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1 April 1924First revenue flight of SabenaBelgium
1 April 1926Società Italiana Servizi Aerei began operations linking Trieste, Venice, Pavia, and Turin with CANT 10 flying boats (>Ala Littoria) Italy
1 April 1935Swissair began services between Zürich and LondonSwitzerland
1 April 1940

BOAC officially took over the operations of Imperial Airways and British Airways Limited

1 April 1947

New Zealand National Airways Corporation began licensed operations

New Zealand
1 April 1947

Aeroput (ceased operations during WWII) was renamed to JAT Jugoslovenski Aerotransport

1 April 1949Boeing Stratocruiser entered service with Pan American World AirwaysUSA
1 April 1955First flight of LufthansaGermany
1 April 1956

Seaboard and Western Airlines started scheduled all-cargo services across the North Atlantic

1 April 1961VIASA commenced operationsVenezuela
1 April 1963Air Ferry, founded in 1961, started general charter and inclusive tour operationsUK
1 April 1965TEAL (Tasman Empire Airways) changed its name to Air New ZealandNew Zealand
1 April 1965Malaysian Airways absorbed Borneo AirwaysMalaysia
1 April 1965NAMC YS-11 entered service with Japan Domestic AirlinesJapan
1 April 1969Air Jamaica, established in Oct1968, started operationsJamaica
1 April 1970Bouraq Indonesia Airlines was founded by J A SumendapIndonesia
1 April 1971Hawker Siddeley Trident 3B entered service with British European AirwaysUK
1 April 1974Air Malta started flights with scheduled services to London, Birmingham, Manchester, Rome, Frankfurt, Paris and TripoliMalta
1 April 1974British Airways commenced operations after BOAC and British European Airways merge to create the new airlineUK
1 April 1978

New Zealand National Airways Corporation (NAC) merged with Air New Zealand

New Zealand
1 April 1980Aircraft Innsbruck adopts the title Tyrolean Airways when scheduled services beginAustria
1 April 1982Air France flew the Concorde over to Rio de Janeiro and Caracas, Venezuela for the last timeFrance
1 April 1987

The operations of Western and Delta officially merge

1 April 1988

Toa Domestic Airline changed its name to Japan Air System

1 April 1988

Thai Airways International merged with Thai Airways Company (TAC)

1 April 1989Burma Airways renamed to Myanma Airways following the renaming of the country from Burma to MyanmarMyanmar
1 April 1990

Maersk Commuter, having ceased operations on 31Mar1990, had its services assumed by its parent, Maersk Air (>Sterling)

1 April 1991

KLM Cityhopper was established by the merger of NLM Cityhopper and NetherLines

1 April 1992Jet Airways was foundedIndia
1 April 1992Tradewinds was renamed SilkAirSingapore
1 April 1996 Air India Regional was founded as Alliance AirIndia
1 April 1997JAL established JAL Express (JEX)Japan
1 April 1997Vayudoot ceased operationsIndia
1 April 1997

Air Inter, already indirectly under Air France control, was merged with the Company

1 April 1998

Pacific Coastal bought the assets of Wilderness Airlines (1975)

1 April 2001Air Engiadina ceased operations & was renamed to SwisswingsSwitzerland
1 April 2004Japan Air System was renamed to JAD (Japan Airlines Domestic)Japan
1 April 2004AirBridgeCargo started operationsRussia
1 April 2004LTU Austria, set up by LTU and Billa, Austria's largest retail chain, obtained its AOCAustria
1 April 2004JAL/JAS integration was completedJapan
1 April 2007LAB (Lloyd Aereo Boliviano) ceased operationsBolivia
1 April 2007Cygnus Air was rebranded as Gestair CargoSpain
1 April had its airline license revokedKazakhstan
1 April 2009Kayala Airline (Jeddah) ceased operationsSaudi Arabia
1 April 2009MAK Air had its AOC revokedKazakhstan
1 April 2010Air Volga declares bankruptcy & operations ceaseRussia
1 April 2011Wizz Air Bulgaria suspended operations and AOC was revokedBulgaria
1 April 2011Orange Air was foundedUSA
1 April 2012

