The World's Airlines

Past, Present & Future

1 July 1919

London's first airport, Hounslow Heath opens for business; a de Havilland DH9 of Aircraft Transport & Travel made first flight

1 July 1920Belgium establishes the first internal air-service of any European colony with the Lara )Ligne Aérienne Roi Albert) in Belgian CongoBelgium
1 July 1923First commercial flight operated by Sabena between Brussels and LondonBelgium
1 July 1927Reed Chambers and financier Richard Hoyt (the Chambers-Hoyt Group) form Southeastern Air Lines (>PanAm)USA
1 July 1927Condor Syndikat officially ceased to existBrazil
1 July 1927Bertha Boeing, William's wife, inaugurates the first BAT (Boeing Air Transport) airmail flight with a Boeing Model 40USA
1 July 1933The Douglas DC-1, a forerunner of the famed DC-3, made its first flight. Transcontinental and Western Air (TWA) purchased the only one of these monoplanes built by DouglasUSA
1 July 1948First commercial flight from Idlewild Airport (golf course) which will become later New York International Airport and then John F. Kennedy International Airport.USA
1 July 1959Hong Kong Airways is purchased by Cathay PacificHong Kong
1 July 1960BUA (British United Airways) is formed (>British Airways)UK
1 July 1967 JTA (Japan Transocean Air) started operations as Southwest Air LinesJapan
1 July 1968Bonanza Air Lines merges with Pacific Air Lines & West Coast Airlines to form Air WestUSA
1 July 1971 Aeropelican Air Services started operations (>>Brindabella Airlines)Australia
1 July 1978Yemen Airways is renamed to YemeniaYemen
1 July 1979North Central Airlines and Southern Airways merge to form Republic AirlinesUSA
1 July 1981Corse Air International, formed on 17May1981, started operations (>Corsair International)France
1 July 1982Air Creebec started operationsCanada
1 July 1983Noosa Air is integrated into SunState AirlinesAustralia
1 July 1988CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China), the Chinese state airline, changed its name to become Air ChinaChina
1 July 1988China Southern Airlines is establishedChina
1 July 1990

UB Air started airline services

1 July 1991Braniff International (Braniff III) started operationsUSA
1 July 1991Eva Air operations startedTaiwan
1 July 1992Reno Air commenced operations (>>American Airlines)USA
1 July 1994Avanti Air (Bedarsflug) operations startedGermany
1 July 1995Alliance Air operations startedUganda
1 July 1997Eurolot began regular servicesPoland
1 July 1998Uni Air merges with Taiwan Airlines and Great China Airlines, retaining Uni Air nameTaiwan
1 July 1998JAL Express commenced operations (>JAL)Japan
1 July 2001Singapore Airlines Cargo began operationsSingapore
1 July 2006 Australian Airlines is closed down by QantasAustralia
1 July 2007New Mexico Airlines started operationsUSA
1 July 2009Cargo B Airlines files for bankruptcy protection and stops all operationsBelgium
1 July 2010Austrian Lufthansa Cargo launched servicesAustria
1 July 2011Zetavia started operationsUkraine
1 July 2011Skynet Asia Airways is rebranded as Solaseed AirJapan
1 July 2012

Germania Express brand is revived when Nuremburg based Flynext s rebranded

1 July 2012IMD Airways operations ceasedSpain
1 July 2013Air Canada rouge began servicesCanada
1 July 2014Tigerair Mandala shuts downIndonesia
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2 July 1972Air Botswana is founded by presidential decree to succeed Botswana AirwaysBotswana
2 July 1975Air Vietnam ceased operationsVietnam
2 July 1975

Crossair commenced scheduled passenger services as Business Flyers Basel (>Swiss)

