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Actividades Aéreas Chiricanas

1946* - 1947*PanamaStatus?

^ Comments : Actividades Aéreas Chiricanas was founded on 27Feb1946

^ Genealogy :  

Adastra Aviation

1966* - 1971New_ZealandRenamed

^ Comments : Adastra Aviation was a well-established aerial topdressing operator based in Tauranga. In 1966 the company won rights to operate a non-scheduled air service from Tauranga. Adastra’s services linked Tauranga with Auckland from 1 June 1966 until Thursday 17 August 1967. Adastra Aviation was taken over by James Aviation in 1971

^ Genealogy : Adastra Aviation >>James Aviation

Aelis Air Service

2008* - 2008*FranceInactive

^ Comments : Aelis Air Service was a passenger charter carriet based at Nantes Atlantique (NTE)

^ Genealogy :  

Aero Cambodia

2011* - dateCambodiaActive

^ Comments : Aero Cambodia operates passenger charter services out of Phnom Penh Pochentong International (PNH)

^ Genealogy :  

Aero Química

1958* - 1959*PanamaStatus?

^ Comments : Olmedo Alfaro, Raúl Arias Espinosa and Harmodio Arias Jr. founded Aero Química on 15Mar1958

^ Genealogy :  

Aero Taxi Internacional SA

1990* - 1991*PanamaStatus?

^ Comments : Aero Taxi Internacional SA was founded on 21Jul1990 & its directors were: George F. Novey III, Carlos Díaz Jaén, Beatriz De Roux and Eduardo Stagg

^ Genealogy :  


2007 - 2007NigerInactive

^ Comments : Aeroexpress was founded in 2007, started & ceased operations in the same year

^ Genealogy :  

Aeronaves del Centro

1973* - 1973*MexicoStatus?

^ Comments : Aeronaves del Centro operated third level services from Mexico City to four other centres

^ Genealogy :  

Aeronaves del Este

1973* - 1973*MexicoStatus?

^ Comments : Aeronaves del Este operated third level services from Mexico City to four other centres

^ Genealogy :  

Aeronaves del Maya

1973* - 1973*MexicoStatus?

^ Comments : Aeronaves del Maya operated third level services with Twin Otters from Merida to Isla Mujeres and Cozumel in the Yucatan in association with Aeronaves de Mexico

^ Genealogy :  

Aeronaves del Norte

1973* - 1973*MexicoStatus?

^ Comments : Aeronaves del Norte operated services thrice-weekly in Lower California

^ Genealogy :  

Aeronaves del Oeste

1973* - 1973*MexicoStatus?

^ Comments : Aeronaves del Oeste operated a third-level network

^ Genealogy :  

Aeronaves del Sur

1973* - 1973*MexicoStatus?

^ Comments : Aeronaves del Sur operated feeder services radiating from Mexico City to seven other points

^ Genealogy :  


1961 - 1992*MexicoStatus?

^ Comments : Aeroservicio started operating in central Mexico in 1961 and has a controlling interest in Lineas Aereas de la Sierra

^ Genealogy :  

Aerovías Nacionales

1932 - 1941PanamaInactive

^ Comments : In 1932 Captain Enrique Malek, considered the father of commercial aviation, founded the first airline Aerovías Nacionales

^ Genealogy :  

AGSA (Aviación General SA)

1949* - 1950*PanamaStatus?

^ Comments : AGSA (Aviación General SA) was founded on 11Sep1949

^ Genealogy :  

Air Cal

1973* - 1973*New_CaledoniaStatus?

