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Airline History    
1 January 1960 Fiji Airways was reconstituted, equally owned by BOAC, QANTAS, and Tasman Empire Airways Fiji
3 January 1960 Aviaarktika, the flying branch of the Department of Polar Aviation of Glavsevmorput, was absorbed into Aeroflot USSR
18 January 1960 The original Airlines of South Australia (ASA) first flew (replacing Guinea Airways) Australia
19 January 1960 First flight Convair CV-580 conversion from Convair CV-340 aircraft with two Allison 51 D13D/H 4-bladed propeller turboprops USA
21 February 1960

Finnair took delivery of its first Caravelle A and became the first airline in the world to operate a jet passenger aircraft with a flight deck crew of two

22 February 1960

Official opening of Christchurch International Airport

New Zealand
7 March 1960 PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) wet-leased a B.707 from Pan American airlines, thereby becoming the first Asian airline to induct a jet-aircraft in its fleet Pakistan
16 March 1960 KLM opens its first intercontinental jet service, by DC-8 from Amsterdam to New York Netherlands
29 March 1960 Tupolev Tu-124 first flight USSR
1 May 1960 Thai Airways Internationals' first revenue flight Thailand
1 June 1960 Trans-Canada Air Lines began transatlantic services, flying between Montreal and London Canada
1 July 1960 BUA (British United Airways) was formed UK
7 July 1960 Toho Air Service established Japan
24 June 1960 First flight of the Hawker Siddeley HS 748 UK
5 July 1960 The B.720 goes into service with United Airlines USA
9 July 1960 Sabena began airlifting Belgian nationals out of Congo. Over the next three weeks, 25,711 will fly home Belgium
15 September 1960
TEAL (Tasman Empire Airways) retires its last flying boat from service (>ANZ)
New Zealand
17 September 1960 East African Airways commenced jet services between London and Nairobi Kenya
27 September 1960 Autair  changed was renamed to Autair International Airways (>Court Lines) UK
27 October 1960 Air Mali (1960–1985) was established Mali
7 November 1960 Orion Airways, established on 26Jan1956 & started operations on 09Aug1957 with a Vickers Viking, ceased operations and was liquidated UK
14 December 1960 Air Ivoire was established Ivory Coast
14 December 1960 Aer Lingus entered the jet age when three Boeing 720 are delivered for use on the New York route and the newest destination Boston Ireland
31 December 1960 Air Guinee Express was established by the Guinea government as Air Guinee Guinea
3 January 1961 Aloha retires its last DC-3 USA
3 January 1961 PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) first Fokker F-27 Friendship twin-turboprop type received Pakistan
1 February 1961 The Vickers Vanguard entered service with Trans Canada Airlines Canada
15 January 1961

Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Rome opens

24 January 1961 First flight of the Convair CV.990 Coronado, “stretched” version of their earlier Convair CV.880 USA
2 February 1961 The first commercial use of the de Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou took place Canada
24 February 1961

Iranian Airways and Persian Air Services merge to form United Iranian Airlines (>IranAir)

14 March 1961

Inex-Adria Airways was founded as Adria Airways

28 March 1961 Air Afrique was formed Ivory Coast
1 April 1961 VIASA commenced operations Venezuela
3 May 1961 The Boeing Airplane Company changed its name to Boeing Company USA
1 June 1961 SFO (San Francisco and Oakland Helicopter Airlines), began services between the airports & downtown heliports in San Francisco & Oakland USA
1 June 1961 UAL (United Air Lines) absorbs Capital Airlines to become the largest airline in the West, with a fleet of 267 aircraft USA
6 June 1961

JAL began independent service on polar routes to Europe (DC-8)