2 July 1981Lan Peru started operationsPeru
2 July 1992Braniff International (Braniff III) ceased operationsUSA
2 July 2001Liverpool Airport is renamed Liverpool John Lennon AirportUK
2 July 2006Shanghai Airlines Cargo International started operationsChina
2 July 2015B&H Airlines' AOC is revoked & operations ceasedBosnia & Herzegovina
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3 July 1958RNAC (Royal Nepal Airlines) started operations (>Nepal Airlines)Nepal
3 July 1984Air Florida suspended all their flights after going bankrupt (>Midway Airlines)USA
3 July 1994Trans Alsace ceased operationsFrance
3 July 1995Transbrasils' regional subsidiary Interbrasil STAR started operations Brazil
3 July 2007Magic Bird, having ceased operations in May2007, is declared bankruptNetherlands
3 July 2009ULS Airlines Cargo, started operations in 2004 as Baron Air Cargo, is rebrandedTurkey
3 July 2010Air Bucharest started operationsRomania
3 July 2012SmartLynx Airlines Estonia, formed in 2012, launched operationsEstonia
3 July 2012Jetstar Japan started operationsJapan
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4 July 1927First flight of Lockheed VegaUSA
4 July 1934Delta Air Lines first airmail flight is flown in a Stinson T aircraftUSA
4 July 1952Nitto Airlines is established (>JAL)Japan
4 July 1957Ilyushin IL-18 passenger aircraft first flightUSSR
4 July 1958Ghana Airways is formed.Ghana
4 July 1975First flight of the B.747SP, modified version of the B.747 which was designed for ultra-long-range flights. The SP stands for "Special Performance"USA
4 July 1978Airnorth started operations as Air North InternationalAustralia
4 July 1997Cargo Air is formed as as Vega Airlines in PlovdivBulgaria
4 July 1998The Embraer ERJ 135 made its maiden flightBrazil
4 July 2012 Toumai Air Tchad flights are grounded because of safety concernsChad
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5 July 1927Northwest Airways flew its first official passenger, Byron Webster, a St. Paul businessmanUSA
5 July 1942First flight of the Avro YorkUK
5 July 1945

AOA (American Overseas Airlines) is formed as a result of a merger between the international division of American and American Export Airlines

5 July 1950Gulf Aviation started scheduled operationsBahrain
5 July 1962WinAir operations started on this date as Windward Island AirwaysNetherlands Antilles
5 July 1960The B.720 goes into service with United AirlinesUSA
5 July 1994

Frontier Airlines operations began with two Boeing 737-200s

5 July 2000 Quantum Air, formed in 1999, started operations as AB BluestarSpain
5 July 2003Hong Kong Airlines started operations as CR AirwaysHong Kong
5 July 2012

Uruguayan government suspended PLUNA’s operations following a strike that started two days earlier after failing to find new investors for the company

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6 July 1939First Autogyro air mail service. Eastern Air Lines, from Philadelphia Post Office to Camden NJ, in a Kellett KD-1 BUSA 
6 July 1965FAST (Fleming Airways System Transport) ceased operationsPhilippines
6 July 1998Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Airport was closed at 1:28 am with the lights of its 13/31 runway being switched offHong Kong
6 July 2001Shanxi Airlines, established in 1988, started operationsChina
6 July 2004Deta Air received AOCKazakhstan
6 July 2006Fars Air Qeshm started operationsIran
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7 July 1920Philippine Air Service is establishedPhilippines
7 July 1925

