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1 March 1919An airmail service began between Folkestone and CologneUK
1 March 1925

T. Claude Ryan’s Los Angeles–San Diego Air Line began the first scheduled passenger service operated wholly over the U.S. mainland and throughout the year

1 March 1925Ryan Airline Company began regular servicesUSA
1 March 1928

Aéropostale (originally called Lignes Aériennes Latécoère) inaugurated a pioneering mail service by a flying boat between Toulouse and Buenos Aires

1 March 1939Clarence Decatur C. D. Howe opened first TCA (Trans-Canada Air Lines) transcontinental passenger service from Montreal to VancouverCanada
1 March 1947Siamese Airways Company (SAC) began operations by flying the old pre-war routes within the countryThailand
1 March 1956

Turkish Airlines Inc. was established with a capital stock of 60 million TL

1 March 1958Malayan Airways took over Federation Air Service (>MAS)Malaya
1 March 1962Los Angeles Airways sets up the world’s first commercial service using turbine-powered, multi-engine helicoptersUSA
1 March 1968Aurigny Air Services started operations UK
1 March 1973Midland Air Cargo was forced to cease operationsUK
1 March 1974General Air Luftverkehrsgesellschaft was formed to succeed General Air NordWest Germany
1 March 1975Air Comores was established after IndependanceComoros
1 March 1984 Korean Air Lines was renamed to Korean AirSouth Korea
1 March 1984Braniff operated its first flight (from Dallas/Fort Worth to New Orleans)USA
1 March 1986Trans World Airlines acquired Ozark Airlines USA
1 March 1996Santa Bárbara Airline, established on 01Nov1995, started operations (>SBA Airlines)Venezuela
1 March 1998Alliance Express operations started Rwanda
1 March 1999BWee Express operations startedTrinidad & Tobago
1 March 2004 Regionallink was formed by the amalgamation of Emu Airways, AirNorth Regional and some of the assets of ASAAustralia
1 March 2008Focus Air ceased operationsUSA
1 March 2010Varsity Express (Oxford) launched servicesUK
1 March 2012 peach started operations after rename from A&F AviationJapan
1 March 2012Avmax Chad flew its first commercial flightChad
1 March 2012Alpha Express Airlines was establishedLatvia
1 March 2013Romstrade Logistic Expres. suspended ops and its AOC was revokedRomania
1 March 2013Air Mekong flights are suspendedVietnam
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2 March 1931Panair do Brasil started operationsBrazil
2 March 1938Eastern Air Lines acquired for $3.5 million by Eddie RickenbackerUSA
2 March 1956Lufttransport-Union was renamed to LTU International Airways & commenced operations (>>airberlin)West Germany
2 March 1958Beijing Capital International Airport openedChina
2 March 1969

The first flight of Concorde 001 (F-WTSS) from Toulouse

2 March 1971

The Civil Aeronautics Board approves the merger of Trans Caribbean Airways into American Airlines

2 March 1981Japan Air Lines was the first airline to use a computerized flight simulator to train its crewsJapan
2 March 1984Airbus launched A320France
2 March 2007FlyMe ceased operationsSweden
2 March 2007Slovak Airlines ceased operationsSlovakia
2 March 2012The last departure of an official Continental Airlines flight took place at 11:59 pm Pacific Standard TimeUSA
2 March 2015ES-Air commenced scheduled operationsDenmark
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3 March 1919The first US international airmail was carried between Seattle and Victoria, British Columbia by William Boeing in a Boeing CL-4 SUSA
3 March 1926Air Service to Red Lake, Ontario began. JV Elliot and AH Farringtron of Elliot Air Service flew two Curtiss JN-4 s with a passenger in each from Hudson to Red Lake, OntarioCanada
3 March 1930The inaugural flight over the Prairie Air Mail Route was carried out by Western Canada Airways Ltd. (>>Air Canada)Canada
3 March 1951Víctor Inchausti, José Pablo Ramos Bustamante & Enrique Bustamante constituted TAISA (Transportes Aéreo Interiorano SA)Panama
3 March 1973Ryan International Airlines began operations as DeBoer AviationUSA
3 March 1986ANA started scheduled international flights Japan
3 March 2008 Sham Wings Airlines began Lo cost scheduled services out of Damascus International Airport that started (>Cham Wings Airlines)Syria
3 March 2012Ryjet ceased operationsSpain
3 March 2013Chathams Pacific ceased operations, to be replaced by Real TongaTonga
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4 March 1936Rigid airship Hindenburg made its first flightGermany
4 March 1946American Airlines began using the Douglas DC-4 cross country on trips that lasted 13-to-14-hoursUSA
4 March 1970