Air Nippon operations ceased (>ANA)

1 April 2014Lakeshore Express suspended servicesUSA
1 April 2015Vernon Aviation started charter services from Four Corners Regional Airport, FarmingtonUSA
1 April 2015León Airlines commenced operationsSpain
1 April 2016Nordic Aviation was rebranded as NordicaEstonia
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2 April 1922

Daimler Airway began operations from Croydon to Paris using "cabin boys" on their aircraft

2 April 1937AircraftSweden
2 April 1940

After the Winter War (between Finland and the Soviet Union), Aero O/Y resumes flights to Tallinn

2 April 1946Hawaiian Air Transport Service began operations with Beechcraft D-18FsUSA
2 April 1955TCA (Trans-Canada Airlines) introduced the Vickers Viscount airliner into regular service, making it the first North American airline to use turbine power aircraftCanada
2 April 1970Royal Air Inter began operationsMorocco
2 April 1980Air Zimbabwe was renamed from Air Zimbabwe Rhodesia after IndependenceZimbabwe
2 April 1982Newly-formed British Island Airways made its first revenue flight from Gatwick to Catania in ItalyUK
2 April 1984 Eastern Metro Express started operationsUSA
2 April 2008ATA (American Trans Air) filed for bankruptcy protectionUSA
2 April 2009Star Marianas Air, first flight. charter from Tinian to SaipanMarianas Islands
2 April 2011Air KBZ, formed in 2010, launched domestic scheduled services from YangonMyanmar
2 April 2012Bravo Air was foundedUkraine
2 April 2015Denim established FlyDenimNetherlands
2 April 2015Air Croatia started operationsCroatia
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3 April 1925Ford Air Transport Service (Freight Line) opened private air freight service between Detroit, Chicago (>>UAL) USA
3 April 1933Highland Airways was formed (>>British Airways)UK
3 April 1948Alitalia recommenced services to the United Kingdom after WWIIItaly
3 April 1971

Malaysian Airlines Berhad was registered

3 April 1982First flight of the Airbus A310France
3 April 1991 Romavia was established and started operations later in the same yearRomania
3 April 1992

By order of the Director, Air Transport Dept. of the RF Ministry of Transport, the Leningrad United Air Unit was renamed Pulkovo Airlines

3 April 2000Tourjets was established. Started operations in 2001USA
3 April 2001A340-600 first flightFrance
3 April 2003Air Finland started operationsFinland
3 April 2007Firefly's first flight, from Penang to Kota BharMalaysia
3 April 2007Indus Air ceased operationsIndia
3 April 2008ATA (American Trans Air) ceased operationsUSA
3 April 2016Crystal Luxury Air started operationsUSA
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4 April 1927

Colonial Air Transport flew the first passenger service between Boston and New York

4 April 1935United Airways was formed by Jersey Airways to fly services from London-Heston to Blackpool, Isle of Man, Liverpool, Leeds and Morecambe (>BA) UK
4 April 1947

CAB certificated Piedmont Airlines as a local service carrier

4 April 1962Luxair started operationsLuxembourg
4 April 1983Gatari Air Service operations startIndonesia
4 April 1990 SunExpress Airlines launched services with a flight from Nuremburg to AntalyaTurkey
4 April 1993First flight of the Fokker 70Netherlands
4 April 2002Inter Airlines, founded in Dec1999, started operationsTurkey
4 April 2004MidAtlantic Airways, formed as Potomac Air in 2000, officially launched servicesUSA
4 April 2005National Aviation Services launched operationsPapua New Guinea
4 April 2007Amazon Sky, founded in 2006, received its air operator’s certificatePeru
4 April 2008Skybus Airlines ceased operationsUSA
4 April 2008Swazi Express Airways, established in 1995 as Steffen Air, ceased operationsSwaziland
4 April 2009Air Sylhet, founded in early 2007, started operationsUK
4 April 2009L'Avion merged with with OpenSkies, retaining the latter nameFrance / UK
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5 April 1937USA
5 April 1966Hibernian Airlines, formed in 1966, started general passenger and cargo charter operationsIreland
5 April 1967Vieques Air Link, founded by Osvaldo Gonzalez in Oct1965, was registered as a corporationPuerto Rico
5 April 1968Monarch Airlines commenced commercial operationsUK
5 April 1977 Spirit Lake Airways began operations (reorganised in 1979 as Great Lakes Airlines)USA
5 April 1981Druk Air was foundedBhutan
5 April 2001FreeBird Airlines started operations with a service between Istanbul and LyonTurkey
5 April 2002Flight West Airlines, placed into Voluntary Administration on 04Dec2001, was rebranded as Alliance AirlinesAustralia
5 April 2008flyNordic merged into NorwegianSweden
5 April 2008Skyway Airlines (Midwest Connect) ceased operationsUSA
5 April 2012 Mandala Airlines started operations Tigerair MandalaIndonesia
5 April 2012Volotea commenced operationsSpain
5 April 2012LINK Airs was established but went bankrupt before startingJapan
5 April 2013

