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Airline History    
4 January 2000 Buzz operations started (>Ryanair) UK
19 January 2000 Aero Zambia, established on 21May1994, closed down due to safety concerns Zambia
30 January 2008 City Star Airlines ceased operations UK
February 2000 Harmony Airways was established as HMY Airways Canada
9 February 2000 Estafeta Carga Aerea was established Mexico
11 February 2000 JetBlue commenced operations out of New York’s JFK Airport USA
15 February 2000 TNT Airways, formed as TNT Aviation Services in the UK in 1987, started operations in Belgium Belgium
21 February 2000 TAESA (Transportes Aéreos Ejecutivos) was declared bankrupt Mexico
13 April 2000 Donavia restarted operations under the Aeroflot-Don name Russia
13 April 2000 The airline division of Island Aviation Services was formed (>Maldivian) Maldives
23 March 2000

Amakusa Airlines, founded on 09Oct1998, launched services from Amakusa to Fukuoka and Kumamoto

27 March 2000 JMC Airlines, launched on 01Sep1999 by merger of Flying Colours & Caledonian Airways, started operations (>Thomas Cook Airlines) UK
3 April 2000 Tourjets was established as Swissjets. restarted operations in 2001 USA
1 May 2000 Tower Air suspended all scheduled flight operations USA
11 May 2000 Malawi Express was launched Malawi
15 May 2000 Helios Airways commenced airline operations Greece
17 May 2000

Air Zarco (Air Madeira) adopts its new name: euroAtlantic airways

22 May 2000 Welcome Air started operations Austria
23 May 2000 Danube Wings, started as VIP Air, was renamed to VIP Wings Slovakia
1 June 2000 Jersey European was rebranded as British European (>Flybe) UK
22 June 2000 Indonesia AirAsia restarted operations as AWAIR Indonesia
30 June 2000 Ak Bars Aero operations restarted as Bugulma Air Enterprise Russia
30 June 2000 Lion Air restarted operations Indonesia
5 July 2000 Quantum Air, formed in 1999, restarted operations as AB Bluestar Spain
13 July 2000 Asiana operated the first flight to Pyongyang in North Korea South Korea
28 July 2000

Dragonair' first all-cargo service began operations with the inaugural flight of a B.747-200 freighter bound for the Middle East and Europe

Hong Kong
4 August 2000 Zhongyan Airlines, formed on 17May1986, ceased operations (acquired by China Southern Airlines) China
31 August 2000 Virgin Australia began airline operations as Virgin Blue Australia
4 September 2000 Ameristar Air Cargo, established and wholly-owned by Tom Wachendorfer, started operations USA
5 September 2000 CanJe started operations Canada
11 September 2000 Transwest Air operations start Canada
2 October 2000 Sahara Indian Airlines was rebranded as Air Sahara (>JetKonnect) India
15 October 2000 Jordan Aviation (JATE), formed in 2000, started operations Jordan
15 October 2000 Skyways Regional started operations (>Direktflyg ) Sweden
22 October 2000 Buraq Air was established on this date & started operations on 15Nov2001 Libya
29 October 2000 Air Andaman started operations Thailand
2 November 2000 Estafeta Carga Aerea operations start Mexico
3 November 2000 Air Sénégal International was established Senegal
14 November 2000 FlyNordic, established in 1996 as Reguljair, had AOC revoked but relaunched as on 01Dec2000 Sweden
15 November 2000 Kalitta Air operations start USA
15 November 2000 Angara Airlines operations start Russia
17 November 2000 Solenta Aviation operations start South Africa
28 November 2000 Tower Air, having suspended operations on 01May2000, surrendered their AOC USA
1 December 2000 FlyNordic, established in 1996 as Reguljair, had AOC revoked but relaunched as Sweden
5 December 2000 Reeve Aleutian Airways ceased operations USA
14 December 2000 Bulgarian Air Charter operations restarted Bulgaria
28 December 2000 Royal Phnom Penh Airways, established on 24Oct1999, began international services Cambodia
January 2001

Air Japan began scheduled international service

1 January 2001

Air Canada and Canadian Airlines International Ltd. officially merged

5 January 2001 MidAtlantic Airways, formed from Potomac Air in 2000, started services USA
15 January 2001 Gol Transportes Aereos operations restarted Brazil
5 February 2001

Royal Jordanian was registered as a Public Shareholding Company

23 February 2001 Air Senegal International, established on 01Feb1971 as Air Sénégal, started operations Senegal
27 February 2001 AccessAir, founded in 1997, ceased operations USA
14 March 2001 Atlasjet was established by Oger Holding A.S as Atlas International Airways (>AtlasGlobal) Turkey
19 March 2001 Canadian Airlines International merged into Air Canada Canada
19 March 2001 CMTA (Compagnie Mauritanienne de Transports Aerien) was launched Mauritania
25 March 2001 Bluebird Cargo operations started Iceland
28 March 2001 Swisswings restarted operations Switzerland
27 March 2001

Athens International Airport Inauguration by the Prime Minister, C. Simitis

28 March 2001 Hong Kong Airlines was founded & restarted operations as CR Airways Hong Kong
29 March 2001 Incheon Airport officially opened South Korea
29 March 2001

Athens International Airport was in full operations as of 06:00 hrs.

1 April 2001 Air Engiadina ceased operations & was renamed to Swisswings Switzerland
3 April 2001 A340-600 first flight France
5 April 2001 FreeBird Airlines restarted operations with a service between Istanbul and Lyon Turkey
9 April 2001 TWA's 75-year existence as an independent airline came to an end when American Airlines purchased TWA's assets USA
12 April 2001 Sky Airlines operations start Turkey
17 April 2001 Cargo Lion ceased operations Luxembourg
20 April 2001 Tasman Pacific Airlines (>Qantas New Zealand) abruptly stops flying New Zealand
23 April 2001 The first flight of Airbus 340-600 was made France
1 June 2001 Atlasjet carries out its first flight as Atlasjet International Airways USA
12 June 2001 Jetsgo commenced operations. Canada
17 June 2001 PGA Express restarted operations Portugal
22 June 2001 NEOS was established Italy
30 June 2001 Avia Jaynar operations restarted Kazakhstan
24 June 2001 Tobago Express started commercial operations Trinidad & Tobago
30 June 2001 Armavia restarted operations Armenia
1 July 2001 Singapore Airlines Cargo began operations Singapore
2 July 2001 Liverpool Airport was renamed Liverpool John Lennon Airport UK
6 July 2001 Shanxi Airlines, established in 1988, restarted operations China
8 July 2001 ScotAirways was renamed back to Suckling Airways (>Loganair) UK
15 July 2001 AeroUnion operations restarted Mexico
15 July 2001 Garuda establishes low-cost domestic subsidiary Citilink Indonesia
16 July 2001 Citilink restarted operations Indonesia
1 August 2001's inaugural flight South Africa
7 August 2000 Ibex Airlines, formed in 1999, restarted operations as Fair Inc. Japan
6 September 2001 AeroPostal Cargo de Mexico started operations in Mexico City Mexico
11 September 2001 Potomac Air goes under, caused by 9/11 attack USA
12 September 2001 Air New Zealand placed the Ansett group of companies into voluntary administration with PriceWaterhouseCoopers Australia
13 September 2001 Ansett Australia ceased operations Australia
21 September 2001

AOM and Air Liberte merge to create a new airline called Air Lib

22 September 2001 Air Lib began operations after AOM and Air Liberte merger France
24 September 2001 13 days after 9/11, US Airways decided to terminate all flights from MetroJet USA
27 September 2001 LAPA, formed in 1977, was renamed to ARG Argentina Línea Privada Argentina
2 October 2001 Swissair grounded (declared bankruptcy and 11Sep2001 terrorist attacks blamed) Switzerland
6 October 2001 Silk Way Airlines. founded in 2001, started commercial flights Azerbaijan
15 October 2001 Twin Jet started commercial air charter services France
16 October 2001 Royal Air Cambodge was shut down Cambodia
16 October 2001 Belair Airlines was registered in the Swiss Commercial Register Switzerland
17 October 2001 RPX Airlines operations start Indonesia
28 October 2001 Cronus was fully integrated under the Aegean Airlines brand Greece
31 October 2001 Air Canada Jetz commenced operations Canada
31 October 2001 Swissair was grounded after 70 years of flying, with the 9/11 terrorist attacks blamed Switzerland
31 October 2001 United Shuttle (formed by United Airlines began operations on 01Oct1994 as Shuttle by United, ceased operations USA
1 November 2001 Air Canada created low-cost subsidiary Tango. Re-absorbed the operation in Jul2004 Canada
3 November 2001 Belair, registered in the Swiss Commercial Register on 16Oct2001, restarted operations Switzerland
7 November 2001 Last flight of Sabena Belgium
15 November 2001 Buraq Air started operations Libya
15 November 2001 Transcarga International Airways operations started Venezuela
30 November 2001 South Atlantic Airways, founded in 2000, returned the leased plane to Arkia and ended all operations Spain
30 November 2001 FTI Airline ceased flight operations Germany
1 December 2001 Final TWA flight (>>American Airlines) USA
1 December 2001 Afriqiyah Airways  commenced scheduled services Libya
3 December 2001 TransBrasil, formed in 1955 as Sadia SA Transportes Aereos, ceased operations Brazil
4 December 2001 Flight West Airlines, established by Sir Dennis Buchanan in May1987, was placed into Voluntary Administration (+>Alliance Airlines) Australia
28 December 2001 USA3000 Airlines began operations USA
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1 January 2002

Braathens alliance agreement with KLM and Northwest Airlines was closed as SAS buy Braathens