15 June 1961 El Al set a world record for the longest non-stop commercial flight: a B.707 flew from New York to Tel Aviv, covering 5,760 miles (9,270 km) in 9 hours and 33 minutes Israel
21 June 1961 First flight of the Aviation Traders Carvair UK
27 June 1961 Cubana restarted operations after Cuba's revolutionary government decided to take over the airline in May1959 Cuba
29 June 1961 Air Congo, having been founded on 06Jun1961, commenced operations DR of Congo
30 June 1961 Adria Airways restarted operations as Adria Airways before renamed back to Inex Adria Airways Yugoslavia
30 June 1961 Scanair was set up (>Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia) Sweden
1 August 1961 Air Afrique, formed on 28Mar1961, started operations Ivory Coast
4 October 1961 North Star Air Lines, an independent airline, registered in London. Did not start operations UK
24 October 1961 NAB (Navegacao Aerea Brasileira) was purchased by Lóide Aéreo Nacional Brazil
20 October 1961 Madair launched services between Tananarive and Paris using a Douglas DC-7C (>Air Madagascar on 14Oct1962) Malagasy Republic
6 November 1961 Mount Cook Airline, formed as NZ Aero Transport in 1920, was renamed from Mount Cook Air Services & began scheduled services New Zealand
29 November 1961 Caledonian Airways operated its inaugural flight, from Gatwick (...>>British Airways) UK
1 December 1961

Thomson Airways was formed as Euravia

21 December 1961 Caledonian Airways, formed in Apr1961, operated its first fare-paying passengers to New York departed Prestwick(...>>British Airways) UK
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9 January 1962 First flight of the De Havilland Trident, BEA’s new three-engined jet aircraft took place UK

1 February 1962

Loganair was established UK
20 February 1962 Piedmont retired the last of its DC-3 aircraft on the 15th anniversary of its first scheduled flight. USA
1 March 1962 Los Angeles Airways sets up the world’s first commercial service using turbine-powered, multi-engine helicopters USA
18 March 1962 The Convair CV-990 entered service with American Airlines USA
April 1962 IranAir officially commenced its activities as Iran National Airlines Corporation Iran
4 April 1962 Luxair restarted operations Luxembourg
10 April 1962

The first commercial plane to land at Maldives airport was an Air Ceylon flight

15 April 1962 Iran National Airlines Corporation, formed by PAS + Iranian Airways on 24Dec1962, started operations Iran
15 April 1962 SATENA, incorporated in 1962 under the Ministry of National Defence, restarted operations Colombia
16 April 1962 BEA (>BA) operated its first commercial Handley Page Herald service


3 May 1962 Cruz Airways was formed Philippines
5 May 1962 Thomson Airways, formed as Euravia on 01Dec1961, restarted operations UK
8 June 1962 Air-India International was renamed to Air India India
29 June 1962 First flight of the Vickers VC10, an evolution of the long-range British airliner UK
5 July 1962 WinAir operations started on this date as Windward Island Airways Netherlands Antilles
30 August 1962 Surinam Airways, formed in 1953 with the same name, started ops on 07Jan1955. Renamed to SLM, starting on this date with current name after Govt takeover Suriname
30 August 1962 First flight of the NAMC YS-11 Japan
31 August 1962 First flight of the Sud Aviation Caravelle 10A, re-engined prototype evolution of the French short/medium-range jet airliner France
6 September 1962 Merpati Nasantara Airlines was officially constituted Indonesia
11 September 1962

Merpati launched services from Jakarta, with a fleet of two Douglas DC-3s and four DHC-3 Otters

5 October 1962 Transmeridian began operations as Trans Meridian Flying Service (>British Cargo Airlines) UK
14 October 1962 Air Madagascar was formed by the Government of the then-new Malagasy Republic and Air France to succeed Madair


29 October 1962

East Anglian Flying Services officially changed its name to Channel Airways

31 October 1962 China Airlines, formed on 16Dec1959, start domestic operations Taiwan
1 November 1962 Transmeridian began operations under the name Trans Meridian Flying Service on 05Oct1962 and begin operations on this date UK
17 November 1962 President John F. Kennedy dedicated Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC USA
27 November 1962 The first production B.727-100 rolls-out USA
4 December 1962 TAME's augural flight (>Transportes Aereos Mercantiles >Ecuatorianos >TAME) Ecuador
24 December 1962 Iran National Airlines Corporation was formed by PAS (Persian Air Services) + Iranian Airways (>Iran Air) Iran
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3 January 1963 First flight of the Ilyushin Il-62 USSR
17 January 1963 Short SC.7 Skyvan first flight UK
9 February 1963 B.727-100 made its first flight USA
13 February 1963 PSA (Pacific Southwest Airlines)  became a public corporation(>US Airways) USA
18 March 1963 LAP was officially founded by the government through the Decree Nr.337 (>LATAM Paraguay) Paraguay
20 February 1963 Austrian Airlines received the first of five Sud-Aviation SE.210-VIR Caravelles, their first jet aircraft. Austria
29 March 1963