The Boeing Model 40 mail plane made its first flight

7 July 1929Transcontinental Air Transport inaugurated 48-hour coast-to-coast passenger transportation service, with air travel by day and rail travel by night (>American Airlines)USA
7 July 1930Aerial Transport of Siam Company (ATSC) is formed (>Thai Airways International)Siam
7 July 1948Silver City Airways, operated the world's first cross-Channel air ferry service between Lympne near Folkestone in Kent and Le Touquet, FranceUK
7 July 1956MIAT (Mongolian Airlines) started operationsMongolia
7 July 1960Toho Air Service establishedJapan
7 July 1978Airbus launched the A310France
7 July 1990PGA (Portugalia) first flight (>TAP Express)Portugal
7 July 2008Wataniya Airways received its AOC prior to starting on 24Jan2009 Kuwait
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8 July 1927Southern Air Lines was formed by Juan Trippe (>>Eastern Air Lines)USA
8 July 1929Shanghai-Chengtu Air Mail Line, the first passenger/air mail service in China had inaugural flight (>>Air China)China
8 July 1936First landing of an aircraft at Rhein-Main-Flughafen (now Frankfurt am Main Airport) is made by a Junker Ju-52Germany
8 July 1940The first Trans World Airlines Boeing Stratoliner flew from New York to Los Angeles in 12 hours & 18 minuteUSA
8 July 1945Central British Columbia Airlines is incorporated (>Air Canada)Canada
8 July 1946RANA (Rhodesia & Nyasaland Airways) goes into voluntary liquidationRhodesia & Nyasaland
8 July 1947First flight of the Boeing 377 (prototype Model 377-10-19)USA
8 July 1952New York Airways began inter-airport helicopter services to link Idlewild, La Guardia, and Newark airportsUSA
8 July 1953Sabena began the first international helicopter service, linking Belgium, the Netherlands and FranceBelgium
8 July 2001ScotAirways is renamed back to Suckling Airways (>Loganair)UK
8 July 2007B.787 Rollout at Washington’s Boeing Everett FactoryUSA
8 July 2007Chongqing Airlines started operationsChina
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9 July 1953New York Airways became the first scheduled helicopter airline to carry passengers in the United StatesUSA
9 July 1960Sabena began airlifting Belgian nationals out of Congo. Over the next three weeks, 25,711 will fly homeBelgium
9 July 1985

The EMB 120 Brasilia received its certification from the Aerospace Technical Center (CTA)

9 July 19882Go is formed as Aboitiz Air TransportPhilippines
9 July 2006Cham Wings Airlines is formed as Sham Wings AirlinesSyria
9 July 2009Clickair merges into Vueling AirlinesSpain
9 July 2012BlueSky Airways is launchedBotswana
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10 July 1935Air Bleu started daily mail operations (>Air France)France
10 July 1947First flight of the Airspeed AS.57 AmbassadorUK
10 July 1952Helsinki Airport is openedFinland
10 July 1967Air Fiji started operations as Air PacificFiji
10 July 1997Yamal Avia started operationsRussia
10 July 2003Khalifa Airways is liquidated by a French court after it failed to make an EUR 5 million payment to creditorsAlgeria
10 July 2007United Airways started operationsBangladesh
10 July 2012BETA Carga ceased operationsBrazil
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11 July 1974Tunisavia, formed on 27Apr1974, started operationsTunisia
11 July 1997ValuJet announces it would merge with the much smaller AirWays Corp, holding company for AirTran Airways (>Southwest Airlines)USA
11 July 2008Jeju Air made its first international flight, from Jeju to HiroshimaSouth Korea
11 July 2008Wizz Air Ukraine started operationsUkraine
11 July 2011Silk Road Cargo Business' AOC is awardedUzbekistan
11 July 2014Abakan Avia, formed in 1992, is renamed to Royal FlightRussia
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12 July 1921

CMTA is founded. Assets acquired by Mexicana in 1924

12 July 1965First flight of the Britten-Norman IslanderUK
12 July 1975Mexicana Click, founded in 1972 as Aerolíneas Bonanza, renamed to Aerocaribe in 1975, started operationsMexico
12 July 2005WebJet started operationsBrazil
12 July 2006Swedline Express ceased operationsSweden
12 July 2015Trujet started operationsIndia
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13 July 1925Western Air Express is founded in by Harris M "Pop" Hanshue, Los Angeles auto dealer (>Delta Air Lines)USA
13 July 1929 Wilson Airways is set up by Mrs Florence Kerr Wilson as Kenya’s first commercial airlineKenya
13 July 1931Aerial Transport of Siam Company (ATSC) is formally registered as a public company (>Thai Airways International)Siam
13 July 1994NY based UltrAir ceased operating (+>Paradise Airways)USA
13 July 1999SriLankan Airlines is renamed from AirLanka Sri Lanka
13 July 2000Asiana operated its first flight to Pyongyang in North KoreaSouth Korea
13 July 2005Air Asturias was establishedSpain
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14 July 1945LAB (Linhas Aereas Brasileiras) is foundedBrazil
14 July 1951

Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation first flight

14 July 1971VFW-Fokker 614 first flightWest Germany
14 July 1988Sichuan Airlines officially commenced operations as Sichuan Provincial AirlinesChina
14 July 2007West Air started operationsChina
14 July 2009Pet Airways commenced operationsUSA
14 July 2009Air Cargo Germany received its AOCGermany
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15 July 1916

William Boeing incorporates Pacific Aero Products Co. for $100,000. Renamed to Boeing Airplane Company

15 July 1923Dobrolet, the Soviet state airline, opens its first scheduled domestic service, between Moscow and Nizhniy Novgorod (>Aeroflot)USSR
15 July 1931United Air Lines started with mail runsUSA
15 July 1933Egyptair, established as Misr Airlines 07Jun1932, started operationsEgypt
15 July 1934Varney Speed Lines made its first passenger-carrying flightUSA
15 July 1947Northwest Airlines flew the first commercial passenger flight from the U.S. to JapanUSA
15 July 1954The B.707 prototype, the model 367-80, made its maiden flight from Renton Field, south of SeattleUSA
15 July 1958Ghana Airways, formed on 04Jul1958, commenced operationsGhana
15 July 1968The first direct airline service between the Soviet Union and the U. S. is inaugurated, ten years after negotiations beganUSA
15 July 1974 Pacific Wings started operations as Air NevadaUSA
15 July 1978Air Rarotonga, founded in Feb1978, started operationsCook Islands
15 July 1981 Fiji Link operations started operations as Sunflower AirlinesFiji
15 July 1985Ryanair operations startedIreland
15 July 1989Air Freight NZ started operationsNew Zealand
15 July 1991 Avia merges with rival carrier Salair and rebranded as Skyways (>Avia Express)Sweden
15 July 1996Air Archipels operations startedFrench Polynesia
15 July 1999 Avianca Peru was established in 1999 and started operations as TransAmPeru
15 July 2001Garuda establishes low-cost domestic subsidiary CitilinkIndonesia
15 July 2001AeroUnion operations startedMexico
15 July 2002 Solaseed Air, established in May2002 as Pan Asia Airlines, started operations as Skynet Asia AirwaysJapan
15 July 2008Zambezi Airlines started operationsZambia
15 July 2008Manx2 started operationsUK
15 July 2009AlNaser Airlines operations startedIraq
15 July 2011GoodFly made its inaugural flight from Burgos Airport to Menorca's AirportSpain
15 July 2012Air Taraba operations startedNigeria
15 July 2015 Fly Baghdad started operations with three Flights To ErbilIraq
15 July 2016 NewLeaf Travel started operationsCanada
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16 July 1926

Imperial Airways introduces the three-engine Armstrong Whitworth Argosy on the London Croydon – Paris Le Bourget route

16 July 1926

Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company inaugurated the first daily passenger air service between Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

16 July 1928KNILM (Koninklijke Nederlandsch-Indische Luchtvaart Maatschappij) is founded as NILM & is appended with the Koninklijk (Royal) title on 15Oct1928 (>Garuda)Dutch East Indies
16 July 1930TWA (Transcontinental and Western Air) is formed when Transcontinental Air Transport, PAIC and Western Air Express merge (>>American Airlines)USA
16 July 1931SCADTA establishes the first mail service between Bogotá and New York City (>Avianca)Colombia
16 July 1948First flight of the Vickers ViscountUK
16 July 1996Saudia is renamed to Saudi Arabian AirlinesSaudi Arabia
16 July 1998Air Zambezi revenue flights beginZimbabwe
16 July 2001Citilink started operationsIndonesia
16 July 2014Phoenix Airways started scheduled charter servicesSt Kitts & Nevis
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17 July 1940TAAG, started operations as DTA (Divisao de Transportes Aereos de Angola)Portuguese West Africa
17 July 1963Sioux Lookout, Ontario based Bearskin Airlines is establishedCanada
17 July 1980Cathay Pacific began a Hong Kong-London serviceHong Kong
17 July 2007Cargojet Airways acquires the Georgian Express cargo operations & renamed it to Cargojet RegionalCanada
17 July 2008Jin Air, formed as Air Korea in 2007, commenced operationsSouth Korea
17 July 2014La Compagnie launched services. Originally known as DreamjetFrance
17 July 2014US-Bangla Airlines started operationsBangladesh
17 July first service is launched between Victoria Falls and JohannesburgZimbabwe
17 July 2014Air Uganda ceased operations after its AOC was revokedUganda
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18 July 1945