Loftleidir, Salén, Luxair and private interests found Cargolux

4 March 1972Biman Bangladesh commenced operations as Air BangladeshBangladesh
4 March 1974Young Cargo was formed by Edward Le JeuneBelgium
4 March 2002Ansett (Mark II) permanently ceased operationsAustralia
4 March 2010

The ATR 42-600 pre-series aircraft took to the sky for the first time in Toulouse

4 March 2011Africa World Airlines received its AOCGhana
4 March 2013REALtonga commenced operations taking over services previously operated by Chathams PacificTonga
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5 March 1929LATAM Chile was formed as Línea Aeropostal Santiago-AricaChile
5 March 1937

Imperial Airways opened Hythe flying boat base on Southampton Water for operations of its Empire services

5 March 1958FAST (Fleming Airways System Transport) started operationsPhilippines
5 March 1964 Somali Airlines was founded as the newly independent Somalia's national airlineSomalia
5 March 1981Mountain West Airlines ceased operationsUSA
5 March 1996

The Belarusian Association of Civil Aviation was reconstructed that results in creation of Belavia Belarusian Airlines

5 March 1998AeroUnion was foundedMexico
5 March 1999Southern Air was established out of the assets of Southern Air TransportUSA
5 March 2005Interjet was foundedMexico
5 March 2007Mihin Lanka, formed on 27Oct2006, was awarded its AOCSri Lanka
5 March 2007

BA completed the sale of its UK regional subsidiary carrier BA Connect to Flybe

5 March 2007Air Sofia ceased operations and relocated to Serbia as United International AirlinesBulgaria
5 March 2015SkyWise started daily scheduled operationsSouth Africa
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6 March 1958Pacific Air Lines was renamed from Southwest Airways (>>Delta)USA
6 March 1964 Air Saint-Pierre was established by the Briand familySt Pierre & Miquelon
6 March 1970BEA Airtours started operations (>>Thomas Cook Airlines)UK
6 March 2003Hooters Air began service, operated by Pace AirlinesUSA
6 March 2010 Silver Fly Perak, founded in 2009, started operationsMalaysia
6 March 2012Aeroperlas made its last official scheduled flight from Tocumen Airport to Bocas del Toro, thus ending 41 years of operationPanama
6 March 2016United Airways suspended all operationsBangladesh
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7 March 1932First flight of the Junkers Ju 52/3mGermany
7 March 1939Allegheny Airlines began as All American Aviation Company, providing mail delivery and passenger operations (>American)USA
7 March 1949Aden Airways was foundedSouth Yemen
7 March 1957Antonov An-10 first flightUSSR
7 March 1960PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) wet-leased a B.707 from Pan American airlines, thereby becoming the first Asian airline to induct a jet-aircraft in its fleetPakistan
7 March 1975Yakovlev Yak-42 first flightUSSR
7 March 2007Maestro announced its bankruptcy and closed definitivelyCanada
7 March 2008Globus Airlines, established as the wholly-owned charter arm of S7 Airlines in January 2007, was awarded its own AOCRussia
7 March 2012Direct Aero Service ceased operations, changing its name to Romstrade Logistic ExpresRomania
7 March 2013 Air CEMAC was inaugurated by 6 African states but did not start operationsRepublic of Congo
7 March 2016Southern Airways Express purchased Sun Air Express for an undisclosed amountUSA
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8 March 1919

Lignes Aérienns Latécoère established the first link between Europe and Africa as it extended the route from Toulouse & Barcelona to Casablanca (>Air France)

8 March 1948Air India International was incorporatedIndia
8 March 1974Inauguration of Paris-Charles de Gaulle AirportFrance
8 March 1991Air Europe goes bankrupt, taking Air Europe Express with itUK
8 March 1996

Cebu Pacific Air launched operations as Cebu Air and renamed during the same year

8 March 2002NEOS, established on 22Jun2001, launched revenue servicesItaly
8 March 2005

The B.777-200LR completed its first flight

8 March 2008Big Sky Airline's final scheduled flights arrives in Billings, MTUSA
8 March 2008Flex Linhas Aereas started operationsBrazil
8 March 2010Varsity Express (Oxford) ceased operations after only 1 weekUK
8 March 2011Meelad Air, established in Jordan, received Greek AOCGreece
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9 March 1929

