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Faroe Islands is an island group that is an integral part of Denmark, located in the North Atlantic Ocean, about midway between the Shetland Islands and Iceland. The capital and principal harbour of the islands is Tˇrshavn on the south-eastern coast of Streymoy Island


Status Operating Dates

Atlantic Airways  updated

Active 1988 - date

^ Comments : Atlantic Airways first flew from the island of Vágar on 28Mar1988. National airline of the Faroe Islands operating scheduled and charter, international, regional and domestic passenger and cargo carrier.

^ Genealogy :  

^ Airline Code : RC : FLI

Faroe Airways (Fairline)   

Inactive 1963* - 1967

^ Comments : Faroe Airways (Fairline) ceased operating on 28Sep1967

^ Genealogy :  

^ Airline Code :  


Inactive 2006 - 2006

^ Comments : FaroeJet was founded by private companies and investors on 17Dec2005 & was based in Vágar Airport on the island of Vágar of Faroe Islands. The first flight was carried out on 15May2006, with an Avro RJ100 between Copenhagen and Vagar. However, in Dec2006, the airline declared bankruptcy and ceased business on 01Jan2007. The airline ceased all operations on 15Dec2006, because of financial problems

^ Genealogy :  

^ Airline Code : F6 : ---

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