LOT Polish Airlines State Enterprise is established by decree of the Council of Ministers. Created after WWII suspension

18 July 1953Derby Aviation first passenger flight is made, using a de Havilland Dragon Rapide. Only flying training until this point (>British Airways)UK
18 July 2002 British European is rebranded as FlyBeUK
18 July 2005

Spring Airlines, China’s first low cost airline, started operations

18 July 2010Nesma Airlines' first commercial flightEgypt
18 July 2011NOAR Linhas Aereas ceased operationsBrazil
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19 July 1919STASO (Société des Transports Aéronautiques du Sud-Ouest) is formed in BayonneFrance
19 July 1954The de Havilland Comet 3 flew  for the first time, was a lengthened DH Comet 2UK
19 July 2006Air Turquoise ceased operationsFrance
19 July 2015 ADA (AeroDesierto) ceased operations to be rebranded as Chilean Airways Chile
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20 July 1931Northeast Airlines was formed as Boston-Maine Airways on this day, by the Boston & Maine Railroad & Maine Central Railroad (>Delta)USA
20 July 1933 Aerolloyd Iguassú, founded in the beginning of 1933 in Curitiba, started operations (>>VASP)Brazil
20 July 1934

United Airlines Transport Corporation (UALTC) is formed to succeed UAL as owner/operator of BAT, NAT, PAT and Varney and United Airports of California

20 July 1948By authorization of the CAB, The Powelson Line, operating as Caribbean Atlantic Airlines began operation as CaribairPuerto Rico
20 July 1968Air Bahama started operations as International Air BahamaBahamas
20 July 1971Helicópteros de Guatemala commenced operationsGuatemala
20 July 1973Icelandair started operations after a merger between Flugfélag and LoftleidirIceland
20 July 2006Varig, founded on 07May1927 ceased operationsBrazil
20 July 2012Aerosur Paraguay AOC is revokedParaguay
20 July 2012AeroSur ceased operations on 17May2012, had its AOC revokedBolivia
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21 July 1919