Col. Charles A. Lindbergh inaugurated the first direct mail route to Mexico City

9 March 1989Eastern Air Lines filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protectionUSA
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10 March 1944Loftleiðir was formed (>Icelandair)Iceland
10 March 1945The Polish government recreates the LOT airline, 7 years after the service was suspended for WWIIPoland
10 March 1947Ambica Air Lines started operationsIndia
10 March 1955PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) was formedPakistan
10 March 1965 Douglas Airways was founded as Aerial Tours by D. B. Douglas at Port MoresbyPapua New Guinea
10 March 1967The IL-62 entered full passenger service on the Moscow to Khabarovsk route with AeroflotUSSR
10 March 1973PAL (Philippine Air Lines) was re-designated as the national flag carrier by President MarcosPhilippines
10 March 1993Dlmania Airways was set up by Pervez Damania in 1992 & started operations (>Skyline (NEPC))India
10 March 1997Air Kazakhstan, started from the remnants of Kazakhstan Airways, was renamedKazakhstan
10 March 1999AeroPeru (Empresa de Transporte Aéreo del Perú) ceased operationsPeru
10 March 2004 HK Express was incorporated (>HK Express)Hong Kong
10 March 2006Northwest Airlines bought the operating certificate of Independence Air for $2 million to establish a new regional airline (>Compass Air)USA
10 March 2008Cameroon Airlines ceased operationsCameroon
10 March 2011Air National notifies the NZCAA that it was voluntarily ceasing operations after being suspended on 28Jan2011New Zealand
10 March 2014Rhein-Neckar Air commenced operations with flights between Mannheim City Airport and Berlin Tegel Airport Germany
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11 March 1918The first regular international airmail service began, with Hansa-Brandenburg C.I aircraft linking Vienna, Lviv, Proskurov, and KievAustria
11 March 1935

Avro 652 Avalon was delivered to Imperial Airways

11 March 1955Orient Airways merged into the government's proposed airline, Pakistan International AirlinesPakistan
11 March 1964BEA (British European Airways) operated the DH Trident's first commercial service, standing in for a Comet 4BUK
11 March 1971 Alyemda was established in Aden after nationalizing Brothers Air Service (>>Yemenia)South Yemen
11 March 1973TAMPA Cargo was founded in Medellin (>Avianca Cargo)Colombia
11 March 1977Air Tanzania was established after the breakup of East African AirwaysTanzania
11 March 1991Airtours International launched operations (>Thomas Cook)UK
11 March 1993First flight of the A.321France
11 March 1994Laser launched commercial operations, from Porlamar to MaiquetíaVenezuela
11 March 2005Jetsgo ceased all operations and declares bankruptcy protectionCanada
11 March 2005China's first private airline, Okay Airlines made its maiden revenue flightChina
11 March 2007Jags Aviation began commercial operationsGuyana
11 March 2009

AirAsia X inaugurated its first low-cost and nonstop service between Kuala Lumpur and London

11 March 2013Capital Cargo International Airlines ceased operations and merged into ATI (Air Transport International) USA
11 March 2014Ohana by Hawaiian launched its inaugural turboprop service to MolokaiUSA
11 March 2016 Air Caraïbes Simply was launched to relaunch the inter-island traffic in the CaribbeanGuadeloupe
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12 March 1927Fokker F.VIII (F.8) first flightNetherlands
12 March 1938CAUSA (Compania Aeronautica Uruguaya SA) commenced operationsUruguay
12 March 1979Atlantic Southeast Airlines was founded (>ExpressJet Airlines)USA
12 March 1996Uni Air, formed as Makung Airlines in 1988, was rebranded as Makung International Airways in 1994 & again to UNI AirTaiwan
12 March 1996Florida West International Airways operations startedUSA
12 March 1996Zorex Air Transport, a Barajas, Madrid based carrier, was formedSpain
12 March 2002Riau Airlines was established (started operations Dec2002, ceased in 2011)Indonesia
12 March 2004First flight of the Embraer ERJ-190Brazil
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13 March 1929CLASSA (Campanole de Lineas Subvencionades) was formed (>Iberia)Spain
13 March 1952The Airspeed Ambassador entered service with British European AirwaysUK
13 March 2002Thomas Cook Airlines (Belgium) started operationsBelgium
13 March 2005Air Shenpix was established in 1997, changed its name to Airtransse in Dec2004 and restarted operationsJapan
13 March 2006Inaugural flight of Volaris (Toluca to Tijuana)Mexico
13 March 2008Girjet ceased operationsSpain
13 March 2009MexicanaLink commenced operationsMexico
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14 March 1924Aero O/Y (Finnair) took delivery of its first aircraft, a Junkers F 13 Finland
14 March 1927Pan American Airways was formed to carry airmail on the Key West-Havana route by Air Force Majors “Hap” Arnold, Carl Spaatz and John H. JouettUSA
14 March 1941Air Cargo, Inc. was formed by United, American, TWA and Eastern to deliver freightUSA
14 March 1945Aviateca (Empresa Guatemalteca de Aviación S. A) was formed (>TACA)Guatemala
14 March 1945TAP (Transportes Aereos Portugueses) was foundedPortugal
14 March 1947Saudia started operations as Saudi Arabian AirlinesSaudi Arabia
14 March 1947First flight of the Lockheed L-749 ConstellationUSA
14 March 1961