^ Comments : Air Cal, not to be confused with the Noumea-based Air Caledonie, operated in New Caledonia around 1973

^ Genealogy :  

Air Charter Timaru

1979 - 1980*New_ZealandRenamed

^ Comments : [Air Timaru began operations in 1979 when it traded as Air Charter Timaru. On 15Oct1980 the ASLA granted Air Timaru a licence for non-scheduled services between Timaru and Wellington and Timaru and Invercargill and charter services from Timaru. On the 17Dec1987, Air Timaru was sold to Tekapo-based Air Safaris and Services (NZ). Air Safaris initially operated Air Timaru exactly as it was in the past with the same aircraft and operations personnel, but with the hope that Air Safaris ownership would stimulate extra work]

^ Genealogy : Air Charter Timaru >Air Timaru >>Air Safaris & Services

Air Comores

1950* - 1963Comoro_RepublicRenamed

^ Comments : Air Comores was formed in the 1950 by Yves Lebret in Moroni , in the Comoros archipelago. In 1963 Air Comores SARL became Air Comores SA , owned equally by Air France and the Comorian government. Nationalized in 1974 by President Ahmed Abdallah , the company then became Air Comores-National Air Transport Corporation on 01Mar1975. In addition to the islands of the archipelago, it served the departure of Moroni from Dar es Salaam

^ Genealogy :  

Air Siem Reap

2017 >CambodiaPlanned

^ Comments : Air Siem Reap has applied to provide passenger services out of Siem Reap Angkor International (REP)

^ Genealogy :  

Air Tetiaroa

2014* - dateFrench_PolynesiaActive

^ Comments : Air Tetiaroa was formed in 2014 & operates passenger charter flights between Papeete, Tahiti and Onetahi, located in the Tetiaroa Atoll, 60 kilometres north of Papeete. The atoll is the site of The Brando Resort; an homage to Marlon Brando

^ Genealogy :  

Air Timaru

1980* - 1988*New_ZealandRenamed

^ Comments : Air Timaru began operations in 1979 when it traded as Air Charter Timaru. On 15Oct1980 the ASLA granted Air Timaru a licence for non-scheduled services between Timaru and Wellington and Timaru and Invercargill and charter services from Timaru. On the 17Dec1987, Air Timaru was sold to Tekapo-based Air Safaris and Services (NZ). Air Safaris initially operated Air Timaru exactly as it was in the past with the same aircraft and operations personnel, but with the hope that Air Safaris ownership would stimulate extra work

^ Genealogy : Air Charter Timaru >Air Timaru >>Air Safaris & Services

Air Transport Gelabert

1933* - 1941PanamaInactive

^ Comments : Gelabert in 1933, founded Air Transport Gelabert, which flew until Dec1941, when all national flights were canceled for safety Of the Panama Canal

^ Genealogy :  

Air Xiya

2014* - dateChinaActive

^ Comments : Air Xiya is a general aviation and helicopter business, was launched by RIFA back in 2014 based at Beijing Capital (PEK). Offers a variety of services ranging from charter flights, agricultural spraying flights and air tours

^ Genealogy :  

Alas del Sur

2017 >ArgentinaPlanned

^ Comments : Alas del Sur is a planned scheduled carrier basd at Córdoba Ingeniero Aeronáutico Ambrosio L.V. Taravella International (COR)

^ Genealogy :  

Aotearoa Airlines

1997 - 1997New_ZealandInactive

^ Comments : Steve Stanaway and his wife Donna established Aotearoa Airlines in early 1997 & services between Gisborne and Hamilton began on the 10Feb1997

^ Genealogy :  

Arctic Airways

2017 >DenmarkPlanned

^ Comments : Arctic Airways is a planned carrier out of Aalborg (AAL)

^ Genealogy :  

Avdef ( Aviation Défense Service)

2015* - dateFranceActive

^ Comments : Avdef is a passenger charter carrier based at Nîmes Garons (FNI)

^ Genealogy :  

Bay of Plenty Airways

1958* -1961New_ZealandInactive

^ Comments :  

^ Genealogy :  

Bharat Airways

1995* - 1999IndiaInactive

^ Comments : Bharat Airways was a Mumbai based carrier

^ Genealogy :  

British Guiana Air Transport Company

1927 - 1928British_GuianaInactive

^ Comments : On 09Sep1927 the British Guiana Air Transport Company was formed. Its objective was to secure government's assistance to provide charter flights to the interior. The investment was in vain, as poor public response resulted in the premature closure of the company. On 03Mar1928 The Fairey Nicholl was dismantled and shipped to the United Kingdom

^ Genealogy :  

