 1981, started operationsUSA
1 September 1998MaxAir, formed in 1996 by Max Renard, began revenue flightsSweden
1 September 1999 JMC Airlines was launched by merger of Flying Colours & Caledonian AirwaysUK
1 September 1999AMC Aviation was rebranded as AMC AirlinesEgypt
1 September 2006 Albatros Airways was groundedAlbania
1 September 2009SkyEurope, established in Nov2001 ceased operationsSlovakia
1 September 2014Bylina had its AOC suspended by Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia)Russia
1 September 2011IndiGo started international services with a flight from Delhi to DubaiIndia
1 September 2014Avianca Ecuador started operations after renamed from AeroGalEcuador
1 September 2015CanJet having started operations on 05Sep2000, now ceaseCanada
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2 September 1919Handley Page Transport started flights from London Cricklewood to Paris Le Bourget with converted HP WWI bombersUK
2 September 1998First flight of the B.717USA
2 September 2005Swe Fly ceased operationsSweden
2 September 2008Kato Airline ceased operationsNorway
2 September 2015Namibia flyafrica launched servicesNamibia
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3 September 1924Tajik Air was established as Stalinabad Aero-CentreTajikistan
3 September 1939Following the formal declaration of war by the British Government on Germany, all civil flying ceasedUK
3 September 1970Air France places the first orders for the Airbus A300France
3 September 1981First flight of the British Aerospace 146UK
3 September 1989Filair, established in 1987 by Captain Dany Philemotte, started operationsDR Congo
3 September 1998Blue Panorama was established by tour operator Astra TravelItaly
3 September 2005HK Express, incorporated on 10Mar2004, started operations as Hong Kong ExpressHong Kong
3 September 2009BA CityFlyer accepts delivery of its first Embraer 170, narrow-body medium-range twin-engine jet airlinerUK
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4 September 1940 LASO operated its first flight from Palomar to Esquel (+>LADE (Lineas Aereas del Estado))Argentina
4 September 1949First flight Bristol Type 167 Brabazon, British large propeller-driven airliner, designed to fly transatlantic routesUK
4 September 1971First transatlantic crossing of the Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde made by 01 on a sales and demonstration tourUK
4 September 1981Ed Beauvais, CEO, founded the company that would become America West USA
4 September 2000Ameristar Air Cargo, established and wholly-owned by Tom Wachendorfer, started operationsUSA
4 September 2005Republic Airlines, founded in 2005, started operationsUSA
4 September 2008flySur, created in 2007 as TAER Andalus, started operationsSpain
4 September 2015Korongo's investors decided to discontinue the flight operations and to dissolve the companyDR Congo
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5 September 1919For 1st time, airplanes used to aid whale hunting along coast of Vancouver, BC. i.e. planes spot whales and radio to ships Canada
5 September 1922Aerolloyd Polish Airlines launched regular flights from Gdańsk to Warsaw and onward from there to Lwów (=>LOT)Poland
5 September 1927Aeroposta Argentina Airline was formed in Buenos Aires (=>Aerolineas Argentinas)Argentina
5 September 1958LADECO was founded (=>LanExpress)Chile
5 September 1978 Germania operations started as SAT Flug (Special Air Transport)Germany
5 September 1988Sky Bahamas started operations as Sky UnlimitedBahamas
5 September 2000CanJet started operationsCanada
5 September 2012Colgan Air ceased operationsUSA
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6 September 1962Merpati Nasantara Airlines was officially constitutedIndonesia
6 September 2001AeroPostal Cargo de Mexico started operations in Mexico CityMexico
6 September 2006Frontier Airlines creates a new airline named Lynx AviationUSA
6 September 2006Maximus Air was established as Experts Air Cargo by the UAE Ministry of Defence & rebranded to Maximus Air Cargo on this dateUAE
6 September 2012Mais Linhas Aéreas, established in Salvador in Brazil’s Northeast region, started operationsBrazil
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7 September 1936The tarmac of Geneva Airport is covered with concrete over a length of 400m, the first of its kind in EuropeSwitzerland
7 September 1990Zhejiang Airlines was formedChina
7 September 1982Kampuchea Airlines started services (>>Royal Air Cambodge)Cambodia
7 September 1988PBA (Provincetown-Boston Airlines), founded by John C. Van Arsdale on 30Nov1949, was fully consolidated in to Texas AirUSA
7 September 2005Avolar began operationsMexico
7 September 2013South Supreme Airlines officially launched international operations with its maiden flight between Juba & KhartoumSouth Sudan
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8 September 1909