2 January 2002 Lao Skyway was established as Lao Air Laos
5 January 2002 Batavia Air start operations as Metro Batavia Indonesia
15 January 2002 AirEst, founded in 2002, started operations Estonia
15 January 2002

Crossair assumes commercial responsibility for most of the European routes formerly operated by Swissair

15 January 2002 Puma Air operations start Brazil
15 January 2002 First flight of the A.318, twin engine medium jet airliner France
17 January 2002 Astraeus was established UK
24 January 2002 bmibaby was founded UK
1 February 2002 LeCocq's Airlink scheduled services begin (>Blue Islands) UK
7 February 2002 Air Afrique declares bankruptcy Ivory Coast
11 February 2002 First flight of the A.340-500, Long-range wide-body four engine jet France
13 February 2002 SkyEurope Airlines flew its first passengers Slovakia
15 February 2002 Odette Airways began operations (>Helvetic Airways) Switzerland
15 February 2002 DAT briefly operated under the DAT Plus brand, but was rebranded as SN Brussels Airlines (>Brussels Airlines) Belgium
19 February 2002 First flight of the Embraer E-170, a Brazilian narrow-body, twin-engine, medium-range, jet airliner Brazil
21 February 2002 Cargojet Airways was established Canada
20 March 2002

bmibaby launched operations with a flight between East Midlands and Malaga

22 February 2002 Cargojet Airways was renamed from Canada Cargo 3000 Canada
4 March 2002 Ansett (Mark II) permanently ceased operations Australia
8 March 2002 NEOS, established on 22,Jun2001, launched revenue services Italy
12 March 2002 Riau Airlines was established Indonesia
13 March 2002 Thomas Cook Airlines (Belgium) restarted operations Belgium
25 March 2002 Intersky Aviation, formed in Nov2001, began operations Austria
27 March 2002 Air Canada launched Jazz after renaming it from Air Canada Regional (>Air Canada Express) Canada
28 March 2002 BA Connect was formed as CitiExpress UK
31 March 2002 Swissair  ceased operations (operation transferred to Crossair which became Swiss International Air Lines) Switzerland
4 April 2002 Inter Airlines, founded in Dec1999, restarted operations Turkey
5 April 2002 Flight West Airlines, placed into Voluntary Administration on 04Dec2001, was rebranded as Alliance Airlines Australia
6 April 2002 Astraeus restarted operations UK
8 April 2002 Swisswings ceased operations Switzerland
8 April 2002 Intensive Air ceased operations South Africa
15 April 2002 Alliance Airlines, after rebranding from Flight West Airlines, restarted operations Australia
7 May 2002 Northwest Sky Ferry, founded as Rugby Aviation on 12Jan1999, received FAA Certification USA
8 May 2002 Express Airlines changed its name to Pinnacle Airlines USA
15 May 2002 Air Astana maiden flight Kazakhstan
17 May 2002 East African Airlines, originally incorporated as Africa Air, was renamed Uganda
20 May 2002 SAM Colombia and its major rival ACES Colombia join to create Alianza Summa, and begin merged operations Colombia
15 June 2002 Cargojet Airways restarted operations after rename from Canada Cargo 3000 Canada
15 June 2002 Sky Airlines restarted operations Chile
15 June 2002 Air Guyane Express operations started Guyana
25 June 2002 SkyNet Airlines, established 2001, restarted operations Ireland
29 June 2002 Global Supply Systems operations started UK
15 July 2002 Solaseed Air, established in May2002 as Pan Asia Airlines, restarted operations as Skynet Asia Airways Japan
17 July 2002 Midway Airlines suspended operations USA
18 July 2002 British European was rebranded as FlyBe UK
22 July 2002 The first A340-600 was delivered to Virgin Atlantic UK
29 July 2002 Vanguard Airlines ceased operations USA
3 August 2002 First flight of the B.737-900 USA
6 August 2002 REX (Regional Express) restarted operations Australia
7 August 2002 EuroManx was established


9 August 2002 Taj Air, founded on 11Nov1993 as Megapode Airlines, restarted operations India
13 August 2002 Midway Airlines files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy USA
19 August 2002 GO services ended when it integrated into Easyjet


19 August 2002 EuroManx, established on 07Aug2002, restarted operations


29 August 2002 LAPA, renamed to ARG Argentina Línea Privada & was changed to AIRG had its original name restored Argentina
October 2002 SGA Airlines (Siam General Aviation Co.) restarted operations Thailand
10 August 2002 US Airways filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy USA
1 October 2002 Completion of Rheintalflug Seewald's integration into Tyrolean Airways (>Austrian arrows) Austria
15 October 2002 Jetconnect, established in Jul2002, commenced operations New Zealand
27 October 2002 Australian Airlines launched services Australia
27 October 2002 Germanwings was founded


6 November 2002 National Airlines, already operating under Chapter 11 bankruptcy, permanently ceased operations USA
4 November 2002 CCAir, formed as Sunbird Airlines in 1979, closed down USA
15 November 2002 Transwisata Prima Aviation operations started Indonesia
21 November 2002 Westair Cargo Airlines, was formed in Swaziland (moved to Ivory Coast in 2005) Swaziland
1 December 2002 Swedline Express, formed as Varmlandsflyg in 1993 was renamed Sweden
1 December 2002 RwandAir was founded & began operations as Rwandair Express Rwanda
2 December 2002 East African Airlines, originally incorporated as Africa Air in Mar2002, restarted operations Uganda
4 December 2002 Bulgaria Air operations start Bulgaria
9 December 2002 United Airlines files for Chapter 11 reorganization, the largest airline bankruptcy in US history USA
17 December 2002 StarFlyer was founded as Kobe Airlines Japan
19 December 2002 Adam Air started operations Indonesia
20 December 2002 Air Atlas Express started operations Morocco
25 December 2002 Styrian Spirit was established Austria
30 December 2002 Yakutia operated its first flight, a Tu-154 on route Yakutsk – Moscow – Yakutsk Russia
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13 January 2003 Livingston Energy Flight was established Italy
14 January 2003 PMTair was founded Cambodia
15 January 2003 Yangtze River Express was formed to takeover the cargo operations of the airlines of its parent HNA Group China
15 January 2003 Mekong Air International, founded in 2002, commenced services Cambodia
21 January 2003 Caribbean Sun Airlines commenced operations Puerto Rico
22 January 2003 Yangtze River Express operations started China
23 January 2002