Calafia Airlines

2016 - dateMexicoActive

^ Comments : Calafia Airlines is a regional airline that was founded in 1993, based in the Cabo San Lucas International Airfield. It was formerly named Aéreo Calafia till mid 2016

^ Genealogy : Aéreo Calafia >Calafia Airlines

Caucasus Aeroservice

2010* - dateGeorgiaActive

^ Comments : Caucasus Aeroservice is a passenger charter based at Tbilisi Lochini (TBS)

^ Genealogy :  

Chabahar Air

2008* - 2012*IranInactive

^ Comments : Chabahar Air operated 2008* - 2012* but unsure if connected to earlier airline of same name

^ Genealogy :  

Chiricana de Aviación

1944* - 1945*PanamaStatus?

^ Comments : Chiricana de Aviación was founded on 22Jan1944 & was authorized to fly between David and Puerto Armuelles with a Fairchild 24. Then they flew from David to La Chorrera using Avro Anson

^ Genealogy :  

Comlux Middle East

2010* - dateBahrainActive

^ Comments : Comlux Middle East is a business & private charter carrier out of Bahrain Muharraq International (BAH)

^ Genealogy :  

Commodore Airlines

1979* - 1985*AustraliaInactive

^ Comments : Commodore Airlines was established in 1979 to operate Reg. 203 supplemental airline services between Adelaide and Port Lincoln, Whyalla, Kingscote, Mt Gambier and Broken Hill

^ Genealogy :  

Compañía de Aviación y Turismo SA

1954* - 1955*PanamaStatus?

^ Comments : Compañía de Aviación y Turismo SA was formed on 09Sep1954. Manuel Spigel and Hermes Carrizo organised the Aviation and Tourism Company SA with two new aircraft HP-187 and 188 Stinson Station Wagon 108-E to operate to all the places of the Republic where there are airstrips

^ Genealogy :  

Damascene Airways

2006* - 2007SyriaInactive

^ Comments : Damascene Airways was a passenger charter services out of Damascus (DAM)

^ Genealogy :  


2017 >IndiaPlanned

^ Comments : Easyair is a planned scheduled carrier rebranded from Premier Airways (2014-2015). Based at Chennai Meenambakkam (MAA)

^ Genealogy :  

ELK Airways (ELK Lennuliinid)

1994* - 2001EstoniaRenamed

^ Comments : Elk Airways was established on 23Oct1991 & started operations on 15Jan1992 as ELK Airways (ELK Lennuliinid). Regional scheduled airline operating out of Talinn

^ Genealogy :  

Equaflight Niger

2013* - 2013*NigerInactive

^ Comments :  

^ Genealogy :  


2017 >South_KoreaPlanned

^ Comments : FlyYangYang is a proposed scheduled Carrier based at Yangyang International (YNY)

^ Genealogy :  

Heli Champagne Arden

1993* - 2005*FranceStatus?

^ Comments : Heli Champagne Arden was helicopter arm of Champagne Airlines that was created in 1993

^ Genealogy :  

Heli Securité Helicopter Airline

1992* - dateFranceActive

^ Comments : Heli Securité Helicopter Airline was founded in 1992 by Dominique Romet

^ Genealogy :  

Isthmian Airways

1929 - 1936PanamaInactive

^ Comments : Isthmian Airways was founded in 1929 by owner Ralph E. Sexton and forced to close in 1936 on 01July1936, the Canal Zone Government cancelled Sexton's contract and Isthmian Airways. During its short life, it operated with two civilian pilots and augmented its fliers with moonlighting military pilots serving in the Panama Canal Zone. The line operated with three flights a day each way; morning, noon and evening. However, when tourist demand was high, more flights were added. Mr. Sexton was proud to boast that his airline never had an accident while carrying passengers

^ Genealogy :  


2017 >ChilePlanned

^ Comments : JetSMART is a proposed carrier out of (Santiago de Chile Int'l) financed through US low-cost carrier investment specialists Indigo Partners LLC

^ Genealogy :  