Samuel Cody flew from Aldershot to Farnborough and back (46 miles in 1 h and 3 min), the first recorded cross-country flight in the UK

8 September 1935The first civil airport in Finland was opened at Turku ArtukainenFinland
8 September 1997The B.777-300 was rolled outUSA
8 September 2008Futura Gael ceased operationsIreland
8 September 2008Futura International Airways ceased operationsSpain
8 September 2009KD Avia suspended all flightsRussia
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9 September 1911The first British scheduled airmail flight was made. Gustav Hamel flew from Hendon to the Postmaster General's office in WindsorUK
9 September 1921Daimler Airway was founded (>British Airways)UK
9 September 1946TAA (Trans Australia Airline) started operations from Laverton Aerodrome to MascotAustralia
9 September 1947 Air Vietnam was formed as COSARA by Maurice LoubièreIndo China
9 September 1971Air-India Charters was formed, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Air IndiaIndia
9 September 1980Island Air, a Hawaiian airline, started operations as Princeville AirwaysUSA
9 September 1987Royale Airlines filed for bankruptcy Chapter 11 on this date & later it was changed to Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Feb1989USA
9 September 1988Air France and Lufthansa establish Euroberlin FranceFrance
9 September 1999Roan Air was renamed to Zambian AirwaysZambia
9 September 2008Vega Airlines, re-established as Cargo Air, received its AOCBulgaria
9 September 2011EasySky started operationsHonduras
9 September 2012FMI Air launched operations as FMI Air CharterMyanmar
9 September 2012Bmibaby closes downUK
9 September 2014Hai Au Aviation officially launched the seaplane service for tourism in Tuan Chau, Ha LongVietnam
9 September 2015Amaszonas del Paraguay inaugurated operations with its maiden flight from Asuncion to Ciudad del EsteParaguay
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10 September 1952TWA introduces the Lockheed L-1049 Super ConstellationUSA
10 September 1968 Indonesia Air started operations as Indonesia Air TransportIndonesia
10 September 2004 Fly Niu Airlines was forced to cease after its AOC was revoked because of Tonga's "one airline" policyTonga
10 September 2012Air Nigeria ceased operationsNigeria
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11 September 1924First regular airmail service began, with Laurentide Air Services linking Haileybury with RouynCanada
11 September 1946 Seaboard World Airlines was founded (..>>FedEx)USA
11 September 1962

Merpati launched services from Jakarta, with a fleet of two Douglas DC-3s and four DHC-3 Otters

11 September 1970First flight of the Britten-Norman Trislander, an 18-seat three-engined piston-powered civilian utility aircraftUK
11 September 1989SunExpress was founded on 1this date as a joint venture between Turkish Airlines and LufthansaTurkey
11 September 2000Transwest Air operations startedCanada
11 September 2001Potomac Air goes under, caused by 9/11 attackUSA
11 September 2006Bravo Air Congo start operations on this date & ceased on 10Dec2007DR Congo
11 September 2008Air Bee ceased operationsItaly
11 September 2009Pace Airlines suspended operationsUSA
11 September 2015 South Supreme Airlines halted operations owing to the scarcity of dollars in South SudanSouth Sudan
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12 September 1919

Queen Wilhelmina of Netherlands awards KLM its “Royal” designation

12 September 1923The charter was signed in Helsinki establishing Aero O/Y (>Finnair)Finland
12 September 1925Juan Trippe incorporates Eastern Air Transport (>American Airlines)USA
12 September 1929