Avient Aviation ceased operations

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6 April 1926Varney Air Lines flew the first Contract Air Mail flight from Boise, Idaho, to the railroad mail hub at Pasco, Washington (>UAL) USA
6 April 1944 Loftleiðirs' first revenue flight took place (>Icelandair)Iceland
6 April 1957Olympic Airways was created by shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, from the ashes of bankrupt Hellenic state airline T. A. E. (Technical and Aeronautical Exploitations).Greece
6 April 1967

The last TWA Constellation was retired from passenger service and TWA became the first U.S. airline to go all-jet

6 April 1981Air California was rebranded as AirCal (>American Airlines)USA
6 April 1984The last passenger B.727 was delivered to USAirUSA
6 April 2002Astraeus started operationsUK
6 April 2011Riau ceased operation for the final timeIndonesia
6 April 2011Layonair operations are launched, operating on behalf of Iberia CargoSpain
6 April 2013Lauda Air, established in Apr1979, was rebranded to Austrian myHolidayAustria
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7 April 1980PEOPLExpress was formedUSA
7 April 1982Trans Adria merged into JAT (Yugoslav Airlines) (>>Air Serbia)Yugoslavia
7 April 1992AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines was establishedAzerbaijan
7 April 2005Air Exel ceased operationsNetherlands
7 April 2015Olympus Airways was formed (started operations in 2016)Greece
7 April 2015APEX Airlines commenced scheduled operationsMyanmar
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8 April 1920de Havilland DH.18 first flightUK
8 April 1932CLASSA was rebranded as LAPE (Líneas Aéreas Postales Españolas) (>Iberia)Spain
8 April 1946

Ethiopian Airlines first scheduled flight took place as Ethiopian Air Lines to Cairo via Asmara in a Douglas C-47

8 April 1988Pacific Southwest Airlines shuts down operations and was integrated to USAir (>American)USA
8 April 1998SATA International, first established under the name of OceanAir, started operationsPortugal
8 April 1999Tassili Airlines started operationsAlgeria
8 April 2002Swisswings ceased operationsSwitzerland
8 April 2002Intensive Air ceased operationsSouth Africa
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9 April 1927CLASSA was established together with the Higher Aeronautic Council by virtue of a decree (>Iberia)Spain
9 April 1929Air UnionFrance
9 April 1958DC-8 aircraft One, registered N8008D, was rolled out of the Douglas Aircraft - Long Beach, CAUSA
9 April 1965BAC One-Eleven entered service with British United Airways (>British Airways)UK
9 April 1967First flight of the B.737-100USA
9 April 1994The first B.777, line number WA001, was rolled out USA
9 April 2001TWA's 75-year existence as an independent airline came to an end when American Airlines purchased TWA's assetsUSA
9 April 2007Harmony Airways ceased operationsCanada
9 April 2008Oasis Hong Kong Airlines ceased operationsHong Kong
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10 April 1923Daimler Airways began the first scheduled service between London and Berlin (via Bremen and Hamburg)UK
10 April 1926Lindberg became chief pilot for Robertson Aircraft Corp., flying a Saint Louis to Chicago mail routeUSA
10 April 1937Trans-Canada Airlines was formed by an Act of Parliament (>Air Canada)Canada
10 April 1962