The A.380 entered production on schedule at Airbus’ Nantes site in France

3 February 2003 Air Arabia was founded UAE
12 February 2003 commenced operations UK
15 February 2003 Islas Airways restarted operations Spain
16 February 2003 Air Paradise, established in Jun2002, start operations Indonesia
24 February 2003 The B.777-300ER completed its first flight USA
27 February 2003 Viaggio Airwas, founded in 2002, restarted operations (>Bulgaria Air) Bulgaria
27 February 2003 Iceland Express restarted operations (>>WOW) Iceland
28 February 2003 GIRjet was created Spain
6 March 2003 Hooters Air began service, operated by Pace Airlines USA
16 March 2003 Flying Finn Airlines, established in Dec2002, started operations Finland
18 March 2003 Air Armenia restarted operations Armenia
21 March 2003 Hawaiian Airlines filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, with operations still continuing USA
26 March 2003 Lao Airlines was rebranded from Lao Aviation Laos
30 March 2003 Arctic Air, a Kautokeino, Alta based airline, had its last scheduled flight Norway
31 March 2003 JMC Airlines was renamed to Thomas Cook Airlines UK
31 March 2003 The new Air Tanzania, restructured in Dec2002, commenced operations Tanzania
31 March 2003 US Airways emerged from bankruptcy USA
3 April 2003 Air Finland restarted operations Finland
10 April 2003 KLMs' sale of Buzz to Ryanair, estimated to be in the region of €20.1 million, was completed UK
15 April 2003  Eritrean Airlines operations started Eritrea
15 April 2003 Song restarted operations (>>Delta) USA
20 April 2003 LAPA (Líneas Aéreas Privadas Argentinas) ceased operations Argentina
27 April 2003 RwandAir, founded as Rwandair Express on 01Dec2002, commenced operations Rwanda
28 April 2003 LAN Ecuador, established in Jul2002, restarted operations Ecuador
30 April 2003 Condor Berlin was renamed to Thomas Cook - powered by Condor Germany
3 May 2003 Air China Cargo, formerly the cargo department of Air China was created China
10 May 2003 Viking Airlines, established in 2003, restarted operations Sweden
15 May 2003 Global Air, formed as Aerolineas Damojh, start operations after being renamed Mexico
25 May 2003 Aero Mongolia, founded in 2002, restarted operations Mongolia
10 June 2003 Wings Air restarted operations Indonesia
16 June 2003 LanDominicana restarted operations (>>LAN Airlines) Dominican Republic
17 June 2003 Windjet restarted operations Italy
23 June 2003 Pullmantur Air operations started (>Wamos Air) Spain
24 June 2003 Hellas Jet first flight was operated from Athens Greece
29 June 2003 West African Airlines restarted operations Benin
30 June 2003 DHL Worldwide Express was renamed to Astar Air Cargo USA
5 July 2003 Hong Kong Airlines restarted operations as CR Airways Hong Kong
10 July 2003 Khalifa Airways was liquidated by a French court after it failed to make an EUR 5 million payment to creditors Algeria
22 July 2003 The first A.318 was delivered to Frontier Airlines USA
22 July 2003 DAE (Dutch Antilles Express) received its air operator’s certificate as BonAirExe Netherlands Antilles
8 August 2003  JAT (Jugoslovenski Aerotransport) changed its name to Jat Airways (>Air Serbia) Serbia
12 August 2003 Darwin Airline was formed (>Etihad Regional) Switzerland
13 August 2003 WBA (Wimbi Dira Airways) restarted operations DR Congo
15 August 2003 Air Inter Island was founded by Martin Maldonado Frómeta Dominican Republic
18 August 2003 DAE (Dutch Antilles Express), formed in Nov2002, launched services as BonAirExe Netherlands Antilles
29 August 2003 LeCocq's Airlink was renamed to Rockhopper (>Blue Islands) UK
15 September 2003 Tigerair was founded in 2003 & operations restarted on this date as Tiger Airways Singapore
16 September 2003 Austrian arrows started operations Austria
18 September 2003 CTK CiTylinK, formed in 1994 & scheduled domestic flights were introduced as CiTylinK Airlines. Ghana
29 September 2003 LagunAir was founded Spain
16 October 2003 Mekong Air International ceased operations because of SARS fears Cambodia
25 October 2003 Minerva Airlines, a regional airline operating behalf of Alitalia, formed in 1993, suspended operations due to bankruptcy Italy
26 October 2003 Air Southwest, established in May2003, began operations (>>Eastern Airlines) UK
28 October 2003 Air Arabia, founded on 03Feb2003, commenced operations UAE
3 November 2003 Baboo, founded by Julian Cook in Aug2003, operated its first flight to Lugano as Flybaboo Switzerland
5 November 2003 Etihad Airways, founded in Jul2003 started operations with a ceremonial flight to Al Ain. Commercial services started on 12Nov2003 UAE
12 November 2003 United Airlines launched a new low-cost carrier, Ted, to compete with other low-cost airlines USA
12 November 2003 Etihad Airways, founded in Jul2003, commenced commercial services UAE
13 November 2003 JetairFly was established as TUI Belgium (>TUIfly Belgium) Belgium
15 November 2003 Sriwijaya Airlines operations start Indonesia
19 November 2003 It was announced that ACA (Atlantic Coast Airlines) would rebrand to a lo-cost as Independence Air USA
20 November 2003 Aviastar Mandiri, established in Jun2000, received its AOC Indonesia
24 November 2003 Overland Airways operations start Nigeria
28 November 2003 Niki (emerged from former Aero Lloyd Austria operation following it's acquisition by Niki Lauda), start operations as FlyNiki Austria
28 November 2003 Helvetic Airways, founded as Odette Airways in the summer of 2001, operated its first flight Switzerland
3 December 2003 One-Two-GO start operations (>>Orient Thai Airlines) Thailand
8 December 2003 Air Polonia began cargo operations in late 2001 & now commenced lo-cost passenger services Poland
12 December 2003 Olympic Airways changed its name from to Olympic Airlines Greece
12 December 2003 Tiger Airways was incorporated as Tiger Airways Singapore
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19 January 2004 Sobelair ceased operations Belgium
23 January 2004 Thomas Cook - powered by Condor returned to the Condor brand name Germany
25 January 2004 Aria services are suspended France
27 January 2004 Flying Finn Airlines ceased all flights & entered bankruptcy Finland
29 January 2004 Virgin Australia (NZ) started operations as Pacific Blue Airlines New Zealand
10 February 2004 SkyAsia, the low-cost subsidiary of Thai Airways was set up (>Nok Air) Thailand
12 February 2004 Exactly four years and one day after the launch of JetBlue, United Airlines responds to its low cost competitors by creating another airline called Ted USA
12 February 2004 FlyNiki was renamed to Niki Austria
16 February 2004 Niki first flight with an A.320 from Vienna to Dusseldorf Austria
25 February 2004 1time launched its low-fare operations South Africa
27 February 2004 TAG City-Air, founded as Teuto Air, ceased operations Germany
29 February 2004 Air Kazakhstan ceased operations Kazakhstan
1 March 2004 Regionallink was formed by the amalgamation of Emu Airways, AirNorth Regional and some of the assets of ASA Australia
10 March 2004 HK Express was incorporated (>HK Express) Hong Kong
12 March 2004 First flight of the Embraer ERJ-190 Brazil
30 March 2004 Conviasa was formed as the successor to Viasa by Presidential Decree Venezuela
31 March 2004 Thomsonfly began scheduled operations with four B.737-500 {>Thomson Airways) UK
April 2004 Air 2000 was renamed First Choice Airways UK
April 2004

Jazeera Airways was established, the first nongovernment owned airline in the Middle East

1 April 2004 LTU Austria, set up by LTU and Billa, Austria's largest retail chain, obtained its AOC Austria
1 April 2004 Japan Air System was renamed to JAD (Japan Airlines Domestic) Japan
1 April 2004 AirBridgeCargo restarted operations Russia
1 April 2004 JAL/JAS integration was completed Japan
4 April 2004 MidAtlantic Airways, formed as Potomac Air in 2000, officially launched services USA
13 April 2004 Caricom Airways was founded as Kuyake Aviation Suriname
14 April 2004 ValuAir obtained air operator’s certificate (>>Jetstar Asia Airways) Singapore
26 April 2004

Boeing launched the B.787 Dreamliner program with an order for 50 787s from All Nippon Airways

29 April 2004 The first B.777-300ER first aircraft was delivered to Air France France
1 May 2004 Duo Airways, established as Maersk Air (UK) goes into administration UK
5 May 2004 ValuAirs' first flight Singapore
15 May 2004 Titan Aero Airlines, having had its AOC suspended on 28Oct2003, has it revoked Russia
18 May 2004 Royal Tongan Airlines ceased all operations Tonga
19 May 2004 Wizz Air commenced operations Hungary
24 May 2004 SkyNet ceased operations Ireland
25 May 2004

Qantas’s new low cost domestic airline, Jetstar, commenced domestic operations

26 May 2004 Virgin Australia International was founded as V Australia Australia
26 May 2004 ata Brasil (Atlantico Transporte Aereo) restarted operations Brazil
28 May 2004 Atlas Blue was established Morocco
1 June 2004 Westward Airways, established in 2002, restarted operations USA
10 June 2004 JetBlues' first international service was from JFK to Santiago USA
16 June 2004 Virgin America was renamed from Virgin USA USA 
16 June 2004 Independence Air began operations USA
17 June 2004 Cargo division of LanChile was rebranded to Lan Cargo Chile
17 June 2004 LanChile changed its formal name to LAN Airlines(>LATAM Chile) Chile
18 June 2004 AirBlue restarted operations Pakistan
6 July 2004 Deta Air received AOC Kazakhstan
23 July 2004 Air Ukraine was declared bankrupt Ukraine
23 July 2004 SkyAsia, the low-cost subsidiary of Thai Airways restarted operations (>Nok Air) Thailand
26 July 2004 Atlas Blue restarted operations (>>RAM) Morocco
28 July 2004 Darwin Airlines restarted operations Switzerland
2 August 2004 First Cambodia Airlines, formed in Feb2004, ceased operations Cambodia
11 August 2004 Nordavia, formed in 1963 as Arkhangelsk United Aviation Squadron, became AVL in 1995, was renamed to Aeroflot-Nord Russia
13 August 2004 MenaJet, established in May2003, restarted operations Lebanon
17 August 2004 Teddy Air terminates its operations stating that they were not making any money Norway
10 September 2004 Fly Niu Airlines was forced to cease after its AOC was revoked because of Tonga's "one airline" policy Tonga
1 October 2004 Landsflug, established in 2004, started operations Iceland
1 October 2004 Georgian Airways was launched after being renamed from Airzena Georgian Airlines Georgia
3 October 2004

Iraqi Airways operations restart with a flight between Baghdad and Amman

8 October 2004 Vbird, a low-fare airline founded in 2003, ceased operations Netherlands
21 October 2004 East Line Air, established on 27Nov1995 was renamed Russian Sky Airlines Russia
21 October 2004

Jade Cargo was founded by Lufthansa Cargo and Shenzhen Airlines

1 November 2004 Malta Air Charter, established in 1970, although it did not start operations until 1990, ceased operations Malta
3 November 2004 Albatros Airways was established and started operations Albania
15 November 2004 Air Bagan operations started Myanmar
23 November 2004 Vildanden was founded Norway
28 November 2004 Conviasa's inaugural flight was made with a De Havilland Canada Dash 7 Venezuela
7 December 2004

The Embraer 195 commercial airliner made its first flight at Embraer’s Sao José dos Campos site

5 December 2004 Air Polonia, founded in 2001, ceased operations Poland
13 December 2004

Jetstar Asia’s inaugural flight took off for Hong Kong

13 December 2004 Blue Air was launched, the first Romanian airline company, with 100% private equity Romania
15 December 2004 Dubrovnik Airlines was officially launched Croatia
16 December 2004 Atlantic Express Airlines began services Gambia
17 December 2004 Antonov An-148 first flight Russia
23 December 2004 EirJet commenced operations Ireland
26 December 2004 Susi Air was founded in late 2004 by Susi Pudjiastuti & Christian von Strombeck, operate supply flights to areas hit by the Tsunami Indonesia
31 December 2004 China Southern acquired China Northern, its subsidiaries Beiya Airlines, China Northern Swan & Xinjiang Airlines China
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January 2005

LOT charter subsidiary, Centralwings, obtained a licence to operate as an airline

5 January 2005 Basiqair ceased operations on & merge into Transavia Netherlands
15 January 2005 Air Aland was established as Flyg & Far Åland Finland
18 January 2005 The world's largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380, gets unveiled in an elaborate ceremony in France France
19 January 2005 Air Caledonian ceased operations UK 
19 January 2005 The last B.737-200 aircraft flew for America West, operating a PHX-Ontario-PHX turn USA
21 January 2005 Quebecair Express ceased operations Canada
24 January 2005 Vildanden, founded on 23Nov2004, start operations from Skien Airport, Geiteryggen Norway
25 January 2005 GWA (Great Western Airlines) ceased operations Australia
29 January 2005

