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Scandinavia is a name applied collectively to three countries of northern Europe-Norway and Sweden (which together form the Scandinavian Peninsula), and Denmark. The three countries are so grouped because of their historical, cultural, and linguistic affinities


Operating Dates Status

ESAS (European Scandinavian Airlines System)   

1948 - 1951 Renamed

^ Comments : ESAS (European Scandinavian Airlines System) was formed in 1948 [SAS was formed by merger of ABA (AEROTRANSPORT), DDL (DET DANSKE LUFTFARTSELSKAB) of Denmark and DNL (DET NORSKE LUFTFARTSELSKAP) of Norway. Iniatially it was known as OSAS was concerned only with trans-atlantic operations. The partners then created ESAS in 1948 with the merger of SVENSK INTERKONTINENTAL LUFTTRAFIK to handle the european operations and in 1941 the airlines were merged to form the current airline. The intercontinental routes of Braathens SAFE were added just before the merger. Absorbed LINJEFLYG in 1993 and BRAATHENS IN 2001]

^ Genealogy : OSAS >ESAS >SAS

OSAS (Overseas Scandinavian Airlines System)   

1946* - 1948 Renamed

^ Comments :  

^ Genealogy : DNL (Norway) + DDL (Denmark) + SILA (Sweden) =>OSAS > ESAS >SAS

SAS (Scandinavian Airline System)   

1951 - date Active

^ Comments : SAS was founded on 01Aug1946 by the merger of DNL & DDL & SILA as OSAS & operations started on 17Sep1946

^ Genealogy : DNL (Norway) + DDL (Denmark) + SILA (Sweden) =>OSAS > ESAS >SAS

SAS Cargo   

2001 - date Active

^ Comments :  

^ Genealogy :  

SAS Commuter   

1989 - 2004 Renamed

^ Comments :  

^ Genealogy : SAS Commuter >>SAS

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