The first commercial plane to land at Maldives airport was an Air Ceylon flight

10 April 1976 Eagle Air was founded as ArnarflugIceland
10 April 2003 KLMs' sale of Buzz to Ryanair, estimated to be in the region of €20.1 million, was completedUK
10 April 2006Air Bashkortostan started operationsRussia
10 April 2008Airphil Express (>PAL Express) was founded by PAL to replace Air PhilippinesPhilippines
10 April 2008Frontier filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Emerged on 01Oct2009USA
10 April 2009Zetavia was foundedUkraine
10 April 2014New Jatayu Air started operations Indonesia
10 April 2015Air100, having ceased operations in 2014, resumed in Feb2016, stopped againFinland
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11 April 1924 Fokker F-VII first flightNetherlands
11 April 1933Airspeed AS.5 Courier first flightUK
11 April 1934

American Airways became American Airlines

11 April 1946 ViaBras (Viação Aérea Brasil) was founded (>Gol)Brazil
11 April 1983 Trans States Airlines operations start as Resort AirUSA
11 April 1987Air 2000 started operationsUK
11 April 1992 Chang'an Airlines was founded as Dapeng AirlinesChina
11 April 1994Flitestar ceased operations and was liquidatedSouth Africa
11 April 1994Trek Airways ceased operations and was liquidatedSouth Africa
11 April 1998Iberworld started operations (>Orbest Orizonia Airlines) Spain
11 April 2007Gabon Airlines started operationsGabon
11 April 2015BQB Airlines ceased operationsUruguay
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12 April 1911Pierre Prier made the first non-stop passenger flight, travelling from London to Paris in a Blériot, taking 3hrs 45minsFrance
12 April 1919Aerial Transport Ltd, first aerial transport company in Australia was registeredAustralia
12 April 1986City Center Airlines was dissolvedCanada
12 April 1992Trump Shuttle became U.S. Airways ShuttleUSA
12 April 1994 Belgian World Airlines was formed as ChallengAirBelgium
12 April 2001Sky Airlines operations startedTurkey
12 April 2012BB Airways, founded in Jan2012, received its Air Operator CertificateNepal
12 April 2014Afghan Jet International, founded in 2013, commenced operationsUAE
12 April 2015Air Pegasus started operationsIndia
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13 April 1919Vickers Vimy Commercial first flight from Joyce Green airfield in KentUK
13 April 1973The introduction of the first of three former Japan Airlines B.727-100 series made Dan-Air first British operator of the Boeing trijetUK
13 April 2000 Donavia started operations under the Aeroflot-Don nameRussia
13 April 2000 The airline division of Island Aviation Services was formed (>Maldivian)Maldives
13 April 2004Caricom Airways was founded as Kuyake AviationSuriname
13 April 2006DOT LT was rebranded from Danu Oro TransportLithuania
13 April 2011Frontier formed a new subsidiary, Frontier ExpressUSA
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14 April 1925Ford Air Transport ServiceUSA
14 April 1929Ed Link introduced a ground-based flight trainer. During World War II, half a million pilots received flight training in Link trainers.USA
14 April 1948 British Eagle was formed as Eagle Aviation at AldermastonUK
14 April 1955Air Charter (formed in 1947) inaugurated its first vehicle ferry service between Southend and Calais using a Bristol 170 Mark 32 Super FreighterUK
14 April 1971

BOAC operated its first commercial B.747 flight, flying from London to New York

14 April 1972Lockheed L-1011 was certifiedUSA
14 April 1992Nort Jet, founded in Feb1989 by mostly Basque entrepreneurs, ceased operationsSpain
14 April 1992Onur Air (Onur Havayollari Tasimacilik A.S.) was establishedTurkey
14 April 2004ValuAir obtained air operator’s certificate (>>Jetstar Asia Airways)Singapore
14 April 2008Delta and Northwest Airlines announced that they would merge to create the world's largest airline under the Delta nameUSA
14 April 2012 Syphax Airlines started operations, with scheduled services beginning on 29Apr2012Tunisia
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15 April 1925Ukvozdukhput began operating services from Kharkiv to Odessa and Kiev (>Aeroflot)USSR
15 April 1926Charles Lindbergh of Robertson Aircraft started Contract Air Mail service over route CAM-2 from Lambert Field to ChicagoUSA
15 April 1928Travel Air 6000 first flight (later known as the Curtiss-Wright 6B when Travel Air was purchased by Curtiss-Wright) USA
15 April 1935British Continental Airways Limited was formed (>BA)UK
15 April 1936

