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Air Costa ( LEPL Projects Limited)  updated (x2)

2013 - 2017


^ Comments : Air Costa was founded in 2012 & Air Costa received its Air Operators Permit (AOP) from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in Sep2013. Its first flight was on 15Oct2013. It temporarily suspended all flight operations on 28Feb2017 citing financial issues with GECAS. It had its AOC suspended in Jun2017 & if the airline does not commence flights within the next two months, it risks the complete cancellation of its AOC

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Air Pegasus  updated

2015 - 2016


^ Comments : Air Pegasus started operations on 12Apr2015. Temporarily suspended flights with effect from 26Jul2016. Intended to resume scheduled passenger flights by 15Nov2016. AOC suspended on 22Nov2016. Air Pegasus was a regional Low Cost Carrier, only operating in South India, connecting Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Tiruchchirappalli, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Hyderabad, Hubli, Mangalore and Goa sectors. Air Pegasus intends to resume operations in mid-2017

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BoraJet  updated

2010 - 2017


^ Comments : BoraJet was formed in 2008 as Bora Jet Exclusive Charter & started operations on 07May2010. Initially linked 11 destinations with a fleet of four ATR72-500s. On 24Apr2017, the company announced that they will temporarily suspend their operations and 30,000 existing flight reservations would be transferred to Turkish Airlines. The reason for this suspension was declared by BoraJet as restructuring process to prepare itself for Istanbul’s new airport

^ Genealogy : Bora Jet Exclusive Charter >BoraJet

City Airways  updated

2012 - 2014


^ Comments : City Airways was established in 2011 & operations started 01Oct2012. Ceased operations in 2014 but intends to restart

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CiTylinK Airlines  updated

2003 - 2012


^ Comments : CiTylinK was formed in 1994 & scheduled domestic flights were introduced on 18Sep2003 as CiTylinK Airlines. Suspended operations on 12Aug2012. Intends to restart in 2017 after a 5 year break

^ Genealogy : CiTylinK Airlines >CTK CiTylinK

Denim Air  updated

1996 - 2016


^ Comments : Denim Air was established in 1996 and started operations on 26Apr1996. Its operations licence was revoked on 24Nov2016. Hoped to restart in 2017

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ECAir (Equatorial Congo Airlines)  updated

2011 - 2016


^ Comments : ECAir was created with the support of the Congolese Government in 2011. Operations started on 24Sep2011. Forced to suspend all operations after ASECNA withdrew its services on 10Oct2016, Has stated its intention to resume in 2017

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Gorkha Airlines  updated

1996 - 2014


^ Comments : Gorkha Airlines was formed in 1996 offering scheduled and charter flights around Nepal. Ceased operations in 2014. Gorkha Airlines (Kathmandu) is planning to resume operations five years after it formally terminated all operations

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Jupiter Airlines  updated

1996* - 2016*


^ Comments :  

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Kabo Air  updated

1981 - 2017*


^ Comments : Kabo Air was established in Feb1980 by Dr. Alhaji Muhammadu Adamu Dankabo and started operations on 15Apr1981. Appears to have suspended operations due to tax problems but hopes to restart

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Kan Air (Kannithi Aviation)  updated

2010 - 2017


^ Comments : Kannithi Aviation Co. Ltd, operating as Kan Air, was founded in 2010. It is a domestic airline & operates charter and scheduled services throughout northern part of the country and it announced the plans of expanding its operations into southern regions as well as to Bangkok. At the moment its main base is Chiang Mai International airport, Chiang Mai. Kan Air has ceased all operations as of 12Apr2017 after being forced to ground its aircraft due to technical difficulties

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Nextjet Canada   

2016 - date


^ Comments : Nextjet Canada is a virtual carrier offering scheduled flights from Montréal Trudeau to Kitchener and Gatineau. Commenced revenue operations on 02May2016, ceased in Jul2016 but hopes to restart

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Orange Air  updated

2014 - 2017


^ Comments : Orange Air was founded on 01Apr2011 & commenced operations out of Sanford International Airport on 10Jun2014. Ceased operations on 28Apr2017 but hopes to restart

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Pioneer Regional Airlines  added

2016 - 2017


^ Comments : Aeroservis Makhachkala was a passenger charter carrier that was rebranded to Pioneer Regional Airlines. It's AOC was revoked in early 2017 but it hopes to restart

^ Genealogy : Aeroservis Makhachkala >Pioneer Regional Airlines

Transaero Airlines  updated

1991 - 2015


^ Comments : Transaero Airlines first charter service was Moscow to Tel Aviv on 05Nov1991. Declared bankruptcy & ceased operations on 25Oct2015. Hoping to restart

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Veca Airlines  updated

2014 - 2017


^ Comments : Veca Airlines was founded on 28Mar2014 & commenced operations on 28Nov2014 with charter flights from San Salvador Int'l to San José Juan Santamaría and Panamá City. National flag carrier. Suspended operations in Jan2017 for 3 months for restructuring

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Vision Airlines  updated

1995* - 2017


^ Comments : Vision Airlines launched as a Las Vegas based sightseeing services that was originally called Vision Air. Founded by William and Steve Acor to operate air tours over the Grand Canyon with a single light aircraft. Launched scheduled domestic services on 13Dec2010. AOC was revoked in Mar2017 but it hopes to restart

^ Genealogy : Vision Air >Vision Airlines

Wataniya Airways (Kuwait National Airlines)  updated (x2)

2009 - 2011


^ Comments : Wataniya Airways was formed in 2006 & received its AOC on 07Jul2008. Started operations on 24Jan2009. Ceased on 16Mar2011 but is hoping to restart in 2Q2017. Now completed certification again

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Western Air Express Texas   

2004* - 2016


^ Comments : Western Air Express Texas was suspended by the FAA in Sep2016 but intends to restart

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