Kasper Aviation

2015 - 2016CanadaInactive

^ Comments : Kasper Aviation was awarded a certificate for domestic operations in Feb2015, and an international license in Apr2015. It is a passenger charter carrier, based out of Thunder Bay in southern Ontario. Kasper Aviation has had its Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) suspended by the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) in Dec2016

^ Genealogy :  

Kazakhstan Expedition No 9

1946* - 1965USSRRenamed

^ Comments : [JSC AIRLINE was formed on the structure of Kazakhstan Expedition No 9 whose history dates back to 1946. In 1965 it was renamed to BURUNDAI UNITED AVIATION DIVISION. Renamed to BURUNDAIAVIA in 1997 and to the current name in 2002]

^ Genealogy : Kazakhstan Expedition No 9 >Burundai United Aviation Division >BurundaiAvia >JSC Airline


1986* - 2000FranceInactive

^ Comments : Kymair operated ATR aircraft throuhout the 1990s

^ Genealogy :  

Laguna Taxi Aéreo

2009* - 2010*BrazilRenamed

^ Comments : Laguna Linhas Aereas was formerly known as Laguna Taxi Aéreo. Received its AOC on 2010 but did not start operations

^ Genealogy : Laguna Taxi Aéreo >Laguna Linhas Aereas

LASSA (Linea de Aeroservicios SA)

2002* - dateChileActive

^ Comments : LASSA (Linea de Aeroservicios SA) is a passenger charter based at Santiago de Chile Arturo Merino Benítez International (SCL)

^ Genealogy :  

Lineas Aereas de la Sierra

1973* - 1973*MexicoStatus?

^ Comments :  

^ Genealogy :  

Lineas Aereas Mexicanas

1973* - 1973*MexicoStatus?

^ Comments : Lineas Aereas Mexicanas operated a network of third-level services within Mexico

^ Genealogy :  

Lusiana Airlines

1991 - 1994Czech_RepublicRenamed

^ Comments : Lusiana Airlines was an Ad-hoc charter airline owned by Brazilian expatriate Ruy Alvez. It operated charter and taxi service for Czechoslovak government and Volkswagen amongst others throughout central Europe. Was acquired by Bemoair in 1994

^ Genealogy : Lusiana Airlines >>Bemoair Praha +>Egretta BMI

Macau Aerial Transport Company

1920 - 1928MacauInactive

^ Comments : Macau Aerial Transport Company received authorisation on 03Feb1920 to build a temporary hangar for seaplanes in vacant land belonging to the state. Went bankrupt in 1928

^ Genealogy :  

Maple Aviation Logistics

2014* - dateNigeriaActive

^ Comments : Maple Aviation Logistics is private plane charter in Lekki, Lagos that plans to venture into the scheduled domestic passenger services market

^ Genealogy :  


2013 - dateItalyActive

^ Comments : Meridiana was founded with the name of Alisarda on 29Mar1963 by Prince Karim al-Hussain Aga Khan, with the intent to promote tourism in Sardinia. Scheduled operations started 30Jun1964. Renamed to Meridiana in 03May1991. On 28Feb2010, Meridiana and Eurofly merged to create Italy's second biggest airline, Meridiana Fly. From Apr2013, Air Italy operated entirely on behalf of Meridiana using their corporate design. The name Air Italy is no longer used in public and the airline was rebranded back to Meridiana

^ Genealogy : Eurofly + Meridiana =>Meridiana >Meridiana Fly >Meridiana

New Japan Aviation

1969* - dateJapanActive

^ Comments : New Japan Aviation was founded in Jul1969 & operates scheduled air service between Niigata and Sado Island, as well as flight training and other services from its headquarters at Kagoshima Airport

^ Genealogy :  

Niger Airways


^ Comments : Still unsure about Niger Airways. Maybe being confused with Niger Airlines

^ Genealogy :  

Nordic Seaplanes

2016 - dateDenmarkActive

^ Comments : Nordic Seaplanes commenced operations with flights between Copenhagen and Aarhus on 25May2016

^ Genealogy :  

Norfolk Island Airlines

2017 >AustraliaPlanned

^ Comments : In-light of Air New Zealand’s suddenly withdrawing its Auckland service, Norfolk Island Airlines will now bring forward its planned 2017 Brisbane service to include an Auckland service