Aer Lingus was founded by the Irish Government to provide air services between Ireland and the UK

15 April 1947Airways-India, formed in Sep1945, started scheduled operations, with Calcutta to Bangalore (>Air India)India
15 April 1947Air Serbia, founded as Aeroput, started operations as JATYugoslavia
15 April 1947Sudan Airways, formed in 1946, began domestic operationsSudan
15 April 1947Trans Canada Airlines inaugurated transatlantic service between Dorval and Prestwick with the North Star (>Air Canada)Canada
15 April 1950The first scheduled BEA service from London Heathrow, a Vickers Viking to Paris, took place (>BA)


15 April 1962SATENA, incorporated in 1962 under the Ministry of National Defence, started operationsColombia
15 April 1962Iran National Airlines Corporation, formed by PAS + Iranian Airways on 24Dec1962, started operationsIran
15 April 1964

Japan Domestic Airlines Co, Ltd. was established by merging Nitto, Fuji and Kita Nihon Airlines

15 April 1977Comair, founded by David Mueller and his Father Raymond on 31Jan1977 as Wings Airways, started operationsUSA
15 April 1981Kabo Air, established in Feb1980 by Dr. Alhaji Muhammadu Adamu Dankabo, started operationsNigeria
15 April 1986Suckling Airways operations started (>>Loganair)


15 April 1989DAT (Danish Air Transport) operations startedDenmark
15 April 1991Pacific Airlines, founded in Dec1990, commenced operations (>Jetstar Pacific)Vietnam
15 April 1993Polar Air Cargo, founded in 1993, started operationsUSA
15 April 1994 Aerosvit Airlines, founded on 25Mar1994 as Aerosweet Airlines, commenced operationsUkraine
15 April 1995St Barth Commuter operations startedSt Barths
15 April 1996Asian Spirit, established in Sep1995, started operations (>>AirAsia Philippines)Philippines
15 April 1996Capital Cargo International Airlines, founded by Peter Fox in Sep1995, started operations (>>ATI)USA
15 April 2002Alliance Airlines, after rebranding from Flight West Airlines, started operationsAustralia
15 April 2003Song started operations (>>Delta)USA
15 April 2003Eritrean Airlines operations startedEritrea
15 April 2009The Russian Federal Air Transport Agency cancelled the operating license of airline Elbrus-AviaRussia
15 April 2010Travel Service Slovakia started operationsSlovakia
15 April 2014American Eagle Airlines rebranded to EnvoyUSA
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16 April 1929Inland Flying Service started operations (>PSIoWA +>Portsmouth Aviation)


16 April 1934

Northwest was reincorporated under Minnesota law as Northwest Airlines

16 April 1934VASP, founded on 04Nov1933, started operationsBrazil
16 April 1935East Coast Airways, established in 1935, started a regular passenger service (>ANZ)New Zealand
16 April 1935A Pan Am Sikorsky S-42 made the first airline flight from the continental US to HawaiiUSA
16 April 1962BEA operated its first commercial Handley Page Herald service (>BA)


16 April 1969First flight of the Let L-410 TurboletUSSR
16 April 1973Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante entered service with TransbrasilBrazil
16 April 1991airberlin, formed as a US charter company in Portland, Oregon as Air Berlin, was established as a German carrierGermany
16 April 1996Gazpromavia Air Enterprise started operationsRussia
16 April 2007Jet Airways announced that Air Sahara will be renamed as Jetlite (>JetKonnect)India
16 April 2012Korongo Airlines started domestic services to KinshasaDR Congo
16 April 2012TEAM Airlines had their AOC suspended by the National Civil Aviation Agency of BrazilBrazil
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17 April 1919CAF (Compagnie Aerienne Francais)(Nimes-Nice) was createdFrance
17 April 1926Western Air Express began operations with flights between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles  (>Western Airlines >>Delta)USA
17 April 1934First flight of the de Havilland Dragon Rapide DH.89