Anthony Fokker founds the Dutch Aircraft Company at Schipol, near Amsterdam

21 July 1978Air Niagara Express is establishedCanada
21 July 1986Eastern Air Lines submits a reorganization plan to creditorsUSA
21 July 2005First flight of Kurdistan Airlines (Commercial Office of Kurdistan Region Iraq) landing in Arbil, Iraqi KurdistanIraq
21 July 2008Ankair ceased operationsTurkey
21 July 2015Rainbow Airlines operated its first demonstration flight but failed to startZimbabwe
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22 July 1914Britain’s first airplane passenger service is launched. The Great Yorkshire Show Airline a short-lived service (2 days only) flew from Leeds to Bradford and back, on half-hour intervalsUK
22 July 1920Donald W. Douglas and David R. Davis form the Davis Douglas Co. near Santa Monica, Calif.USA
22 July 1940PAL (Philippine Air Lines) acquires the franchise of the Philippine Aerial Taxi CompanyPhilippines
22 July 1943The first of three modified Lancasters in Trans Canada Airlines markings began Trans-Atlantic Service. Canada
22 July 1952United sold LAMSA to the Mexican Government, for $1,230,000, which merged it with Aeronaves De México (>>Aeromexico)Mexico
22 July 1959Sud-Aviation Caravelle entered service with Air FranceFrance
22 July 1959Antonov An-10 entered service with AeroflotUSSR
22 July 2002The first A340-600 is delivered to Virgin AtlanticUK
22 July 2003The first A318 is delivered to Frontier AirlinesUSA
22 July 2003DAE (Dutch Antilles Express) received its air operator’s certificateNetherlands Antilles
22 July 2008Custom Air Transport ceased operationsUSA
22 July 2010FlyLAL Charters & its subsidiaries adopts the brand name Small Planet AirlinesLithuania
22 July 2011 Transportes Generales Aéreos began operations. Ceased in 2015Peru
22 July 2011Air Mikisew, formed as Contact Air in 1961, ceased operations in 2010, had its AOC revokedCanada
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23 July 1990Following the first democratic elections in Croatia, Zagal changed its name to Croatia AirlinesCroatia
23 July 1997Palestinian Airlines scheduled services are inauguratedPalestine
23 July 2004Air Ukraine is declared bankruptUkraine
23 July 2004SkyAsia, the low-cost subsidiary of Thai Airways started operations  (>Nok Air)Thailand
23 July 2008Aero California, founded in 1960 as air taxi operator Servicios Aéreos suspended operations on this dateMexico
23 July 2012Air Mantra revenue flights are first launched    India
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24 July 1929Union Airways is registered (>South African Airways)South Africa
24 July 1980Florida Commuter Airlines, founded 11Jun1979 as Red Baron Air, received its AOCUSA
24 July 1985Dragonair obtains AOCHong Kong
24 July 2005Air Nepal International started servicesNepal
24 July 2009The Italian Civil Aviation Authority suspended the operating licence of MyAir due to financial problems and service failuresItaly
24 July 2015YuVT-Aero, a Tatarstan based replacement for Ak Bars Aero started operationsRussia
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25 July 1957KLM introduced its first flight simulator for the Douglas DC-7CNetherlands
25 July 1966 Air Charter International began operations as SAFA (Societe Aerienne Francaise d'Affretement) (>>Air France)France
25 July 1984

Xiamen Airlines is established jointly by Civil Aviation Administration of China and Fujian Provincial Government (>Xiamen Air)

25 July 1988TAP Express is incorporated as PGA (Portugalia Airlines)Portugal
25 July 1995Gujarat Airways started operationsIndia
25 July 2005EUJet ceased operationsIreland
25 July 2005Westward Airways ceased operationsUSA
25 July 2007

Virgin Blue announces name of new international long haul airline and livery, V Australia

25 July 2008Yeongnam Air commenced operationsSouth Korea
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26 July 1932

The Boeing Model 247, the first modern airliner, is awarded its patent

26 July 1946Trans-Pacific Airlines began non-scheduled inter-island service in Hawaii using a World War II surplus Douglas C-47 (>Aloha Airlines)USA
26 July 1955Capital Airlines adopts the Vickers Viscount, the first US airline to select a British airliner The first service was between Washington and ChicagoUSA
26 July 1971Cameroon Airlines is createdCameroon
26 July 1994Moldavian Airlines is establishedMoldova
26 July 1996Fischer Air is establishedCzech Republic
26 July 2004Atlas Blue started operations (>>RAM)Morocco
26 July 2005EUjet goes into administrationIreland
26 July 2011Tibet Airlines, incorporated on 17Jun2010, started operationsChina
26 July 2011Timor Air started operationsEast Timor
26 July 2012Air Finland, ceased operations on 26Jun2012, files for bankruptcyFinland
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27 July 1928The Boeing Model 80, a 12-passenger trimotor biplane transport, made its first flightUSA
27 July 1948The Berlin Airlift started. BEA co-ordinated the civil airlines’ operations. BSAA aircraft also took part. The airlift finally finished on 15Aug1949UK
27 July 1949The world's first jet-propelled airliner, the de Havilland Comet, made its maiden test-flight in EnglandUK
27 July 1967The B.727-200 first flightUSA
27 July 1975Downtown Airlines ceased operationsUSA
27 July 1983