Nonstop flights between mainland China and Taiwan take-off for the first time since 1949

4 February 2005 Corporate Airlines ceased operations, prior to rename to RegionsAir USA
9 February 2005 Pacific Island Aviation ceased operations Marianas Islands
15 February 2005 The first B.777-200LR, the world’s longest range commercial airplane was rolled out in Everett USA
17 February 2005 Opening of the new international airport in Nagoya, Japan. It was the third Japanese international airport Japan
27 February 2005 Okay Airways, China's first private airline received its AOC China
5 March 2005 Interjet was founded Mexico
8 March 2005

The B.777-200LR completes its first flight

11 March 2005 Jetsgo, declares bankruptcy leaving thousands of passengers stranded Canada
11 March 2005 China's first private airline, Okay Airlines made its maiden revenue flight China
13 March 2005 Air Shenpix was established in 1997, changed its name to Airtransse in Dec4 and restarted operations Japan
15 March 2005 Siberia Airlines was rebranded as S7 Airlines Russia
27 March 2005 Germania Express merged into dba Germany
28 March 2005 Chicago Express Airlines, also known as ATA Connection, ceased operations USA
4 April 2005 National Aviation Services launched operations Papua New Guinea
7 April 2005 Air Exel ceased operations Netherlands
25 April 2005 MaxJet officially changed its name from SkyLink Airways following a formal objection from SkyLink Aviation in Canada USA
27 April 2005

A380 successfully completes its first flight

29 April 2005

First flight of Air India Express, Air India’s budget airline

29 April 2005 Grixona restarted operations Moldova
30 April 2005

Dutch Antilles Express (DAE) commenced services

Netherlands Antilles
30 April 2005 Harlequin Air ceased operations Japan
4 May 2005 SpiceJet was renamed from Royal Airways India
8 May 2005 Launch of Kingfisher Airlines in Mumbai India
9 May 2005 Britannia Airways became Thomsonfly UK
9 May 2005 BelgiumExel ceased operations Belgium
9 May 2005 Kingfisher Airlines restarted operations India
10 May 2005 HollandExel renamed to Arkefly (>Arke) Netherlands
15 May 2005 Planet Airways ceased operations USA
17 May 2005 Galaxy Airlines was established Japan
24 May 2005 SpiceJet commenced operations India
28 May 2005 Knighthawk Air Express' operations are cancelled Canada
29 May 2005 Air Italy restarted operations (>>Meridiana >Meridiana Fly) Italy
2 June 2006 Jeju Air, established in Jan2005, began operations South Korea
4 June 2005 China United Airlines, founded in 1986 as a division of People's Liberation Army, was relaunched under its new ownership China
7 June 2005 Norfolk Jet Express ceased operations Australia
8 June 2005 Daily Air launched services Taiwan
9 June 2005 Aerocon restarted services Bolivia
16 June 2005 Air Mali was formed as CAM (Compagnie Aérienne du Mali) Mali
21 June 2005 Air Turquoise was founded France
23 June 2005 B&H Airlines, formed on 12Aug1994 as Air Bosna, restarted Bosnia & Herzegovina
28 June 2005 United Airways was founded Bangladesh
28 June 2005 Air Nigeria commenced operations as Virgin Nigeria Nigeria
29 June 2005 MyCARGO restarted operations as ACT Airlines Turkey
30 June 2005 ABC Air Hungary operations start Hungary
12 July 2005 WebJet restarted operations Brazil
13 July 2005 Air Asturias was established Spain
18 July 2005

Spring Airlines, China’s first low cost airline, restarted operations

21 July 2005 First flight of Kurdistan Airlines (Commercial Office of Kurdistan Region Iraq) landing in Arbil, Iraqi Kurdistan Iraq
24 July 2005 Air Nepal International restarted services Nepal
25 July 2005 EUJet ceased operations Ireland
25 July 2005 Westward Airways ceased operations USA
26 July 2005 EUjet goes into administration Ireland
27 July 2005 Chengdu Airlines restarted operations as United Eagle Airlines China
4 August 2005 TransNusa undertakes its first commercial flight Indonesia
14 August 2005 AirBlue, founded in 2003, restarted international services started with a flight to Dubai Pakistan
19 August 2005 Flair Airlines, privately owned, restarted operations Canada
25 August 2005 Hansung Airlines received its AOC on this date but it was withdrawn on 17Oct2008. Restarted as T'Way Air on 16Sep2010 South Korea
29 August 2005 Universal Airlines ceased operations Guyana
2 September 2005 Swe Fly ceased operations Sweden
3 September 2005 HK Express, incorporated on 10Mar2004, started operations as Hong Kong Express Hong Kong
4 September 2005 Republic Airlines, founded in 2005, started operations USA
7 September 2005 Avolar began operations Mexico
13 September 2005 Abu Dhabi announced that it was withdrawing from Gulf Air to concentrate on Etihad Airways by  Royal (Amiri) Decree UAE
14 September 2005 Air Scandic ceased operations UK
20 September 2005 GoJet, established in late 2004 by Trans States Holdings, secured US FAA certification USA
27 September 2005

The merger transaction between US Airways and America West was officially completed

29 September 2005 TransMeridian Airlines ceased operations USA
4 October 2005 GoJet, established in late 2004 by Trans States Holdings began scheduled passenger services USA
9 October 2005 Alajnihah Airways launched cargo services Libya
14 October 2005 Air Jamaica Express ceased operations Jamaica
18 October 2005 Eos (Atlantic Express) started operations USA
29 October 2005 Air Aland, established as Flyg & Far Åland in Jan2005, started operations Finland
29 October 2005 Ghana International Airlines launched with inaugural flight from Accra to London Ghana
30 October  2005

First flight (Auckland – Apia) of Polynesian Blue, a partnership between Virgin Blue and the Government of Samoa (>Virgin Samoa)

31 October 2005 Jazeera Airways, established as first nongovernment owned airline in the Middle East in Apr2004, started operations Kuwait
31 October 2005 Aero Flight ceased operations Germany
1 November 2005 Fischer Air ceased operations Czech Republic
4 November 2005 GoAir restarted operations India
9 November 2005 Emu Airways ceased operations (>Regionallink Airlines) Australia
9 November 2005 ASA (Airlines of South Australia) ceased operations Australia
14 November 2005 Air Horizons ceased operations France
15 November 2005 CCA (Central Connect Airlines) operations started Czech Republic
15 November 2005 Boeing formally launched the stretched B.747-8 variant with orders from Cargolux and Nippon Cargo Airlines USA
21 November 2005 Blu Express operations started Italy
23 November 2005 TUI Belgium commenced operations as Jetairfly (TUIfly Belgium) Belgium
23 November 2005

Air Paradise International ceased operations

23 November 2005 Air Lithuania ceased operations Lithuania
29 November 2005 OzJet commenced operations Indonesia
1 December 2005 magicBlue, formed in 2004, went bankrupt Netherlands
1 December 2005 Awair changed its name to Indonesia AirAsia Indonesia
1 December 2005 Interjet started operations Mexico
7 December 2005 Indian Airlines was rebranded as Indian for advertising purposes as a part of a program to revamp its image in preparation for an initial public offering (>>Air India) India
22 December 2005 Air Nepal International suspended all flights Nepal
23 December 2005 Lucky Air, formed as Shilin Airlines in 2004, was renamed prior to starting operations China
24 December 2005 Regional Wings ceased operations Spain
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January 2006

British Airways CitiExpress was renamed as BA Connect

5 January 2006 Independence Air closed operations after declaring bankruptcy USA
7 January 2006 TANS Peru ceased operations Peru
9 January 2006 All commercial services of Hooters Air were suspended but continued for a short while with Public charters USA
16 January 2006 Deta Air restarted operations Kazakhstan
16 January 2006

Sky Asia changed its name to Nok Air

19 January 2006 Jet Airways announces its purchase of Air Sahara, creating the largest domestic airliner in India India
1 February 2006 CitiExpress, was renamed to BA Connect (>FlyBE) UK
1 February 2006 UAL. Corp, United Airlines' parent company emerged from bankruptcy after being in such position since 09Dec2002, the longest such filing in history USA
2 February 2006 Orex Aviation was formed as a Business/Private Charter based at Aruba Reina Beatrix International (AUA) Aruba
4 February 2006 Air Engiadina was founded Switzerland
14 February 2006 Blue Islands restarted services after being renamed from Rockhopper UK
16 February 2006 Kobe Airport, a controversial offshore airport in Kobe, Japan, opens for airline service Japan
24 February 2006 Air Gabon ceased operations Gabon
26 February 2006 Jet4You restarted operations (>>JetairFly (Belgium)) Morocco
27 February 2006 Golden Bay Air originated as Capital Air New Zealand
27 February 2006

PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) was the first to fly the B.777-200LR