18-passenger Boeing Model 80A made its first flight

12 September 1973Eagle Airways, formed in 1969, started scheduled servicesNew Zealand
12 September 2001Air New Zealand placed the Ansett group of companies into voluntary administration with PriceWaterhouseCoopersAustralia
12 September 2008XL Airways UK, a subsidiary of the XL Leisure Group, ceased operationsUK
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13 September 1928Panagra was founded on this day & commenced operations on 12Oct1929USA
13 September 1929Fokker F.32 first flight. A passenger aircraft built by the Fokker Aircraft Corporation of America in 1929 in their Teterboro, New Jersey factoryUSA
13 September 1952Fujita Airlines (Fuji Airlines) was established (>JDA >>JAL)Japan
13 September 1994Air Macau was establishedMacau
13 September 2001Ansett Australia ceased operationsAustralia
13 September 2005Abu Dhabi announced that it was withdrawing from Gulf Air to concentrate on Etihad Airways by Royal (Amiri) DecreeUAE
13 September 2012BB Airways, founded in Jan2012, started operationsNepal
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14 September 1934Aeroméxico was established as Aeronaves de México by Antonio Diaz LombardoMexico
14 September 1970 North East Bolivian Airways (NEBA) was founded as a general cargo carrier based in CochbambaBolivia
14 September 1978ONA (Overseas National Airways), formed in Jun1950, ceased operationsUSA
14 September 1992Necon Air, Nepal's first private airline company, was establishedNepal
14 September 2005Air Scandic ceased operationsUK
14 September 2007Air Tomisko ceased operationsSerbia
14 September 2014AG Air suspended operations after the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency (GeCAA) revoked its Air Operators Certificate (AOC)Georgia
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15 September 1925LAB (Lloyd Aereo Boliviano) was foundedBolivia
15 September 1926Pacific Air Transport, founded in Jan1926, commenced operations (=UAL)USA
15 September 1928 Faucett (Compania de Aviacion Faucett) was formed by Elmer J. FaucettPeru
15 September 1930PanAm acquires its prime competitor, NYRBA (New York, Rio, and Buenos Aires Line)USA
15 September 1934AeroMexico, founded on 14Sep1934 by Antonio Diaz Lombardo, commenced operations as Aerovias de MexicoMexico
15 September 1946British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines' inaugural flight departs from Sydney (>QANTAS)Australia
15 September 1948Myanmar National Airways was founded by the government after independence, as the Union of Burma Airways (UBA)Myanmar
15 September 1956Aeroflot introduces the first Tupolev Tu-14 serviceUSSR
15 September 1960
TEAL (Tasman Empire Airways) retires its last flying boat from service (>ANZ)
New Zealand
15 September 1965 Air Siam was formed as Varan Air-Siam by the Thai Royal FamilyThailand
15 September 1968Air Moorea started operationsFrench Polynesia
15 September 1970Loftleidir, Salén, Luxair and private interests founded Cargolux on 04Mar1970 & operations start on this dateLuxembourg
15 September 1976Lao Airlines, formed in Jan1975 as Civil Aviation Company, started operationsLaos
15 September 1977Air Seychelles was established by the Seychelles government by the merger of Air Mahé & Inter-Island Airways, as Seychelles AirlinesSeychelles
15 September 1978Germania operations started as SAT Flug (Special Air Transport)Germany
15 September 1978Big Sky Airlines, established in 1978, started operationsUSA
15 September 1979MedAvia operations started on this dateMalta
15 September 1990SVG Air, formed in 1990, started operationsSt Vincent
15 September 1993Caspian Airlines operations startedIran
15 September 1994Air Guadeloupe, founded on 21May1970 as SATA (Société Antillaise de Transport Aérien), started operations (=>Air Caraïbes)Guadeloupe
15 September 1995MEX (Mocambique Expresso) operations startMozambique
15 September 1999UM Air, founded as an open-end joint stock company, received an air operator certificateUkraine
15 September 1999Integra Air, established 1998, started operationsCanada
15 September 2003Tigerair, founded in 2003, started operations as Tiger AirwaysSingapore
15 September 2008Cargo Air, re-established from Vega Airlines. started operationsBulgaria
15 September 2008AeBal (Aerolineas de Baleares) ceased operationsSpain
15 September 2010Med-Airlines, a cargo airline based in Casablanca, started operationsMorocco
15 September 2012Sky Net Airline, formed in 2011, started operationsArmenia
15 September 2012Jet Star operations startedMoldova
15 September 2015Beacon launched its maiden commercial operationsUSA
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16 September 1919CCNA (Compania Colombiana de Navigacion Aerea), first civil aviation company in Colombia was createdColombia
16 September 1946Alitalia (Aerolinee Italiane Internazionale) was formedItaly
16 September 1955First flight of Deutsche Lufthansa (>Interflug)East Germany
16 September 1956APSA (Aerolineas Peruanas SA) was founded by C. W. SheltonPeru
16 September 1963Malaysian Airlines was formed, & became Malaysian-Singapore AirlinesMalaysia
16 September 1964Mid-States Aviation Corporation started operations on local routes out of Meigs Field, ChicagoUSA
16 September 1983Aero Leon, founded in May1978, had it's AOC removedMexico
16 September 2003Austrian arrows started operations Austria
16 September 2010T'Way Air start operationsSouth Korea
16 September 2012U Airlines inaugural flightThailand
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17 September 1946SAS, founded on 01Aug1946 by the merger of DNL & DDL & SILA as OSAS, started operationsScandinavia
17 September 1957APSA (Aerolineas Peruanas SA), founded by C. W. Shelton on 16Sep1956, launches operationsPeru
17 September 1960East African Airways commenced jet services between London and NairobiKenya
17 September 1991The joint Russian-British venture HeavyLift-VolgaDnepr was establishedRussia
17 September 1993Shenzhen Airlines operations startChina
17 September 2009Virgin Nigeria  was renamed to Nigerian Eagle Airlines (>Air Nigeria)Nigeria
17 September 2011Jet Asia Airways, established in Dec2009, started operationsThailand
17 September 2013First Flight of the B.787-9 at Paine Field in Everett, WashingtonUSA
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18 September 1924Junkers G 23 first flightGermany
18 September 1928