The EMB 120 Brasilia turboprop made its maiden flight

27 July 2005Chengdu Airlines started operations as United Eagle AirlinesChina
27 July 2009Air Cargo Germany, received its AOC on 14Jul2009, started operationsGermany
27 July 2012OLT Regional Express ceased operationsPoland
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28 July 1934Aberdeen Airport (Dyce) was established by Eric Gandar Dower, intended to link the northern islands of Scotland with LondonUK
28 July 1950The first scheduled passenger service flown by a gas-turbine powered airliner is BEA (British European Airway) Vickers V. 630 ViscountUK
28 July 1985Dragonair, established in Hong Kong on 24May1985, started operationsHong Kong
28 July 1992Aeroflot changed its name to Aeroflot Russian International AirlinesRussia
28 July 2000

Dragonairs' first all-cargo service began operations with the inaugural flight of a B.747-200F bound for the Middle East and Europe.

Hong Kong
28 July 2004Darwin Airlines started operationsSwitzerland
28 July 2006Air Kyrgyzstan, founded as Altyn Air in Apr2001 rebrands to Kyrgyzstan Air CompanyKyrgyzstan
28 July 2009Cambodia Angkor Air commenced operations.Cambodia
28 July 2013Air Indus started domestic operationsPakistan
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29 July 1929A Ford Trimotor flown by Charles Lindbergh began the first coast-to-coast air passenger service through Transcontinental Air Transport (>TWA >>American Airlines)USA
29 July 1937First flight of the Lockheed Model 14 Super ElectraUSA
29 July 1946

Tata Airlines converts to a public company and is renamed Air India Limited

29 July 1959The first jetway in the U.S. is installed at the International Airport in San Francisco, CaliforniaUSA
29 July 1963Tupolev Tu-134 first flightUSSR
29 July 2002Vanguard Airlines ceased operations. The next day it files for reorganization under Chapter 11 of US bankruptcy lawUSA
29 July 2008

Riau Airlines ceased operations but restarted in 2010

29 July 2014FlyOlympic ceased operationsSweden
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30 July 1923First flight of the de Havilland DH.50, a large single-engined biplane transportUK
30 July 1929ETA (Empresa de Transporte Aéreo) operated its first flightBrazil
30 July 1946Sobelair was founded as a charter airlineBelgium
30 July 1949BSAA merges into BOAC (>British Airways)UK
30 July 1953Kita Nihon Airlines (North Japan Airlines) was established (>JAL)Japan
30 July 1998China Cargo Airlines was establishedChina
30 July 2009Comair Congo had its AOC withdrawn by D.R.Congo authoritiesDR Congo
30 July 2009Air Navette AOC was revokedDR Congo
30 July 2009Air Boyoma had its AOC revoked  by D.R.Congo authoritiesDR Congo
30 July 2009Air Beni AOC is revoked by D.R.Congo authoritiesDR Congo
30 July 2009Piva Airlines, founded in 2007, had its AOC withdrawnDR Congo
30 July 2015Syphax Airlines flights are groundedTunisia
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31 July 1946PAL (Philippine Air Lines) became the first Asian airline to cross the Pacific Ocean when a chartered Douglas DC-4 ferried 40 American servicemen to Oakland, California Philippines
31 July 1948President Harry Truman helped dedicate New York International Airport (later John F. Kennedy International Airport) at Idlewild Field.USA
31 July 1968

Cook Island Airways is formed with all shares held by Air New Zealand

Cook Islands
31 July 1972After 41 years in operation, Northeast Airlines completes its final day of service before being merged into Delta Air Lines the following dayUSA
31 July 1997The B.737-800 made its first flightUSA
31 July 2003GIRjet, created on 28Feb2003. started operationsSpain
31 July 2010AlbaStar, launched on 30Nov2009, started operationsSpain
31 July 2012OLT Express Poland suspended all charter servicesPoland
31 July 2012Mesaba Airlines' operating certificate is surrenderedUSA
31 July 2013Pinnacle Airlines ceased operations (>Endeavor Air)USA
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