10 March 2006 Northwest Airlines bought the operating certificate of Independence Air for $2 million to establish a new regional airline (>Compass Air) USA
13 March 2006 Inaugural flight of Volaris (Toluca to Tijuana) Mexico
14 March 2006 Helios Airways was renamed to Ajet Cyprus
16 March 2006 StarFlyer, founded as Kobe Airlines on 17Dec2002, changed its name & restarted operations Japan
16 March 2006 Compass Airlines, formed as Northwest Airlines Cargo, was renamed USA
16 March 2006 The New Kitakyushu Airport opens Japan
24 March 2006 Styrian Spirit ceased operations Austria
28 March 2006 Rose Air was formed as Air Bright Bulgaria
29 March 2006 Northwest reported that Independence Air would be renamed Compass Airlines USA
April 2006 Hi Fly obtains its Air Operator Certificate Portugal
10 April 2006 Air Bashkortostan restarted operations Russia
13 April 2006 DOT LT was rebranded from Danu Oro Transport Lithuania
17 April 2006 Hooters ceased operations USA
23 April 2006 Air Wales ceased operations UK
30 April 2006 Air Livonia, a Parnu based carrier, ceased operations Estonia
30 April 2006 Songs' last flight took off  (>Delta) USA
1 May 2006 Song handed over all operations and aircraft to Delta Air Lines USA
15 May 2006 Zozik Air launched operations Iraq
15 May 2006 The first flight of FaroeJet Faroe Islands
19 May 2006 East Star Airlines restarted operations China
26 May 2006 Charlan Air Charter ceased operations South Africa
27 May 2006 MidAtlantic Airways ceased operations USA
1 June 2006 SAS Braathens was renamed to SAS Norge Norway
2 June 2006 Jeju Air restarted operations South Korea
7 June 2006 Alitalia CityLiner commenced operations as Air One Cityliner Italy
9 June 2006 Go! restarted operations USA
12 June 2006 ALMA (Aerolineas MesoAmericanas) commenced operations Mexico
14 June 2006 IIzair, formed in 2005 as Izmir Hava Yollari, restarted operations Turkey
20 June 2006 Andes Líneas Aéreas began operations Argentina
1 July 2006 Australian Airlines was closed down by Qantas Australia
2 July 2006 Shanghai Airlines Cargo International restarted operations China
6 July 2006 Fars Air Qeshm restarted operations Iran
9 July 2006 Cham Wings Airlines was formed as Sham Wings Airlines Syria
12 July 2006 Swedline Express ceased operations Sweden
19 July 2006 Air Turquoise ceased operations France
20 July 2006 Varig, founded on 07May1927 ceased operations Brazil
28 July 2006 Air Kyrgyzstan, founded as Altyn Air in Apr2001 rebrands to Kyrgyzstan Air Company Kyrgyzstan
1 August 2006 FAX (FlyAsianExpress) maiden flight (>AirAsia X) Malaysia
4 August 2006

IndiGo restarted services with a flight from New Delhi to Imphal via Guwahati

5 August 2006 Jade Cargo, founded by Lufthansa Cargo and Shenzhen Airlines, restarted operations China
7 August 2006 South Winds Cargo merged into Centurion Air Cargo on this date to become a fully integrated scheduled airline USA
10 August 2006 Origin Pacific ceased operations New Zealand
16 August 2006 DauAir ceased operations Germany
1 September 2006 Albatros Airways was grounded Albania
6 September 2006 Maximus Air was established as Experts Air Cargo by the UAE Ministry of Defence & rebranded to Maximus Air Cargo on this date UAE
6 September 2006 Frontier Airlines creates a new airline named Lynx Aviation USA
11 September 2006 Bravo Air Congo restarted operations on this date & ceased on 10Dec2007 DR Congo
22 September 2006 CR Airways changed its name to Hong Kong Airlines Hong Kong
25 September 2006 China Express Airlines launched operations on this date using three Bombardier CRJ200 China
25 September 2006 Juneyao Airlines made its maiden flight China
27 September 2006

Caribbean Airlines was incorporated

Trinidad and Tobago
28 September 2006

Suvarnabhumi Airport officially opens to replace the aging Don Muang airport

1 October 2006 Iberia's low-cost subsidiary Clickair was founded as Catair Spain
10 October 2006 Esen Air restarted operations Kyrgyzstan
14 October 2006 Air Nauru, was renamed to Our Airline (>Nauru Airlines) Nauru
18 October 2006 Eirjet ceased operations Ireland
21 October 2008 Aladia ceased operations Mexico
23 October 2006 Porter Airlines scheduled services start, using its two Q400s Canada
26 October 2006 Oasis Hong Kong Airlines, long-haul low-cost airline began operations Hong Kong
27 October 2006 Mihin Lanka was formed on this date & commenced operations on 24Apr2007 Sri Lanka
29 October 2006

Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise, founded on 24Jun1932, merge into Rossiya

30 October 2006 Arik Air  commenced operations Nigeria
31 October 2006 Ajet, formerly Helios Airways, ceased operations Greece
31 October 2006 Jags Aviation was established as a domestic charter company Guyana
31 October 2006 Galaxy Airlines, established on 17May2005, restarted operations Japan
1 November 2006 Ajet, formerly Helios Airways, ceased operations Greece
6 November 2006 Air Asturias, established on 13Jul2005, had no AOC so LTE started operations in behalf of it Spain
15 November 2006 Mango’s first flight took place South Africa
23 November 2006 Star Airlines  became XL Airways France France
23 November 2006 Star XL German Airlines became XL Airways Germany Germany
23 November 2006 Excel Airways became XL Airways UK
24 November 2006 Fly540 operations started Kenya
25 November 2006 Perla Airlines was established, but did not launch services until late Apr2010 Venezuela
30 November 2006 VivaAerobus started operations Mexico
4 December 2006 The Civil Aviation Safety Authority cancelled the AOC, at the request of Transair. All operations ceased as from that date Australia
5 December 2006 Lufthansa became the first airline to order the B.747-8 with an order for 20 planes and options for an additional 20 planes Germany
12 December 2006 Club Air Italy's AOC was withdrawn by ENAC. Restarted under new management but ceased operations on 23May2008 Italy
12 December 2006 Maestro started operations Canada
14 December 2006 Indus Air, established in 2004, restarted operations India
15 December 2006 SkyValue Airlines was formed USA
16 December 2006 Air Madrid ceased operations Spain
17 December 2006

Faroe Jet ceased operations

Faroe Islands
19 December 2006 Komiinteravia became Utair-Express Russia
23 December 2006 PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) took delivery of its first B.777-300ER Pakistan
31 December 2006 BWIA became Caribbean Airways Trinidad & Tobago
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8 January 2007 VIAuganda ceased operations Uganda
18 January 2007 Colgan Air was acquired by Pinnacle Airlines Corporation for US$20 million USA
25 January 2007 Silverjet's first scheduled flight between London Luton and Newark UK
26 January 2007 Air Asturias ceased operations Spain
29 January 2007 Sky Express, commenced operations Russia
1 February 2007 Sun Air was renamed to Pacific Sun after it was purchased by Fiji Airways Fiji
1 February 2007 PW Express began services in Hawaii USA
7 February 2007 Air Bishkek was re-established as Kyrgyz Airways Tajikistan
7 February 2007 Alexandair ceased operations Greece
7 February 2007 Western Airlines, formed in 2005, ceased operations USA
8 February 2007 BA Cityflyer, British Airways’ London City Airport-based subsidiary, received its air operator’s certificate UK
13 February 2007 Pacific Airlines, founded in Dec1990, was relaunched as a low-cost carrier (>Jetstar Pacific) Vietnam
25 February 2007 Flynas operations started as nasair Saudi Arabia
2 March 2007 FlyMe ceased operations Sweden
2 March 2007 Slovak Airlines ceased operations Slovakia
5 March 2007

BA completed the sale of its UK regional subsidiary carrier BA Connect to Flybe

5 March 2007 Mihin Lanka, formed on 27Oct2006, was awarded its AOC Sri Lanka
5 March 2007 Air Sofia ceased operations and relocates to Serbia as United International Airlines Bulgaria
7 March 2007 Maestro announced its bankruptcy and ceased Canada
11 March 2007 Jags Aviation began commercial operations Guyana
14 March 2007 MDLR Airlines, founded 2007, started operations India
14 March 2007 Firefly, originally known as Kelas Services, received its AOC Malaysia
14 March 2007 FlyLAL Charters was registered as a company Lithuania
16 March 2007 Tiger Airways Australia was established in Darwin Australia
24 March 2007 Air Adriatic ceased operations Croatia
24 March 2007 BA Connect ceased operations UK
25 March 2007 BA Cityflyer, having received its air operator’s certificate on 08Feb2007, started operations UK
25 March 2007 Brussels Airlines, created by the merger of SN Brussels Airlines (SNBA) and Virgin Express, began operations Belgium
26 March 2007 Lineas Aéreas Azteca ceased operations Mexico
27 March 2007 Koral Blue, formed by Tunisia's Karthago Airlines in Jan2006, started operations Egypt
28 March 2007 GOL announces acquisition of Varig Brazil
31 March 2007 LAB (Lloyd Aereo Boliviano) ceased operations Bolivia
1 April 2007 LAB (Lloyd Aereo Boliviano) ceased operations Bolivia
1 April 2007 Cygnus Air was rebranded as Gestair Cargo Spain
3 April 2007 Firefly's first fligh, from Penang to Kota Bhar Malaysia
3 April 2007 Indus Airways ceased operations India
4 April 2007 Amazon Sky, founded in 2006, received its air operator’s certificate Peru
9 April 2007 Harmony Airways ceased operations Canada
11 April 2007 Gabon Airlines restarted operations Gabon
16 April 2007 Jet Airways announces that Air Sahara will be renamed as Jetlite (>JetKonnect) India
24 April 2007 Norwegian acquired FlyNordic from Finnair Norway
24 April 2007 Mihin Lanka commenced operations Sri Lanka
30 April 2007 ADC Airlines ceased operations Nigeria
30 April 2007 Albarka Air ceased operations Nigeria
30 April 2007 Freedom Air Services ceased operations Nigeria
30 April 2007 Space World International Airlines ceased operations Nigeria
30 April 2007 Dasab Airways ceased operations Nigeria
30 April 2007 Chrome Air Services ceased operations Nigeria
30 April 2007 Fresh Air ceased operations Nigeria
30 April 2007 Sosoliso Airlines ceased operations Nigeria
1 May 2007 Air Sahara  renamed to JetLite India
2 May 2007 Compass Airlines, formed as Northwest Airlines Cargo, restarted operations USA
6 May 2007 SkyValue and their fleet of one B.737 (leased from Xtra Airways) ceased operations USA
9 May 2007 Air Dominicana was founded Dominican Republic
17 May 2007 Aero Asia International ceased operations Pakistan
18 May 2007 Peace Air ceased operations Canada
22 May 2007 SkyBus, an ULCC modelled after Ryanair began operations USA
25 May 2007 Mithras Air was formed Bulgaria
25 May 2007 RegionsAir ceased operations USA
28 May 2007 Chongqing Airlines' AOC was issued China
1 June 2007 Egyptair Express restarted operations Egypt
1 June 2007 SAS Braathens was renamed to SAS Norway Norway
5 June 2007 Korean Air announced that it would create a new low-cost carrier called Jin Air to compete with Korea's KTX high-speed railway network system South Korea
6 June 2007 Nurman Avia ceased operations Indonesia
14 June 2007 FAX (FlyAsianExpress) ceased most operations (+>AirAsia Express) Malaysia
18 June 2007 West Air received its AOC China
21 June 2007 Grixona ceased operations Moldova
23 June 2007 Jett8 Airlines Cargo, formed in 2006, restarted operations Singapore
26 June 2007 Jatayu Airlines ceased operations Indonesia
30 June 2007 Jetstream Express ceased operations UK
30 June 2007 Ayk Avia operations restarted Armenia
1 July 2007 New Mexico Airlines restarted operations USA
3 July 2007 Magic Bird having ceased operations in May2007, was declared bankrupt Netherlands
8 July 2007 B.787 Rollout at Washington’s Boeing Everett Factory USA
8 July 2007 Chongqing Airlines restarted operations China
10 July 2007 United Airways restarted operations Bangladesh
14 July 2007 West Air restarted operations China
17 July 2007 Cargojet Airways acquires the Georgian Express cargo operations & renamed it to Cargojet Regional Canada
25 July 2007