^ Genealogy :  

OAS Helicopters

20016 - dateNigeriaActive

^ Comments : Odengene Air-Shuttle Services Limited is an indigenous aviation company registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on the 04Feb1992 and licensed by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) to provide commercial flight services. The helicopter wing of the company (OAS Helicopters) began commercial flight activity in Feb2006. The company’s head office, which serves as its first heliport, is situated at No. 1 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. The company was founded by Captain Evarest Nnaji

^ Genealogy :  

Pakistan Aviators & Aviation

2016* - datePakistanActive

^ Comments : Pakistan Aviators & Aviation is based at Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore. The airline also offer services including ground handling, charter, refurbishing, aerial work and maintenance of various business jets

^ Genealogy :  

PAL (Philippine Airlines)

1970 - date Active

^ Comments : PAL was reformed from PATCO on 26Feb1941 & its first flight was 15Mar1941 [PAL was founded by Andres Soriano in 1931 and commenced with a single Beech 18 and was known as PATCO. In 1936 it moved from air taxi services to scheduled services. Went bankrupt in 1940 but was refomed in 1941 as PAL. Ceased operations during WWII. Absorbed 2 scheduled airlines, FAR EASTERN AIR TRANSPORT in 1947, COMMERCIAL AIR LINES in 1948 and then TRANS ASIATIC AIRLINES in late 1950. Renamed from Philippine Air Lines to Philippine Airlines in 1970. Had AIR MANILA and FILIPINAS ORIENT AIRWAYS merge in in 1973]

^ Genealogy : PATCO (Philippine Aerial Transport Co.) >PAL

Pioneer Regional Airlines

2016 - 2017RussiaInactive

^ Comments : Aeroservis Makhachkala was a passenger charter carrier that was rebranded to Pioneer Regional Airlines. It's AOC was revoked in early 2017 but it hopes t0 restart

^ Genealogy : Aeroservis Makhachkala >Pioneer Regional Airlines


2017 >PowdAirPlanned

^ Comments : PowdAir intends to operate into the heart of Switzerland's most popular winter sports region, the Valais. The airline is based in the city of Sion and will be running routes five days a week, from 17Dec2017 onwards, to Southend, Bournemouth, Southampton, Bristol, Manchester and Edinburgh in the UK as well as Brussels (BE) and Rotterdam (NL)

^ Genealogy :  

Qianhai Airlines

2017 >ChinaPlanned

^ Comments : Qianhai Airlines intends to offer scheduled services out of Shenzhen Bao'an International (SZX)

^ Genealogy :  

SACA (Compañía de Servicios Aereos del Canajagua Azul SA)

1955* - 1956PanamaStatus?

^ Comments : SACA (Compañía de Servicios Aereos del Canajagua Azul SA) was formed on 25Feb1955 in Las Tablas, head of the Province of Los Santos

^ Genealogy :  

San Francisco & Oakland Helicopter Airlines

1961 - 1975*USAStatus?

^ Comments : San Francisco & Oakland Helicopter Airlines was a permanently certificated carrier that began services on 01June1961, between the San Francisco and Oakland airports and the downtown

^ Genealogy :  

Seattle Commuter Airlines

1965 - 1968*USAStatus?

^ Comments : Seattle Commuter Airlines had, since Jun1965, operated scheduled commuter air services between Seattle and Wenatchee

^ Genealogy :  

Shannon Air

1964* - 1966IrelandInactive

^ Comments : Shannon Air was a non-schuduled operator that was formed in 1964 & ceased operations in 1966

^ Genealogy :  

Simplifly (Millenium Airlines)

2013 - dateSri_LankaActive

^ Comments : Simplifly (Millenium Airlines) was founded & started operations in 2004 as Deccan Lanka. Renamed in 2013

^ Genealogy : Deccan Lanka >Simplifly

Sky Guinée Airlines

2011* - 2013GuineaInactive

^ Comments : Sky Guinée Airlines was a passenger charter carrier based at Conakry G'bessia International (CKY). AOC was suspended in 2013