Inex-Adria Airways was founded as Adria Airways

14 March 2001Atlasjet was established by Oger Holding A.S as Atlas International Airways (>AtlasGlobal)Turkey
14 March 2006Helios Airways was renamed to AjetCyprus
14 March 2007MDLR Airlines, founded 2007, started operationsIndia
14 March 2007Firefly, originally known as Kelas Services, received its AOCMalaysia
14 March 2007FlyLAL Charters was registered as a companyLithuania
14 March 2011Flyme was launchedMaldives
14 March 2014TAR (Transportes Aéreos Regionales) started operationsMexico
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15 March 1938Iranian State Airlines of the Ministry of Post and Telegram scheduled services startedIran
15 March 1939

CSA interrupts activities due to the occupation of Czechoslovakia

15 March 1941Philippine Airlines began service with a Beechcraft Model 18 NPC-54 with flights from Manila to BaguioPhilippines
15 March 1946Kenmore Air operations start as Kenmore Air HarborUSA
15 March 1946Aviateca started operationsGuatemala
15 March 1947 Air Algérie was founded as SACA (Societie Algerienne de Constructions Aeronautiques)Algeria
15 March 1955Lufttransport-Union, was founded on 20Feb1955, started operations(>>airberlin)Germany
15 March 1958Olmedo Alfaro, Raúl Arias Espinosa & Harmodio Arias Jr. founded Aero QuímicaPanama
15 March 1967Air Southwest (>Southwest Airlines) was incorporated by Herb Kelleher and Rollin KingUSA
15 March 1974

The A300B2 received certification from French and German aviation authorities

15 March 1975Air Austral started operations as Reunion Air ServiceReunion
15 March 1976Abu Dhabi Aviation was established & began as a helicopter operatorUAE
15 March 1979Swissair became the first A310 customerSwitzerland
15 March 1992 Tunisair Express operations started as TuninterTunisia
15 March 1993 Omni Air International started operations under the name of Omni Air ExpressUSA
15 March 1996Fokker went into bankruptcyNetherlands
15 March 1996Falcon Air Express, established in 1995, started operationsUSA
15 March 1996Air Memphis operations startedEgypt
15 March 1998Hokkaido Air System operations startJapan
15 March 1999Aero VIP was establishedArgentina
15 March 2002IRS Airlines operations startedNigeria
15 March 2005Siberia Airlines was rebranded as S7 AirlinesRussia
15 March 2009East Star Airlines ceased flights & was declared bankrupt on this dateChina
15 March 2011Sabang Merauke Raya Air Charter (SMAC) ceased operationsIndonesia
15 March 2013Airphil Express was renamed back to PAL ExpressPhilippines
15 March 2014Asian Airs' inaugural flightThailand
15 March 2016AzalJet was founded by Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL)Azerbaijan
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16 March 1926Armstrong Whitworth Argosy first flightUK
16 March 1947Saudi Arabian Airlines (>Saudia) began regular international servicesSaudi Arabia
16 March 1947Convair CV-240 first flightUSA
16 March 1954Kuwait Airways started operations as Kuwait National AirwaysKuwait
16 March 1956Sadia SA Transportes Aereos first regular flight was operated (>TansBrasil)Brazil
16 March 1958TACV, founded in 1958, started operationsCape Verde Islands
16 March 1958Air Inter operated its first flight (>Air France)France
16 March 1960KLM opens its first intercontinental jet service, by DC-8 from Amsterdam to New YorkNetherlands
16 March 1964Air Congo was renamed to Air Congo (Brazzaville) (>Lina Congo)Republic of Congo
16 March 2003Flying Finn Airlines, established in Dec2002, started operationsFinland
16 March 2006The New Kitakyushu Airport openedJapan
16 March 2006StarFlyer, founded as Kobe Airlines on 17Dec2002, changed its name & started operationsJapan
16 March 2006Compass Airlines, formed as Northwest Airlines Cargo, was renamedUSA
16 March 2007Tiger Airways Australia was established in DarwinAustralia
16 March 2011Wataniya Airways ceased all its operations because of financial difficultiesKuwait
16 March 2012REDjet operations ceasedBarbados
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17 March 1923

Open joint stock Dobrolet (The Russian Society for Voluntary Air Fleet) was established