Virgin Blue announces name of new international long haul airline and livery, V Australia

8 August 2007 Virgin America began operations USA
14 August 2007 First flight of IL-96-400T Russia
20 August 2007 Groznyavia was created by the government of the Chechen Republic Russia
20 August 2007 Loch Lomond Seaplanes launched scheduled services from Glasgow Seaplane Terminal to Oban in Scotland


14 September 2007 Air Tomisko ceased operations Serbia
20 September 2007 Air India Regional started operations on 21Jun1996 as Alliance Air & was renamed on this date India
27 September 2007 America West Airlines began operating on the same operating certificate as US Airways USA
30 September 2007 European Air Express ceased operations Germany
1 October 2007 Caribbean Airlines acquired all outstanding Tobago Express shares, taking over its routes and fleet Trinidad & Tobago
1 October 2007 MASWings took over the routes and aircraft previously flown by FlyAsianXpress Malaysia
2 October 2007 Cargojet Regional began operations as Georgian Express on this date Canada
10 October 2007 Azteca Airlines (Lineas Aereas Azteca), having suspended operations on 26Mar2007, ceased fully due to poor financial situation Mexico
15 October 2007 Airbus delivered its first A380 to Singapore Airlines Singapore
24 October 2007 BoA (Boliviana de Aviació) was created by means of the Supreme Decree Nº 29318 Bolivia
24 October 2007 Caribbean Star Airlines was purchased by LIAT on this date, with the merger being finalised on 15 June 2007, with LIAT becoming the surviving carrier Antigua
25 October 2007 First commercial flight with passengers of Airbus A.380 was made by Singapore Airlines. Passengers bought seats in charity auction Singapore
26 October 2007 Cargo Air was re-established from Vega Airlines & started operations started on 15Sep2008 Bulgaria
28 October 2007 BMED (British Mediterranean Airways) was fully integrated into British Midland (BMED >>British Midland >bmi >>British Airways) UK
2 November 2007 AirAsia X, founded as FAX by Tony Fernandes, started operations Malaysia
6 November 2007 BRA Transportes Aereos requested the National Civil Aviation Agency to suspend all flights the following day Brazil
7 November 2007 Mauritania Airways, established in Dec2006, operated its first flight Mauritania
7 November 2007 BRA Transportes Aereos ceased operations Brazil
15 November 2007 Air Uganda launched services using two wet-leased Douglas DC-9-30 Uganda
22 November 2007 Tiger Airways Australia, established on 16Mar2007, received its air operators certificate (>Tigerair Australia) Australia
22 November 2007 AeroLitoral rebrands as Aeromexico Connect Mexico
23 November 2007 Cambodia Angkor Air was established through an MoI signed by the Cambodian government Cambodia
29 November 2007 Shanxi Airlines merged with China Xinhua Airlines and Chang’an Airlines to form Grand China Air China
29 November 2007 RAK Airways operations started UAE
5 December 2007 Lynx Aviation received its operating certificate from the FAA USA
6 December 2007 Lynx Aviation began passenger operations USA
10 December 2007 Bravo Air Congo ceased operations DR Congo
10 December 2007 Bravo Air Congo Brazzaville ceased services following its parent's collapse Republic of Congo
15 December 2007 Taron Avia operations started Armenia
27 December 2007 Albatros Airlines was established Venezuela
31 December 2007 Aeroflot retired the last Tupolev Tu-134 after 40 years in service Russia
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1 January 2008 ALPI Eagles ceased operations Italy
1 January 2008 Cargo 360 was absorbed into Southern Air USA
5 January 2008 Thai Global Airlines ceased operations Thailand
6 January 2008 Aero Airlines ceased operations Estonia
8 January 2008

BritishJet ceased operations

9 January 2008 Kitty Hawk Air Cargo ceased operations USA
10 January 2008 Air Corridor ceased operations Mozambique
14 January 2008 Prima Charter ceased operations Poland
20 January 2008 Yeti Air International services are started Nepal
23 January 2008 Coast Air ceased operations Norway
24 January 2008 World Focus Air rebrands to Ank Air Turkey
27 January 2008 VASP ceased operations Brazil
31 January 2008

The deal in which EasyJet acquires GB Airways was concluded

31 January 2008 Royal Bengal Airlines, founded in 2006, launched commercial operations from Dhaka UK / Bangladesh
3 February 2008 Bahrain Air's inaugural flight took off from Bahrain to Dubai Bahrain
3 February 2008 Silver State Helicopters ceased operations and entered bankruptcy USA
5 February 2008 Somon Air restarted operating with regular flights to Moscow and Dubai Tajikistan
5 February 2008 Aviaprad ceased operations Russia
11 February 2008

Ural Airlines took over all routes previously operated by Aviaprad

28 February 2008 Boston-Maine Airways, operating as Pan Am Clipper Connection, ceased operations. USA
1 March 2008 Focus Air ceased operations USA
3 March 2008 Sham Wings Airlines began Lo cost scheduled services out of Damascus International Airport that started (>Cham Wings Airlines) Syria
7 March 2008 Globus Airlines, established as the wholly-owned charter arm of S7 Airlines in Jan2007, was awarded its own AOC Russia
8 March 2008 Flex Linhas Aereas restarted operations Brazil
8 March 2008 Big Sky Airline's final scheduled flights arrives in Billings, MT USA
10 March 2008 Cameroon Airlines ceased operations Cameroon
13 March 2008 Girjet ceased operations Spain
18 March 2008 Adam Air ceased operations Indonesia
20 March 2008 Aloha Airlines files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection USA
25 March 2008 ASA (African Safari Airlines) ceased operations Kenya
26 March 2008

The world’s largest airport terminal, Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 3

27 March 2008 London Heathrow's state-of-the-art Terminal 5 opens UK
27 March 2008 Azul (Azul Linhas Aéreas) was founded by David Neeleman Brazil
28 March 2008 CATA Linea Aerea bankruptcy was formally declared Argentina
29 March 2008 JoyAir was established as Happy Air China
29 March 2008 GB Airways ceased operations following its purchase by EasyJet in Jan2008 UK
30 March 2008 MyTravel Airways was fully integrated into Thomas Cook UK
30 March 2008 AirClass Airways ceased operations Spain
30 March 2008 Freedom Air ceased operations New Zealand
31 March 2008 Aloha Airlines ceased operations and gives all flights to Aloha Air Cargo USA
31 March 2008

Japan Asia Airways flew its last flight EG284, from Taipei to Nagoya (Chubu), concluding 32 years of operations. merged into JAL

2 April 2008 ATA (American Trans Air) files for bankruptcy protection USA
3 April 2008 ATA Airlines, Inc. – formerly known as American Trans Air ceased operations USA
4 April 2008 Swazi Express Airways, established in 1995 as Steffen Air, ceased operations Swaziland
4 April 2008 Skybus Airlines ceased operations USA
5 April 2008 Skyway Airlines (Midwest Connect) ceased operations USA
5 April 2008 flyNordic merged into Norwegian Sweden
9 April 2008 Oasis Hong Kong Airlines ceased operations Hong Kong
10 April 2008 Airphil Express (>PAL Express) was founded by PAL to replace Air Philippines Philippines
10 April 2008 Frontier files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Emerged on 01Oct2009 USA
14 April 2008 Delta and Northwest Airlines announced that they would merge to create the world's largest airline under the Delta name USA
23 April 2008 Turkish Airlines establishes Anadolujet Turkey
25 April 2008 Ocean Airlines ceased operations Italy
27 April 2008 Eos Airlines ceased operations USA
29 April 2008 Nationwide Airlines ceased operations South Africa
2 May 2008 Aloha Air Cargo began operations under new ownership after Aloha Airlines ceased operations USA
5 May 2008 Philippine Airline’s regional carrier PAL Express began operations with 8 daily flights Philippines
8 May 2008 Angkor Airways ceased operations Cambodia
8 May 2008 EuroManx ceased operations UK
9 May 2008 My Travel Airways renamed to Thomas Cook Scandinavia Denmark
13 May 2008