^ Genealogy :  

Small Planet Airlines Cambodia

2017 >CambodiaPlanned

^ Comments : Small Planet Airlines Cambodia has applied to provide passenger services out of Phnom Penh Pochentong International (PNH)

^ Genealogy :  

Strategic Airlines (France)

2009* - 2010FranceInactive

^ Comments : Strategic Airlines (France) was founded in 2009 & ceased in Sep2010

^ Genealogy :  

Swiftair Bahrain

2008* - 2012BahrainInactive

^ Comments : Swiftair Bahrain was a cargo airline based in Manama that was founded in 2008

^ Genealogy :  

Syrian Wings Airlines

2017 >SyriaPlanned

^ Comments : Syrian Wings Airlines is a proposed passenger charter carrier based at Damascus (DAM)

^ Genealogy :  

TAISA (Transportes Aéreo Interiorano SA)

1951* - 1952*PanamaStatus?

^ Comments : Víctor Inchausti, José Pablo Ramos Bustamante and Enrique Bustamante constituted called TAISA (Transportes Aéreo Interiorano SA) on 03Mar1951

^ Genealogy :  

TAPSA (Transporte Aereo del Paraguay S.A.)


^ Comments : TAPSA was a planned cargo carrier based at Ciudad del Este Guarani International (AGT). Never started operations

^ Genealogy :  

TATSA (Transportes Aereos Terrestres)

1943 - 1990MexicoInactive

^ Comments : When United Air Lines took over LAMSA (Lineas Aereas Mexicana, S. A. de C. V.) in 1943, it dropped Gordon Barry’s old Mazatlan-Tayoltita route, which had been maintained under a permanent route certificate on behalf of the San Luis Mining Company. To replace the service, TATSA was organized at Tayoltita and began service with a Stinson

^ Genealogy :  

Tauranga Air Services

1956 - 1959*New_ZealandInactive

^ Comments :  

^ Genealogy :  

Te Kaahu Airlines

1997 - 1998*New_ZealandInactive

^ Comments : Te Kaahu Airlines was established in 1997 and operated by VIP Air to fly the Hamilton to Gisborne route

^ Genealogy :  

Terra Avia

2017 >MoldovaPlanned

^ Comments : Terra Avia was incorporated in Chisinau in 2000 & received its AOC in Oct2016

^ Genealogy :  

Transair Sweden

2001 - 2003SwedenInactive

^ Comments : Transair Sweden filed for bankruptcy on 16Jan2003 after attempts to resurrect a partnership with ailing Swedish low-fare carrier Goodjet failed

^ Genealogy :  


1961 - 1962*ItalyStatus?

^ Comments : Transavia was an independent carrier that began operations in 1961 and specialised in the transport of newspapers within Italy

^ Genealogy :  

Unity Air International

2009* - datePakistanActive

^ Comments : Unity Air International was incorporated on 03Dec2009

^ Genealogy :  

VIP Air Charter

1991* - 1997*New_ZealandStatus?

^ Comments : VIP Air Charter was established at Hamilton by G.Misson, the owner of Innovative Engineering Ltd of Cambridge, in 1991

^ Genealogy :  


1998 - 2005*ItalyRenamed

^ Comments : was a low fare carrier started by the Volare group as Volare to operate internet booked services linking major Italian cities. Ceased operations on 12Jan2009 & license suspended in Nov2004 for financial reasons [ALITALIA began operations as a domestic carrier called Aerolinee Italiane Internazionale and known as ALITALIA. Added international services in1948. Acquired routes and equipment of LAI in 1957. Charter company AERMEDITERRANEA was founded in 1981 but closed down. Charter subsiduary SAM and domestic subsiduary ATI have now been fully integrated. Acquired the operations of AVIANOVA plus AIR ONEand VOLAREWEB.COM in Jan2009]

^ Genealogy : Volare > >>Alitalia


2017 >UKPlanned

^ Comments : Guernsey start up carrier Waves is hoping to launch a hybrid scheduled and air taxi service within the Channel Islands and to the British mainland in summer 2017

^ Genealogy :  

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