17 March 1967Air Burkina was established under the name of Air VoltaUpper Volta
17 March 1996 Táxi Aéreo Fortaleza) was renamed to TAF Linhas Aéreas.Brazil
17 March 2011Operations by Afriqiyah Airways are terminated due to the Libyan civil warLibya
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18 March 1918The first Norwegian airline, DNL (Det Norske Luftfartrederi) was foundedNorway
18 March 1962The Convair CV-990 entered service with American AirlinesUSA
18 March 1963 LAP was officially founded by the government through the Decree Nr.337 (>LATAM Paraguay)Paraguay
18 March 1970 Tropair, founded on 28Mar1965. was renamed to Safair FreightersSouth Africa
18 March 2003Air Armenia started operationsArmenia
18 March 2008Adam Air ceased operationsIndonesia
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19 March 1921Handley Page Transport operated the first subsidised London to Paris serviceUK
19 March 1932Flinders Island Airways began regular aerial serviceAustralia
19 March 1969The first scheduled jet air service inside the Arctic Circle began as Nordair inaugurated a weekly return service between Montreal, and Resolution Bay, Cornwallis IslandCanada
19 March 2001Canadian Airlines International merged into Air CanadaCanada
19 March 2001CMTA (Compagnie Mauritanienne de Transports Aerien) was launchedMauritania
19 March 2010Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines, formed on 09ct1990, had its AOC was suspendedPhilippines
19 March 2014Aer Arann announced that it would be changing its corporate name to Stobart Air by the end of 2014Ireland
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20 March 1919

CGEA (Compagnie des Grands Express Aériens) was formed (>Air France)

20 March 1924

Aero O/Y (>Finnair) made its maiden commercial flight carrying 162 kilos of mail from Helsinki to Tallinn

20 March 1932Luftschiffbau Zeppelin began regular trans-Atlantic services between Germany and Brazil, using the Graf ZeppelinGermany
20 March 1940Boeing delivered Pan American Airways its first Model 307 StratolinersUSA
20 March 1965Invicta International Airlines first revenue earning flight took placeUK
20 March 1970 Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter was established (>KF Cargo)Canada
20 March 1991Daallo Airlines, formed in 1991, started operationsDjibouti
20 March 1998 Air Provence Charter ceased operations before renaming to Virgin Express (France)France
20 March 2002

bmibaby launched operations with a flight between East Midlands and Malaga

20 March 2008Aloha Airlines filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protectionUSA
20 March 2011Tunisair Express, formed as Tuninter, was renamed from SevenAirTunisia
20 March 2011First flight of the B.747-8IUSA
20 March 2014Florida Express Jet intended to begin operations but never startedUSA
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21 March 1927Honolulu International Airport, one of the oldest airports in the United States, was dedicated as John Rodgers AirportUSA
21 March 1934

Railway Air Services Ltd. (RAS) was registered. Formed by the four mainline railways and Imperial Airways

21 March 1935DELAG (Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft) merged into Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei (DZR)Germany
21 March 1990 Nouvelair Tunisie started operations as Air Liberte TunisieTunisia
21 March 1991Avial Aircompany was incorporated (>AVIAL NV,)Russia
21 March 1992Pacific Island Aviation moved to commuter airline status & started operationsMarianas Islands
21 March 2003Hawaiian Airlines filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, with operations still continuingUSA
21 March 2011Tabarak Aviation, created in Nov2010, started operations with a wet-leased  B.737-800Jordan
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22 March 1919The first regular international commercial route opened between Paris and Brussels, flown by an F.60 Goliath from Farman Airlines (Lignes Aeriennes Farman)France
22 March 1921Aeronaut was foundedUSSR
22 March 2011Velvet Sky operations began operationsSouth Africa
22 March 2012Corse Air announced it would be changing its name to Corsair International France
22 March 2013Air Manas was renamed to & had its first flight under the brand name Pegasus Asia. Renamed back to Air ManasKyrgyzstan
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23 March 1922

British Marine Air Navigation Company (BMAN) was formed (>BA)

23 March 1958Flight of the first Fokker F27 Mk 100. To be delivered to Aer Lingus in Nov1958Netherlands
23 March 1989EasyJet Switzerland, founded in 1988 as TEA Basel, started operationsSwitzerland
23 March 1998Braathens SAFE changed its name and corporate identity to BraathensNorway
23 March 2000

Amakusa Airlines, founded on 09Oct1998, launched services from Amakusa to Fukuoka and Kumamoto

23 March 2012Pan Am World Airways Dominicana was renamed to PAWA DominicaDominican Republic
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24 March 1942Quebec Airways became part of the CPA family (>Air Canada)Canada
24 March 1947Reeve Aleutian Airways was incorporated. Ceased operations on 05Dec2000USA
24 March 1950

Gulf Aviation was registered as a private shareholding company (>Gulf Air)