Far Eastern Air Transport ceased operations but restarted services on 18Apr2011

15 May 2008 Aloha Air Cargo commenced operations as an independent airline after Aloha Airlines ceased operations USA
17 May 2008 Kosmas Air ceased operation Serbia
23 May 2008 Club Air Italy ceased operations Italy
23 May 2008 Pacific Airlines Vietnam renamed to JetStar Pacific Vietnam
30 May 2008 All business class airline Silverjet ceased operations UK
31 May 2008 Champion Air ceased operations because of high fuel prices and fuel inefficiency USA
2 June 2008 V Australia installs first B.777 Aircraft Simulator in Australia  Australia
2 June 2008 Aeromexico Travel, operated by Aeromexico, commenced operations Mexico
6 June 2008 Kang Pacific Airlines, based at Fujairah Airport restarted & ended operations UAE
11 June 2008 Trai Thien Air Cargo was established by the Ho Chi Minh Planning and Investment Authority Vietnam
11 June 2008 Aerocondor (ATA Aerocondor Transportes Aéreos Lda) ceased operations Portugal
14 June 2008 Enimex ceased operations Estonia
19 June 2008 OpenSkies restarted operations using a single Boeing 757 transferred from the BA fleet UK
24 June 2008 Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA) was established by the present President & CEO Yohei Suzuki as Suzuyo Air Japan
27 June 2008 GrandStar Cargo International started operations China
27 June 2008 Aero-Tropics ceased operations Australia
30 June 2008 Air Midwest ceased operations USA
7 July 2008 Wataniya Airways received its AOC prior to starting on 24Jan2009 Kuwait
11 July 2008 Jeju Air made its first international flight, from Jeju to Hiroshima South Korea
11 July 2008 Wizz Air Ukraine restarted operations Ukraine
15 July 2008 Zambezi Airlines restarted operations Zambia
15 July 2008 Manx2 restarted operations UK
17 July 2008 Jin Air, formed as Air Korea in 2007 & renamed, commenced operations South Korea
21 July 2008 Ankair ceased operations Turkey
22 July 2008 Custom Air Transport ceased operations USA
23 July 2008 Aero California, founded in 1960 as air taxi operator Servicios Aéreos, suspended operations Mexico
25 July 2008 Yeongnam Air commenced operations South Korea
29 July 2008

Riau Airlines ceased operations but restarted in 2010

1 August 2008 Community Airlines ceased operations Tanzania
5 August 2008 Nova Air ceased operations Mexico
7 August 2008 Peruvian Airlines, founded in Nov2007, received its AOC from Peru's aviation authority Peru
8 August 2008 Bravo Air Congo ceased operations DR Congo
8 August 2008 Dana Air was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dana Group Nigeria
12 August 2008

Gemini Air Cargo, formed in 1995, ceased operations

14 August 2008 Prima Charter, formed in 2005 as Fischer Air Poland & renamed to Euro Charter, ceased operations Poland
18 August 2008 STP Airways commenced operations with flights between Lisbon, Portugal, and São Tomé Sao Tome & Principe
22 August 2008 The consortium Comapagnia Aerea Italiana (CAI) was founded. The consortium bought Alitalia and Air One, joining them together to eventually form the present Alitalia Italy
23 August 2008 Airlines Tonga, commenced operations in Dec2005, ceased Tonga
25 August 2008 The airline division of Island Aviation Services, formed on 13Apr2000 was rebranded as Maldivian Maldives
28 August 2008 Zoom Airlines ceased operations Canada
2 September 2008 Kato Airline ceased operations Norway
4 September 2008 flySur, created in 2007 as TAER Andalus, started operations Spain
8 September 2008 Futura Gael ceased operations Ireland
8 September 2008 Futura International Airways ceased operations Spain
9 September 2008 Vega Airlines, re-established as Cargo Air, received its AOC Bulgaria
11 September 2008 Air Bee ceased operations Italy
12 September 2008 XL Airways UK, a subsidiary of the XL Leisure Group, ceased operations UK
15 September 2008 Cargo Air, re-established from Vega Airlines. started operations Bulgaria
15 September 2008 AeBal (Aerolineas de Baleares) ceased operations Spain
18 September 2008 Arrow Air Panama ceased operations Panama
23 September 2008 Constellation West Indian Airways ceased operations Trinidad & Tobago
25 September 2008 LatCharter became SmartLynx Latvia
28 September 2008 Samara Airlines ceased operations Russia
29 September 2008 Georgia Skies commenced operations USA
30 September 2008 Asian Spirit became Zest Air Philippines
30 September 2008 Carib Aviation ceased operations Antigua
30 September 2008 African International Airways ceased operations South Africa
1 October 2008 Asian Express Airlines became Tasman Cargo Airlines Australia
1 October 2008 Kyokushin Air ceased operations Japan
5 October 2008 Galaxy Airlines, established on 17May2005, ceased operations Japan
9 October 2008 Interavia ceased operations Russia
9 October 2008 LagunAir  ceased operations Spain
17 October 2008 LTE International Airways ceased operations Spain 
17 October 2008 Tesis Aviation Enterprise, founded in 1993, had their flights suspended by the Russian aviation authority due to unpaid fees Russia
17 October 2008 Omskavia ceased operations Russia
17 October 2008 Vyborg North-West Air Transport ceased operations Russia
17 October 2008 Hansung Airlines had its AOC withdrawn. Restarted as T'Way Air on 16Sep2010 South Korea
18 October 2008 Hansung Airlines stops flying as AOC was withdrawn on 17Oct2008 South Korea
20 October 2008 New Air & Tours was rebranded as enerjet Canada
20 October 2008 flySur ceased operations Spain
26 October 2008 Felix Airways was founded as the 1st lo-fare carrier in Yemen Yemen
27 October 2008 Air Busan, established in Aug2007, restarted operations as Busan International Air South Korea
28 October 2008 Avolar was forced to cease due to the illegal operations of the airline Mexico
29 October 2008

Sterling ceased operations

29 October 2008 Peruvian Airlines, founded in Nov2007, commenced operations Peru
29 October 2008 Northwest Airlines (founded in 1926) and absorbed into Delta Air Lines Inc. by a merger that was approved on this date USA
31 October 2008 Air Comet Chile ceased operations Chile
1 November 2008 Domodedovo Airlines ceased operations Russia
1 November 2008 KrasAir ceased operations Russia
5 November 2008 Dana Air, established on 08Aug2008, received its AOC Nigeria
6 November 2008

Kavok received its AOC from Venezuela’s Instituto Nacional de Aeronautica Civil

7 November 2008 ALMA de Mexico, a low-cost airline based in Guadalajara, suspended all services Mexico
10 November 2008 Dana Air, established on 08Aug2008 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dana Group, commenced flight operations Nigeria
15 November 2008 LTE International Airways ceased operations Spain
18 November 2008 Inter Airlines ceased operations Turkey
20 November 2008 Vision Air International received an Air Operator Certificate & started operations on 02Dec2008 Pakistan
25 November 2008 Indochina Airlines first flight Vietnam
28 November 2008 New Air & Tours, rebranded as enerjet on 20Oct2008 prior to start-up, was awarded its Air Operator’s certificate Canada
30 November 2008 Dba continued to operate three B.737-300s as a separate division of AirBerlin until this closure date Germany
1 December 2008 European Aviation Air Charter, began in 1989 as European Aviation, ceased operations UK
1 December 2008 Primaris Airlines ceased operations USA
1 December 2008 Siem Reap Airways International ceased operations Cambodia
2 December 2008 Vision Air International started operations Pakistan
2 December 2008 Fly Europa ceased operations UK
3 December 2008 Flightline ceased operations UK
11 December 2008

Yeongnam Air ceased operations

South Korea
15 December 2008

Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras inaugurated services

17 December 2008 NordStar was established as the Moscow division of established Siberian carrier Taimyr Avia Russia
17 December 2008 Air Europe ceased operations Italy
17 December 2008 ATA Airlines was established USA
17 December 2008 KLM became full owner of Martinair Netherlands
18 December 2008 Air Comet Chile,  having ceased operation on 31Oct2008, files for bankruptcy protection Chile
24 December 2008 LATAM Ecuador received approval to begin domestic operations, which were launched in Mar2009 Ecuador
31 December 2008 Santa Barbara Airlines was rebranded as SBA Santa Barbara Airlines following its acquisition by Aserca Airlines Venezuela
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3 January 2009 SkyStar Airways ceased operations after not paying any of the staff salary for six months Thailand
6 January 2009 Ted, the Lo-cost brand of the United Airlines was discontinued USA 
7 January 2009 Eastar Jet inaugurates its first domestic service, Seoul to Jeju South Korea
10 January 2009 Zambian Airways suspend operations Zambia
13 January 2009

Alitalia (Compagnia Aerea Italiana) operated its first flight. took over the infrastructures from Alitalia (Linee Aeree Italiane) and absorbed Air One, creating a single airline

14 January 2009 Cimber Sterling operations start Denmark
17 January 2009 FlyLal suspended operations Lithuania
20 January 2009 The Dominican Civil Aviation Institute suspended Caribair from operating for "operational irregularities Dominican Republic
24 January 2009 Wataniya Airways  restarted operations Kuwait
25 January 2009 The operating licence of Nordic Airways was suspended Sweden
29 January 2009 MacAir Airlines entered voluntary administration and ceased operations the next day Australia
30 January 2009 MacAir Airlines having entered voluntary administration on 29Jan2009, ceased operations Australia
6 February 2009 FedEx closes a hub for the first time in its history, when operations at its Asian-Pacific hub at Subic Bay International Airport in the Philippines cease USA
15 February 2009 Kunming Airlines, established in Dec2005, operated its first flight China
17 February 2009 Air Libya Tibesti started operations (>Air Libya)