17 April 1952

Official opening of Jan Smuts International Airport – Johannesburg

South Africa
17 April 1968Brower Flight Service was certified (>Brower Airways)USA
17 April 1968

Bonanza Air Lines received CAB approval to merge with Pacific Air Lines & West Coast Airlines to form Air West (>Delta Air Lines)

17 April 1969 Tigerair Mandala was founded as Mandala AirlinesIndonesia
17 April 1973FedEx delivers its first package as Federal 17aprExpressUSA
17 April 1980Airborne Express was established (>ABX Air) USA
17 April 1989Skyway Airlines, The Midwest Express Connection, began flight operationsUSA
17 April 2001Cargo Lion ceased operationsLuxembourg
17 April 2006Hooters ceased operationsUSA
17 April 2015TomskAvia had its AOC suspended by RosaviatsiaRussia
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18 April 1919CMA (Compagnie des Messageries Aériennes) commenced a mail and freight service between Paris and Lille, using ex-military Breguet 14sFrance
18 April 1948Cyprus Airways, established on 24Sep1947, started operationsCyprus
18 April 1953

The first turboprop airliner, the Vickers V-701 Viscount, entered scheduled passenger service with British European Airways (>BA)


18 April 1979 New York Airways, a helicopter airline founded in 1949, ceased operationsUSA
18 April 1991Eastern Air Lines was dissolved after 64 years of operation. Many of its remaining assets are parcelled out to American and ContinentalUSA
18 April 1996Air Jamaica Express began operationsJamaica
18 April 2011

Far Eastern Air Transport, having ceased operations on 13May2008, restarted services

18 April 2013Air Cargo Germany ceased operationsGermany
18 April 2013Mongolian Airlines became Hunnu AirMongolia
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19 April 1925 Ryan Airline Company was founded by T. Claude Ryan and Benjamin "Frank" MahoneyUSA
19 April 1926Pitcairn Aviation was formed (>Eastern Air Lines)USA
19 April 1999South Airlines was foundedUkraine
19 April 2009Arkaim was establishedRussia
19 April 2012BMI's (British Midland Interntional)) ownership transferred to IAG at 23:59 (>BA)


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20 April 1935The first passengers left London for Australia on a new Imperial Airways/Qantas serviceUK
20 April 1959Aeroflot puts the 84 - 110-seater Ilyushin IL-18, its first turboprop, into service from Moscow to Alma Ata & AdlerUSSR
20 April 1992Sakhalinskie Aviatrassy operations start (>Aurora)Russia
20 April 2001Tasman Pacific Airlines abruptly stopped flying (>Qantas New Zealand) Australia
20 April 2003LAPA (Líneas Aéreas Privadas Argentinas) ceased operationsArgentina
20 April 2011Air One Cityliner was renamed to Alitalia CityLinerItaly
20 April 2011 Ridge Airways, owned by Sergey Kocharov, was foundedArmenia
20 April 2014Global Air Jets started operationsUSA
20 April 2015Wizz Air Ukraine, having started operations on 11Jul2008, ceased operationsUkraine
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21 April 1945Deutsche Luft Hansa last scheduled flight, Berlin to Munich, took placeGermany
21 April 1948

Pennsylvania-Central Airlines changed its name to Capital Airlines (>United Airlines)