The Graf Zeppelin, the most successful rigid airship ever built, made its first flight

18 September 1954TAROM (Transporturile Aeriene Române) was foundedRomania
18 September 1958Interflug was established on on this date. It started operations in 1963 & the last commercial flight was on 30Apr1991East Germany
18 September 1959Delta Air Lines and United Air Lines introduced the Douglas DC-8USA
18 September 1968First flight of the McDonnell Douglas DC-9-20USA
18 September 1983Aero Leon, founded in May1978 by the Captain Eucario León, was closed downMexico
18 September 2003 CTK CiTylinK, formed in 1994 & scheduled domestic flights were introduced as CiTylinK Airlines.Ghana
18 September 2008Arrow Air Panama ceased operationsPanama
18 September 2014Greenland Express ceased operationsDenmark
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19 September 1919CMA (Compagnie des Messageries Aériennes) commenced a regular service between Paris and London, using ex-military Breguet 14sFrance
19 September 1921First regular scheduled airline service in Latin America commenced, with Colombian airline SCADTA operating between Barranquilla and GirandotColombia
19 September 1934Allied Airways, formed on 02Jan1934 as Aberdeen Airways, operated its first service (+>BA)UK
19 September 1944Moldovan Independent Squadron (Aeroflot) was established on this date operating domestic flights and serving in the agricultural role (>Air Moldova)USSR
19 September 1946TAP (Transportes Aéreos Portugueses) started commercial servicesPortugal
19 September 1986Sichuan Airlines was formed on this date & officially commenced operations on 14Jul1988 as Sichuan Provincial AirlinesChina
19 September 1998Skymark Airlines operations startJapan
19 September 2009Efly commence operations.Malta
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20 September 1946Mackey Airlines was founded by Col. Joseph MackeyUSA
20 September 1974LIAT, founded on 20Oct1956 as Leeward Islands Air Transport Services, started operations as LIATAntigua
20 September 1991Sahara Indian Airlines was founded (>Air Sahara 2000, >JetKonnect)India
20 September 1991FlyLAL was established as government-owned Lietuvos avialinijos on this date & suspended operations on 17Jan2009Lithuania
20 September 2005GoJet, established in late 2004 by Trans States Holdings, secured US FAA certificationUSA
20 September 2007Air India Regional started operations on 21Jun1996 as Alliance Air & was renamed on this dateIndia
20 September 2011Air Minas, grounded on 30May2010, lost its AOCBrazil
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21 September 1939First flight of the Lockheed Model 18 LodestarUSA
21 September 1955Air Koryo, re-established 1953 as UKAMPS, started operations as CAAKNorth Korea
21 September 1972Filipinas Orient Airways started operations on 05Jan1965 as Fairways & renamed in Nov1965. Martial Law stopped operationsPhilippines
21 September 1978NCA (Nippon Cargo Airlines) was established as Japan’s first all-cargo airlineJapan
21 September 1992Kiwi International Airlines first flew on this date & ceased operations on 24Mar1999USA
21 September 2001