22 February 2009 SkyAirWorld suspend operations Australia
27 February 2009 ERA Aviation ceased operations (bought by Frontier Alaska Group, name change to Era Alaska) USA
27 February 2009 Virgin Australia International restarted operations as V Australia Australia
11 March 2009

AirAsia X inaugurated its first low-cost and nonstop service between Kuala Lumpur and London

13 March 2009 MexicanaLink commence operations Mexico
15 March 2009 East Star Airlines ceased flights & was declared bankrupt China
26 March 2009

The Management Board of LOT Polish Airlines took the decision to close its subsidiary, Centralwings

29 March 2009 BoA (Boliviana de Aviació)s' inaugural flight Bolivia
1 April 2009 MAK Air had its AOC revoked Kazakhstan
1 April 2009 had its airline license revoked Kazakhstan
1 April 2009 Kayala Airline (Jeddah) ceased operations Saudi Arabia
2 April 2009 Star Marianas Air, first charter flight from Tinian to Saipan Marianas Islands
4 April 2009 Air Sylhet, founded in early 2007, started operations UK
4 April 2009 L'Avion merged with with OpenSkies, retaining the latter name France / UK
10 April 2009 Zetavia was founded Ukraine
15 April 2009 The Russian Federal Air Transport Agency cancels the operating license of airline Elbrus-Avia Russia
19 April 2009 Arkaim was established Russia
22 April 2009 Irtysh-Air, established in 2007, started operations Kazakhstan
23 April 2009 Saha Airlines suspended all flights Iran
24 April 2009 Air Sénégal International suspended all operations Senegal
27 April 2009 Linus Airways suspended operations due to lack of operational aircraft Indonesia
29 April 2009 Air Arabia Maroc was officially launched (renamed from Regional Air Lines) Morocco
1 May 2009 Estelar Latinoamerica, formed in Aug2008, began operations Venezuela
1 May 2009

Thomsonfly and First Choice Airways are combined as Thomson Airways

1 May 2009 Air Fiji ceased operations Fiji
3 May 2009 Syrian Pearl Airlines operated its first flight Syria
6 May 2009 Air Arabia Maroc restarted operations Morocco
12 May 2009 Tailwind Airlines restarted operations Turkey
14 May 2009 Wizz Air Ukraine having started operations on 11Jul2008, launched international services from Lviv Ukraine
15 May 2009 Medallion Air received its AOC Romania
15 May 2009 CAM (Compagnie Aérienne du Mali) was rebranded as Air Mali Mali
16 May 2009 Perm Airlines had its license revoked Russia
25 May 2009 Star1 Airlines was established Lithuania
25 May 2009 FlyDubai received its air operator’s certificate UAE
26 May 2009 Golden Bay Air originated on 27Feb2006 as Capital Air and was re-registered

New Zealand

29 May 2009 Gianair was incorporated Ghana
30 May 2009 FlyMontserrat operated its first charter flight Montserrat
1 June 2009 JoyAir restarted operations after being renamed from Happy Air China
1 June 2009 FlyDubai commenced scheduled flights UAE
1 June 2009 Air Express Sweden was taken over by MCA Airlines Sweden
3 June 2009 Dutch Air Cargo restarted cargo operations with a Fokker 27-500F freighter Netherlands
3 June 2009 Mint Airways restarted operations Spain
7 June 2009 Medallion Air restarted operations (>>Ten Airways) Romania
8 June 2009 Tianjin Airlines was rebranded from Grand China Express Air and first flight was on 10 June 2009 China
10 June 2009 First flight of Tianjin Airlines after rebrand from Grand China Express Air China
10 June 2009 Jetstar NZ domestic operations are launched New Zealand
13 June 2009 Cargolux Italia restarted operations Italy
17 June 2009 NordStar operated its first flight, from Norilsk to Moscow-Domodedovo and Krasnoyarsk. Russia
18 June 2009 Corporate Xpress shut down operations Canada
23 June 2009

Republic Airways announces the acquisition of Milwaukee-based Midwest Airlines

30 June 2009 AlMasria Universal Airlines operations restarted Egypt
30 June 2009 Star1 Airlines commenced operations Lithuania
1 July 2009 Cargo B Airlines files for bankruptcy protection and stopped all operations Belgium
3 July 2009 ULS Airlines Cargo, started operations in 2004 as Baron Air Cargo, was rebranded Turkey
9 July 2009 Clickair merged into Vueling Airlines Spain
14 July 2009 Pet Airways commenced operations USA
14 July 2009 Air Cargo Germany received its AOC Germany
15 July 2009 AlNaser Airlines operations restarted Iraq
24 July 2009 The Italian Civil Aviation Authority suspended the operating licence of MyAir due to financial problems and service failures Italy
27 July 2009 Air Cargo Germany, having received its AOC on 14Jul2009, restarted operations Germany
28 July 2009 Cambodia Angkor Air commenced operations Cambodia
30 July 2009 Comair Congo had its AOC withdrawn by D.R.Congo authorities DR Congo
30 July 2009 Air Navette AOC was revoked DR Congo
30 July 2009 Air Beni AOC was revoked by D.R.Congo authorities DR Congo
30 July 2009 Air Boyoma had its AOC revoked  by D.R.Congo authorities DR Congo
30 July 2009 Piva Airlines, founded in 2007, had its AOC withdrawn DR Congo
3 August 2009 Air Australia restarted operations as Strategic Airlines Australia
7 August 2009 Island Express Air had its first flight as part of the Abbotsford International Airshow Canada
13 August 2009 Frontier Airlines and Lynx Aviation were purchased by Republic Airways Holding of Indianapolis, Indiana through an auction held in the US Bankruptcy Court USA
23 August 2009 Wings of Bornholm commenced operations Denmark
27 August 2009 East Star Airlines, having ceased flights on 15Mar2009. was declared bankrupt China
27 August 2009 AviaNova began operations Russia
1 September 2009 SkyEurope  ceased operations Slovakia
3 September 2009 BA CityFlyer accepts delivery of its first Embraer 170, narrow-body medium-range twin-engine jet airliner UK
8 September 2009 KD Avia suspended all flights Russia
11 September 2009 Pace Airlines suspend operations USA
17 September 2009 Virgin Nigeria >Nigerian Eagle Airlines (on this date) >Air Nigeria ( 02Jun2010} Nigeria
19 September 2009 Efly commenced operations Malta
21 September 2009 Air Dominicana, having started operations on 16Oct2008, ceased Dominican Republic
25 September 2009 Aeroflot-Don reverts to its previous Donavia identity on this date. Donskie Avialinii >>JSC Donavia Airlines >Aeroflot-Don >Donavia Russia
29 September 2009 State-owned airline Olympic Airlines ceased operation and was replaced by privately owned Olympic Air, which commenced operations on this day Greece
1 October 2009 SAS Norge was fully absorbed into SAS Norway
2 October 2009 Feel Air was established. It never came to fruition, and late in 2011 it dropped the whole plan Norway
6 October 2009 Comoros Islands Airways start operations Comoros
7 October 2009 It was announced that Avianca would merge with TACA but both airlines stated that each would maintain their own identity El Salvador
12 October 2009 Qatar Airways Airbus A340-600 conducted the world's first commercial passenger flight using a mixture of kerosene and synthetic Gas-to-liquids (GTL) fuel Qatar
15 October 2009 Mistral Aviation, formed in 2002, had its airline license revoked Republic of Congo
15 October 2009 Direct Aero Service operations started (>Romstrade Logistic Expres) Romania
16 October 2009 Air Dominicana, started operations Dominican Republic
23 October 2009 Seagle Air ceased operations Slovakia
25 October 2009 CSA Czech Airlines discontinues all long-haul routes from Prague, including New York and Toronto Czech Republic
1 November 2009 Nile Air obtained AOC & started operations in Aug2010 Egypt
5 November 2009 Efly ceased operations Malta
6 November 2009 MCA Airlines, founded in 2008, suspended operations Sweden
11 November 2009 MCA Airlines declared bankruptcy Sweden
20 November 2009 Air France introduced the A380  with service to New York's JFK Airport France
20 November 2009 Interlink Airlines commenced first ever passenger flights from Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria. First time the capital was connected to other centres in South Africa South Africa
25 November 2009 Indochina Airlines ceased operations Vietnam
30 November 2009 Albastar was launched Spain
1 December 2009 Nordavia was renamed from Aeroflot-Nord Russia
2 December 2009 South African Express was rebranded as SA Express South Africa
8 December 2009 Coventry Airport announces that it was to close with immediate effect due to its owners being wound up in the High Court UK
7 December 2009 Jamaica Air Shuttle operations started Jamaica
14 December 2009 Sverdlovsk 2nd Air Enterprise becomes Uktus Russia
15 December 2009 First flight of the B.787 Dreamliner USA
16 December 2009 Flyglobespan shut down all operations and was immediately placed into receivership UK
18 December 2009 Tafa Air commence operations Albania
21 December 2009 Air Comet ceased operations Spain
22 December 2009 Pol'Air, founded in 2009, obtained its air transport certificate French Polynesia
22 December 2009 Cimber Air merged into Cimber Sterling Denmark
24 December 2009 Eastar Jet launched international services with a flight from Incheon to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia. South Korea
31 December 2009 ATA Airlines. established on 17Dec2008, first flight was from Tabriz to Mashhad Iran
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