24 March 1995 Chukotavia was formed by the merger of Anadyr Air Enterprise & Chaunski Air Enterprise.Russia
24 March 1999Kiwi International Air Lines ceased operationsUSA
24 March 2006Styrian Spirit ceased operationsAustria
24 March 2007Air Adriatic ceased operationsCroatia
24 March 2007BA Connect ceased operationsUK
24 March 2010Highland Airways was placed into voluntary administration, and all flights cancelledUK
24 March 2012 flyCongo resumed domestic services after being renamed from Hewa Bora Airways (>Fly CAA)DR Congo
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25 March 1932Aeroflot was officially adopted for the entire Soviet Civil Air Fleet. Renamed from DobroletUSSR
25 March 1946The official opening ceremony of London Heathrow Airport was performed by Lord Winster, the Minister of AviationUK
25 March 1964 Domodedovo Airlines operated its first revenue service as Domodedovo United Air DetachmentUSSR
25 March 1971First flight of the Ilyushin Il-76 USSR
25 March 1985Emirates Airlines was established by the Dubai governmentUAE
25 March 1992 Azur Air Ukraine, formed on 07Feb1967 as Tyumen Civil Aviation Division, was re-established as TyumenaviatransUkraine
25 March 1992EuroCypria Airlines was foundedCyprus
25 March 1994Aerosvit Airlines was founded as Aerosweet AirlinesUkraine
25 March 1994

SA Express was granted a license to operate domestically

South Africa
25 March 2001Bluebird Cargo operations startedIceland
25 March 2002Intersky Aviation, formed in Nov2001, began operationsAustria
25 March 2007BA Cityflyer, having received its air operator’s certificate on 08Feb2007, started operationsUK
25 March 2007Brussels Airlines, created by the merger of SN Brussels Airlines (SNBA) and Virgin Express, began operationsBelgium
25 March 2008ASA (African Safari Airlines) ceased operationsKenya
25 March 2012Jetlite was merged into Jet Airways' inhouse low cost brand JetKonnectIndia
25 March 2012Iberia Express commenced operationsSpain
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26 March 1922de Havilland DH.34 first flight UK
26 March 1928SAM (Societal Aerea Mediterranea) was foundedItaly
26 March 1931Swissair was formed by the merger of Ad Astra Aero and Balair (+>Crossair)Switzerland
26 March 1934Short Scylla first flightUK
26 March 1939The Boeing 314’s (Clipper) first trial flight across the mid-Atlantic occursUSA
26 March 1940First flight of the Curtiss C-46 CommandoUSA
26 March 1946Braathens S.A.F.E was founded by Ludvig G. Braathen (>SAS)Norway
26 March 1971CASA C-212 Aviocar first flightSpain
26 March 1989Binter Canarias, established on 18Feb1988, started operationsSpain
26 March 1989Austrian Airlines began international flights for the first time in almost two decades on a flight from Vienna to New York’s JFKAustria
26 March 1992First flight of the Saab 2000Sweden
26 March 1996Pace Airlines was founded after approval from the FAA and the US Dept. of TransportationUSA
26 March 2003 Lao Airlines was rebranded from Lao AviationLaos
26 March 2007Azteca Airlines (Lineas Aereas Azteca) ceased operationsMexico
26 March 2008

The world’s largest airport terminal, Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 3

26 March 2009

The Management Board of LOT Polish Airlines took the decision to close its subsidiary, Centralwings

26 March 2015HolidayJet launched services with a flight to AntalyaSwitzerland
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27 March 1920The last commercial flights took place at Hounslow Heath Aerodrome, and AT&T moved its operations to Croydon AirportUK
27 March 1924ABA was formed at Stockholm by Adrian and Carl Florman (>SAS)Sweden
27 March 1926Clifford A. Ball, a McKeesport, Pennsylvania, automobile dealer and owner of a controlling interest in Bettis Field near Pittsburgh, won airmail contract route No. 11USA
21 March 1927Honolulu International Airport is one of the oldest airports in the United States.  It was dedicated as John Rodgers AirportUSA
27 March 1952United was the launch customer for the CV.340, taking its first aircraftUSA
27 March 1970Concorde made its first supersonic flightUK
27 March 1975First flight of the de Havilland Canada Dash 7, piloted by Bob FowlerCanada
27 March 1995Aero Zambia started operationsZambia
27 March 2000JMC Airlines, launched on 01Sep1999 by merger of Flying Colours & Caledonian Airways, started operations (>Thomas Cook Airlines)UK
27 March 2001