21 April 2012Pacific Royale Airways having received its AOC on 29May2012, had its final proving flightIndonesia
21 April 2016Armenia Airways, formed on 25Nov2015, started limited operationsArmenia
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22 April 1983 Finnair became the first airline to operate a non-stop service from Europe to JapanFinland
22 April 1985PanAm sold its Pacific division to United Air Lines for $750 million; including all its Pacific routes & B.747SP fleetUSA
22 April 1987Air Engiadina was founded (>Swisswings)Switzerland
22 April 2009Irtysh-Air, established in 2007, started operationsKazakhstan
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23 April 1919The North Sea Aerial Navigation Company began a passenger run between Leeds & Hounslow in ex-military Blackburn RT.1sUK
23 April 1920Companía Franco Argentina de Transportes Aéreos was formed by a French Aviation Mission headed by the commander Precardin and Almandos AlmonacidArgentina
23 April 1920Compagnie Franco-Roumaine de Navigation Aerienne  was created as a joint project between Romania & France (>CIDNA > Air France)France
23 April 1959First heliport in Britain opened in LondonUK
23 April 2001The first flight of Airbus 340-600France
23 April 2006Air Wales ceased operationsUK
23 April 2008Turkish Airlines established AnadolujetTurkey
23 April 2009Saha Airlines suspended all flightsIran
23 April 2013Sunday Airlines took to the skies, officially launched operations 3 days laterKazakhstan
23 April 2015Air Croatia, founded in 2013, had its services suspendedCroatia
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24 April 1946Winged Cargo opened an unusual freight service in which goods are carried in a Waco CG-4A glider towed by a DC-3USA
24 April 1966Scheduled air carrier jet operations began at Washington National Airport USA
24 April 1969BEA Airtours was formed as a division of BEA to provide it with a low cost platform for holiday travelUK
24 April 1994South African Express, founded in 1993, started operations (>SA Express)South Africa
24 April 1998Jubba Airways was formedSomalia
24 April 2007Norwegian acquired FlyNordic from FinnairNorway
24 April 2007Mihin Lanka commenced operationsSri Lanka
24 April 2009Air Sénégal International suspended all operationsSenegal
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25 April 1935Cambrian Airways was set up as Cambrian Air Services (>BA)UK
25 April 2005MaxJet officially changed its name from SkyLink Airways following a formal objection from SkyLink Aviation in CanadaUSA
25 April 2008Ocean Airlines ceased operationsItaly
25 April 2010Enter Air operations startedPoland
25 April 2013 FlyNonstop commenced operations out of KristiansandNorway
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26 April 1924

Imperial Airways launched its first flight between London Croydon and Paris Le Bourget with a DH.34

26 April 1940

TEAL (Tasman Empire Airways) was registered in Wellington as a limited liability company (>ANZ)

New Zealand
26 April 1972

SkyWest Airlines was founded when Ralph Atkin buys Dixie Airlines

26 April 1972The first Lockheed L-1011 TriStar entered scheduled service, with Eastern Air Lines, on its route from Miami to New YorkUSA
26 April 1986Suckling Airways started scheduled operations (>>Loganair)UK
26 April 1987Canadian Airlines International flew from this date until it's merger with Air Canada on 29Mar2001Canada
26 April 1990

Airbus launched the “baby” of the A320 Family, the 107-seat A318

26 April 1996Denim Air, started operationsNetherlands
26 April 2004

Boeing launched the B.787 Dreamliner program with an order for 50 aircraft from All Nippon Airways

26 April 2013Sunday Airlines, having taken to the skies on 23Apr2013, officially launched operationsKazakhstan
26 April 2014Qingdao Airlines commenced operationsChina
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27 April 1955
First flight of the Sud Aviation Caravelle
27 April 1974Tunisavia operations startedTunisia
27 April 1988TAESA (Transportes Aéreos Ejecutivos) was establishedMexico
27 April 2003RwandAir, founded as Rwandair Express on 01Dec2002, commenced operationsRwanda
27 April 2005

A380 successfully completed its first flight

27 April 2008Eos Airlines ceased operationsUSA
27 April 2009
Linus Airways suspended operations as it had no aircraft to operate
27 April 2010Layonair was established in the Canary IslandsSpain
27 April 2010OceanAir Linhas Aéreas was renamed to Avianca (Brazil)Brazil
27 April 2015 Chilean Airways began operations from its home base in Calama as AeroDesiertoChile
27 April 2016Leste Aviation launched its inaugural test flightEast Timor
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28 April 1928The Clifford Ball Airline began operating Mail routes between Pittsburgh and Cleveland, Ohio, but scheduled passenger service did not begin until this date (>UAL) USA
28 April 1937The first commercial flight across the Pacific was made as a PanAm Boeing 314 Clipper seaplane arrived in Hong KongUSA
28 April 1958