AOM and Air Liberte merge to create a new airline called Air Lib

21 September 2009Air Dominicana, having started operations on 16Oct2008, ceasedDominican Republic
21 September 2012Africa World Airlines launched servicesGhana
21 September 2012Eaglexpress Air Charters' first commercial flight for Hajj Pilgrimage from Jeddah to DhakaMalaysia
21 September 2015 Fly County Airlines commenced domestic operations with 3x weekly flights from its Nairobi Wilson base to Voi Ikanga airstripKenya
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22 September 1993Sterling Airways ceased operationsDenmark
22 September 2001Air Lib began operations after AOM and Air Liberte mergerFrance
22 September 2006CR Airways changed its name to Hong Kong AirlinesHong Kong
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23 September 1911The first US airmail flight was made. Earle Ovington flew 9.7 km (6 miles) from Nassau Boulevard, New York to Mineola, New YorkUSA
23 September 1925LAB (Lloyd Aero Boliviano) commenced operationsBolivia
23 September 1931First flight of the first Gibraltar Airways. Company formed by M H Bland (to be restarted as Gibair in 1947)Gibraltar
23 September 1931The contract between CLASSA and the Spanish government was declared void, allowing LAPE to begin operations (>Iberia)Spain
23 September 1968Air Crews & Maintenance Inc., a scheduled air taxi services to points in Florida, was certificatedUSA
23 September 1998Ajet was established as Helios Airways Cyprus
23 September 2008Constellation West Indian Airways ceased operationsTrinidad & Tobago
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24 September 1946Cathay Pacific was founded by American Roy C Farrell and Australian Sydney H de Kantzow. Started operations on the same dayHong Kong
24 September 1947Cyprus Airways was establishedCyprus
24 September 1997ValuJet Airlines changed its name to AirTran, and in the summer of 1998, the two airlines merged onto the same FAA certificateUSA
24 September 200113 days after 9/11, US Airways decided to terminate all flights from MetroJetUSA
24 September 2011ECAir operations startedRepublic of Congo
24 September 2012Rollins Air had its AOC was revokedHonduras
24 September 2012Fly Tanzania was incorporated. Unsure if started operations with a single BAe 146-300 as plannedTanzania
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25 September 1950

PanAm purchases AOA (American Overseas Airlines) from American

25 September 1969

Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn (the D, H and L in the company name) incorporate & start DHL Worldwide Express (>Astar Air Cargo)

25 September 1991First flight of the British Aerospace Jetstream 41UK
25 September 2006Juneyao Airlines made its maiden flightChina
25 September 2006China Express Airlines launched operations using three Bombardier CRJ200sChina
25 September 2008LatCharter became SmartLynxLatvia
25 September 2009Aeroflot-Don reverts to its previous Donavia identity on this date. Donskie Avialinii >>JSC Donavia Airlines >Aeroflot-Don >DonaviaRussia
25 September 2015 Nordic Aviation was founded by the Estonian GovernmentEstonia
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26 September 1919CCNA  (Compania Colombiana de Navigacion Aerea), first civil aviation company in Colombia was legally registered on this dateColombia
26 September 1932Manchurian Aviation Company, national airline of Manchukuo (Manchuria, China) was foundedChina
26 September 1932

Imperial Airways introduces the Armstrong Whitworth A.W.15 Atalanta, four engine aircraft

26 September 1969Washington Airlines, formed by Butler Aviation as an attempt as a STOL operation out of Baltimore, ceased operationsUSA
26 September 1973Concorde made its first non-stop crossing of the Atlantic in record-breaking timeUK
26 September 1977Laker Airways inaugurated its no-booking "Skytrain" service between London and New YorkUK
26 September 1981First flight of the B.767-200USA
26 September 1994Enimex was established and started operationsEstonia
26 September 2011Comlux Aruba received its AOCAruba
26 September 2011
Boeing delivers its first B.787 Dreamliner to a customer, All Nippon Airways, at Paine Field in Washington
26 September 2014PEOPLExpress II abruptly ceased operations after almost 3 monthsUSA
26 September 2014Tigerair Taiwan started operations with A.320 aircraftTaiwan
26 September 2015Little Red ceased operationsUK
26 September 2015YTO Express Airlines commenced commercial freight operations with its maiden flight - Hangzhou-ChengduChina
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27 September 1928Faucett (Compania de Aviacion Faucett), formed on 15Sep1928 by Elmer J. Faucett, started operationsPeru
27 September 1960Autair  changed was renamed to Autair International Airways (>Court Lines)UK
27 September 2001LAPA, formed in 1977, was renamed to ARG Argentina Línea PrivadaArgentina
27 September 2005