Athens International Airport Inauguration by the Prime Minister, C. Simitis

27 March 2002Air Canada launched Jazz after renaming it from Air Canada Regional (>Air Canada Express)Canada
27 March 2005Germania Express merged into dba Germany
27 March 2007Koral Blue, formed by Tunisia's Karthago Airlines in Jan2006, started operationsEgypt
27 March 2008 Azul (Azul Linhas Aéreas) was founded by David NeelemanBrazil
27 March 2008London Heathrow's state-of-the-art Terminal 5 openedUK
27 March 2011People's Vienna Line had its maiden flightAustria
27 March 2013Midsea Express having ceased operations in Apr2012 to be rebranded as Fil-Asian Airways, made its first commercial flightPhilippines
27 March 2014World Airways, having started operations on 15May1948, ceasedUSA
27 March 2016TAP Express, incorporated on 25Jul1988 & first flight on 07Jul1990 as PGA (Portugalia Airlines), was renamedPortugal
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28 March 1920London’s airport was moved from Hounslow Heath to the much larger and better equipped airfield of Croydon AerodromeUK
28 March 1931UATC formed the corporation United Air Lines, Inc. to manage its airline subsidiariesUSA
28 March 1941NAB (Navegacao Aerea Brasileira) inaugurated servicesBrazil
28 March 1947A dual ceremony, the first two Douglas DC-6 commercial airliners are delivered to American Airlines and United Air LinesUSA
28 March 1952Convair CV-340 entered service with United Air LinesUSA
28 March 1961Air Afrique was formedIvory Coast
28 March 1965Tropair was founded (>Safair)South Africa
28 March 1980Orion began operations with three B.737-200s (>Thomson Airways)UK
28 March 1980First flight of the British Aerospace JetstreamUK
28 March 1981Dornier Do 228-100 first flightGermany
28 March 1988

Air France, launch customer for the A.320 took delivery of the first aircraft

28 March 1988Atlantic Airways first flight from its base on the island of Vágar, to CopenhagenFaroe Islands
28 March 1992

Chosonminhang was renamed Air Koryo by the decision of the Government

North Korea
28 March 1999Air A!ps started operations as KLM alpsSwitzerland
28 March 2001Swisswings started operationsSwitzerland
28 March 2001 Hong Kong Airlines was founded & started operations as CR Airways Hong Kong
28 March 2002 BA Connect was formed as CitiExpressUK
28 March 2005Chicago Express Airlines, also known as ATA Connection, ceased operationsUSA
28 March 2006 Rose Air was formed as Air BrightBulgaria
28 March 2007GOL announces acquisition of VarigBrazil
28 March 2008CATA Linea Aerea bankruptcy was formally declaredArgentina
28 March 2010Viva Macau had its AOC revoked after it started cancelling its flights due to an inability to pay for fuelMacau
28 March 2010Aer Lingus Regional, founded on 26Jan2010, commenced operationsIreland
28 March 2010Air One Smart Carrier became a separate brand from Alitalia, being relaunched by Alitalia as a “smart carrier"Italy
28 March 2010PAL Express rebranded itself as Airphil ExpressPhilippines
28 March 2011Camair-Co officially started operationsCameroon
28 March 2013AirAsia India was formedIndia
28 March 2014Veca Airlines was foundedEl Salvador
28 March 2016 AzalJet, founded on 15Mar2016 by Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL), commenced operationsAzerbaijan
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29 March 1946

An agreement was signed under which Maszovlet, the Hungarian-Soviet Civil Air Transport Joint Stock Company and the legal predecessor of Malev, was established

29 March 1948 World Airways was founded by Benjamin PepperUSA
29 March 1951Flight Safety Inc. began operations at the Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia Airport, New York with just one secretary and rented late night hours on a Link trainer simulatorUSA
29 March 1956Deutsche Flugdienst scheduled flight operations were launched with a pilgrimage flight to Israel (>>Condor)Germany
29 March 1963

Alisarda was set up by Prince Karim al-Hussayn Aga (>Meridiana)

29 March 1960Tupolev Tu-124 first flightUSSR
29 March 1971Air Fiji, having started as Air Pacific on 10Jul1967, was renamed to Fiji AirFiji
29 March 1971

Air Southwest changed its name to Southwest Airlines

29 March 1981British Airways made its last Vickers VC10 flightUK
29 March 1988Spantax ceased all operations, leaving some 7,000 passengers around Europe strandedSpain
29 March 1990First flight of IL-114 regional aircraftUSSR
29 March 1998Crossair Europe started scheduled services to points in Italy and FranceFrance
29 March 1999Dalavia, founded as Khabarovsk Aviation Enterprises in 1953, was renamedRussia
29 March 2001Incheon Airport officially openedSouth Korea
29 March 2001

Athens International Airport was in full operations as of 06:00 hrs.