The first transatlantic service of Aerlinte Eireann leaves Dublin and Shannon for New York (>Aer Lingus)

28 April 1979

The first airberlin jet, took off from Berlin-Tegel for Palma de Mallorca (known as Air Berlin)

28 April 1985Continental inaugurated its first scheduled service to Europe with flights from Houston to London/Gatwick (>>UAL)USA
28 April 1993Oki Air International was establishedMontenegro
28 April 1995WestPac (Western Pacific Airlines) began services using eight B.737-300USA
28 April 2003LAN Ecuador, established in Jul2002, started operationsEcuador
28 April 2012 Air Onix began flight operations with a fleet of three B737-300s, B737-400sUkraine
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29 April 1929Stout Air Services was purchased by United Aircraft and Transport Corporation (UATC)USA
29 April 1964

PIA became the first airline from a non-communist country to fly into the People’s Republic of China

29 April 1964BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation) introduced the VC10 into its London-Lagos route (>BA)


29 April 1968United Air Lines became the first carrier to put the B.737-200 into serviceUSA
29 April 1976ABA (Transportes Aereos da Bacia Amazonica) services startedBrazil
29 April 1987LTE International Airways was formedSpain
29 April 1988USA
29 April 1991Archana Airways was foundedIndia
29 April 2004The first B.777-300ER aircraft was delivered to Air FranceFrance
29 April 2005

First flight of Air India Express, Air India’s budget airline

29 April 2005Grixona started operationsMoldova
29 April 2008Nationwide Airlines ceased operationsSouth Africa
29 April 2009Air Arabia Maroc was officially launched (renamed from Regional Air Lines)Morocco
29 April 2012Syphax Airlines started operationsTunisia
29 April 2014Fly540 Ghana, having started operations in Dec2011, ceasedGhana
29 April 2014Fly540 Angola ceased operationsAngola
29 April 2014North American Airlines ceased operationsUSA
29 April 2014Mid Africa Aviation started businessGambia
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30 April 1933The first air service internal to Scotland, Renfrew – Campbeltown, began, operated by Midland & Scottish Air FerriesUK
30 April 1940Inaugural TEAL route from Auckland to Sydney (>ANZ) New Zealand
30 April 1969 Aviogenex, formed on 21May1968 as Genex Airlines, restarted under current nameSerbia
30 April 1969The first woman airline pilot in the West, Turi Widerøe of Norway, made her first flight as a first officer for SASNorway
30 April 1975 Air Vietnam, formed on 01Oct1951 to take over services from Air France, ceased operationsSouth Vietnam
30 April 1981

The original PeopleExpress began flights with a route from Newark to Columbus

30 April 1991Interflugs' last commercial flightEast Germany
30 April 1993Air Atlantis ceased operationsPortugal
30 April 1994Qantas closed Australian AirlinesAustralia
30 April 1997Fischer Air, established on 26Jul1996, started operationsCzech Republic
30 April 2003Condor Berlin was renamed to Thomas Cook - powered by CondorGermany
30 April 2005

Dutch Antilles Express (DAE) commenced services

Netherlands Antilles

30 April 2005Harlequin Air ceased operationsJapan
30 April 2006Songs' last flight took off  (>Delta) USA
30 April 2006Air Livonia, a Parnu based carrier, ceased operationsEstonia
30 April 2007ADC Airlines ceased operationsNigeria
30 April 2007Space World International Airlines ceased operationsNigeria
30 April 2007Dasab Airways ceased operationsNigeria
30 April 2007Chrome Air Services ceased operationsNigeria
30 April 2007Fresh Air ceased operationsNigeria
30 April 2007Albarka Air ceased operationsNigeria
30 April 2007Freedom Air Services ceased operationsNigeria
30 April 2007Sosoliso Airlines ceased operationsNigeria
30 April 2010Wings of Bornholm ceased flightsDenmark
30 April 2010Air Jamaica merged into in Trinidad's Caribbean AirlinesJamaica
30 April 2010

Durban’s King Shaka International Airport opened to traffic

South Africa
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