The merger transaction between US Airways and America West was officially completed

27 September 2006

Caribbean Airlines was incorporated

Trinidad and Tobago
27 September 2007America West Airlines began operating on the same operating certificate as US AirwaysUSA
27 September 2012Varig Cargo, rebranded as VarigLog (Varig Logistics) in 2000, suspended operations on 02Jan2012 & was liquidated on this dateBrazil
27 September 2013America West merger into US Airways was completedUSA
27 September 2013Ruili Jingcheng Helicopter Co. was formally renamed as Dehong South Asia General Airlines upon approval by Southwest Regional Administration of CAACChina
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28 September 1948El Al's first flight. It departed from Ekron Air Base on this date to pick up Israel's first president, Chaim Weizmann, and returned to Israel the next dayIsrael
28 September 1955Transpac, formed on 09Dec1954, started operations. Became Air Caledonie on 01Jan1968New Caledonia
28 September 1967Faroe Airways (Fairline) ceased operatingFaroe Islands
28 September 1984Sun Aire Lines, founded as Borrego Springs Airlines in 1968 but renamed soon after, operated its final service (>>Skywest Airlines)USA
28 September 1988
First flight of the Ilyushin Il-96
28 September 2006

Suvarnabhumi Airport officially opens to replace the aging Don Muang airport

28 September 2008Samara Airlines ceased operationsRussia
28 September 2011Kingfisher Red, founded on 25Aug2003 as Air Deccan, ceased operations India
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29 September 1931Aeroposta Argentina Airline “rents” its assets to the national government, which renamed its temporary acquisition Aeroposta NacionalArgentina
29 September 1972Air Florida began operations (>>Midway Airlines)USA
29 September 2003LagunAir was foundedSpain
29 September 2005TransMeridian Airlines ceased operationsUSA
29 September 2008Georgia Skies commenced operationsUSA
29 September 2009State-owned airline Olympic Airlines ceased operation and was replaced by privately owned Olympic Air, which commenced operations on this dayGreece
29 September 2012 Comairs' last scheduled flight (Cincinnati to Houston)USA
29 September 2014Fly Romania (Tend Air)  declared bankruptcyRomania
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30 September 1919

The British Aerial Transport Company began domestic flights between Hendon (London) and Birmingham

30 September 1935Allied British Airways Ltd was formed (>British Airways)UK
30 September 1947 Itaú was founded as a subsidiary of the cement producer ItaúBrazil
30 September 1957Austrian Airlines was founded, and the new company began to operate scheduled services on 31Mar1958Austria
30 September 1958WAAC (West African Airways Corporation) ceased operationsWest Africa
30 September 1959

Croydon Airport was closed. The final service was a de Havilland DH.114 Heron flight to Rotterdam Captained by Geoffrey Last

30 September 1980Seaboard World Airlines, founded on 11Sep1946 & started operations as Seaboard & Western Airlines on 10May1947, ceased operationsUSA
30 September 1986Transamerica ceased operationsUSA
30 September 1986Republic Airlines, formed by merger of North Central & Southern on 01Jul1979, merged into Northwest on this dateUSA
30 September 2007European Air Express ceased operationsGermany
30 September 2008Asian Spirit became Zest AirPhilippines
30 September 2008Carib Aviation ceased operationsAntigua
30 September 2008African International Airways ceased operationsSouth Africa
30 September 2011 Air Southwest ceased operations & was absorbed into Eastern AirlinesUK
30 September 2012Ariella Airlines operations startedBurkina Faso
30 September 2012Kingfisher, having started operations on 09May2005, ceasedIndia
30 September 2014Helitt Líneas Aéreas suspended operations indefinitely amid crippling debtsSpain
30 September 2014JEX (JAL Express) - JAL officially ends its subsidiary and merged it back inJapan
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