29 March 2006Northwest reported that Independence Air would be renamed Compass AirlinesUSA
29 March 2008JoyAir was established as Happy AirChina
29 March 2008GB Airways merged into easyJetUK
29 March 2009BoA (Boliviana de Aviació)s' inaugural flightBolivia
29 March 2013

Armavia filed for bankruptcy

29 March 2013Arkefly ceased operations (>TUIfly (Netherlands))Netherlands
29 March 2015ES-Air ceased operations after only starting on 02Mar2015Denmark
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30 March 1934Sikorsky S-42, the Flying Clipper, first flightUSA
30 March 1970

Lufthansa became the first European airline to receive the B.747

30 March 1973

The first flight of Hapag-Lloyd. A B.727-100 took off from Hamburg bound for Ibiza with 124 passengers on board

30 March 1994NEPC Airlines started operationsIndia
30 March 2003Arctic Air, a Kautokeino, Alta based airline, had its last scheduled flightNorway
30 March 2004 Conviasa was formed as the successor to Viasa by Presidential DecreeVenezuela
30 March 2008Freedom Air ceased operationsNew Zealand
30 March 2008AirClass Airways ceased operationsSpain
30 March 2008MyTravel Airways was fully integrated into Thomas Cook UK
30 March 2012Kirov Air Enterprise, having started operations in 1992,  ceasedRussia
30 March 2013

Armavia ceased operations

30 March 2014Up, founded by its parent El Al, commenced operationsIsrael
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31 March 1918Austria initiated the first regularly scheduled airmail service in the midst of World War IAustria
31 March 1919

SNETA (Syndicat National d’ Etude du Transport Aérienne) was founded (>Sabena)

31 March 1924Imperial Airways Limited was formedUK
31 March 1930

United Aircraft and Transport Corp. (UATC) acquired NAT (National Air Transport) (>United)

31 March 1931PATCO (Philippine Aerial Transport Co.) started non scheduled operationsPhilippines
31 March 1933Martz Air Lines, formed as Frank Martz Coach Co., Air Lines Division, finally amalgamated into American AirlinesUSA
31 March 1937

Deruluft (Deutsch-Russische Luftverkehrs) ceased operations

31 March 1950Garuda Indonesia, founded in 1949, started operationsIndonesia
31 March 1952

Avio Linee Italiane S.A. (ALI) was absorbed by LAI (Linee Aeree Italiane)(>Alitalia)

31 March 1958Austrian Airlines began to operate scheduled servicesAustria
31 March 1959BOAC commenced its first scheduled around-the-world serviceUK
31 March 1973

Air Malta was set up by a Resolution of Malta’s House of Representatives and registered as a limited liability company

31 March 1974

BOAC and BEA are dissolved upon the formation of British Airways

31 March 1981Islena Regional Airlines operations startedHonduras
31 March 1989The Canadian Transportation Agency approved the sale of Wardair to Canadian Airlines International (>Air Canada)Canada
31 March 1990 Maersk Commuter ceased operations and was incorporated into Maersk Air's regular operations (>Sterling)Denmark
31 March 1991NLM Cityhopper & NetherLines merged to create KLM CityhopperNetherlands
31 March 2002Swiss began operations, taking over many routes from bankrupt SwissairSwitzerland
31 March 2003US Airways emerged from bankruptcyUSA
31 March 2003The new Air Tanzania, restructured in Dec2002, commenced operationsTanzania
31 March 2003JMC Airlines was renamed to Thomas Cook AirlinesUK
31 March 2004Thomsonfly began scheduled operations with B.737-500 aircraft (>Thomson Airways)UK
31 March 2007LAB (Lloyd Aereo Boliviano) ceased operationsBolivia
31 March 2008Aloha Airlines ceased operationsUSA
31 March 2008

Japan Asia Airways flew its last flight, from Taipei to Nagoya (Chubu), concluding 32 years of operations. Merged into JAL

31 March 2010EAT Leipzig was awarded its air operator’s certificate (AOC)Germany
31 March 2012Livingston’s first flight took off from Milan Malpensa destined for Marsa AlamItaly
31 March 2013Georgia Skies (Pacific Wings Airlines) ceased operationsUSA
31 March 2013Executive Airlines (dba American Eagle) conducted its last flightsPuerto Rico
31 March 2013Air Mantra all operations were suspended due to poor bookings, and the company was subsequently liquidatedIndia
31 March 2013Brit Air, Airlinair and Regional merged to form Hop!France
31 March 2014go! ended operationsUSA
31 March 2015AtlasGlobal was renamed from AtlasjetTurkey
31 March 2015Austrian arrows, having started operations on 16Sep2003, ceasedAustria
31 March 2015Eurolot carries out its last flight (from Zurich to Cracow) Poland
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