Alisarda was set up by Prince Karim al-Hussayn Aga (>Meridiana)

1 April 1963 Air Ferry, founded in 1961, start general charter and inclusive tour operations UK
26 May 1963 BUA (British United Airways) began a twice-daily rail-air-rail service between the city centres of London and Paris UK
7 June 1963 MEA (Middle East Airlines) merged with Air Liban to form Middle East Airlines - Air Liban Lebanon
17 July 1963 Sioux Lookout, Ontario based Bearskin Airlines was established Canada
29 July 1963 Tupolev Tu-134 first flight USSR
1 August 1963 Jersey Airlines was renamed to British United (C.I.) Airways (>>KLM Cityhopper) UK
20 August 1963 First flight of the BAC One-Eleven


27 August 1963 Jamaica Air Service was founded. (renamed to Air Jamaica in 1968 & merged into in Trinidad's Caribbean Airlines on 30Apr2010) Jamaica
16 September 1963 Malaysian Airlines was formed on this day & became Malaysian-Singapore Airlines Malaysia
1 October 1963

UTA was formed as a result of a merger between Union Aéromaritime de Transport (UAT) and Transports Aériens Intercontinentaux (TAI)

1 October 1963 Autair International commenced scheduled services after rename from Autair (>Court Lines) UK
9 December 1963 Royal Jordanian Airlines was founded as Alia Jordan
13 December 1963 ATI (Aero Transporti Italiani) was established (>>Alitalia) Italy
15 December 1963 Alia (>Royal Jordanian Airlines) restarted operations Jordan
24 December 1963

Idlewild Airport was rededicated as John F. Kennedy International Airport


24 December 1963 B.727 was certified by the FAA


31 December 1963 Starways, formed in 1948, was taken over by British Eagle UK
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1 January 1964 BEA Helicopters was formed UK
1 February 1964 B.727 entered service with Eastern Air Lines USA
6 February 1964 United's first B.727 scheduled service took place with a flight from San Francisco to Denver USA
5 March 1964 Somali Airlines was founded as the newly independent Somalia's national airline Somalia
6 March 1964 Air Saint-Pierre was established by the Briand family St Pierre & Miquelon
11 March 1964 BEA (British European Airways) operated the DH Trident's first commercial service, standing in for a Comet 4B UK
16 March 1964 Air Congo was renamed to Air Congo (Brazzaville) (>Lina Congo) Republic of Congo
25 March 1964 Domodedovo Airlines operated its first revenue service as Domodedovo United Air Detachment USSR
15 April 1964

Japan Domestic Airlines Co, Ltd. was established by merging Nitto, Fuji and Kita Nihon Airlines

29 April 1964

PIA became the first airline from a non-communist country to fly into the People’s Republic of China

29 April 1964 BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation) (>BA) introduced the VC10 jet into its London-Lagos route


6 June 1964 Silver City Airline announces that it had airlifted its one millionth car between England and continental Europe UK
30 June 1964 Air Saint-Pierre, established on 06Mar1964 by the Briand family, restarted operations St Pierre & Miquelon
1 August 1964 ALM-Antillean Airlines founded in Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles; an offshoot of KLM Royal Dutch Netherlands Antilles
16 August 1964 The name Britannia Airways was adopted from Euravia when the airline started re-equipping with Bristol Britannia (>Thomsonfly)


16 September 1964 Mid-States Aviation Corporation started operations on local routes out of Meigs Field, Chicago USA
1 October 1964 Derby Airways changed its name to British Midland Airways (>British Airways) UK
13 October 1964
Queen Elizabeth was flown from London to Ottawa on the first Air Canada DC 8 sporting the new titles and paint scheme
4 November 1964 First ever automatic blind landing by a passenger aircraft when a British European Airways Hawker Siddeley Trident landed in dense fog UK
17 November 1964 Mass Air (Massachusetts Air Industries), founded in late 1964 by E. Antony and sons, started operations USA
21 November 1964 Maryland Airways, set up in late 1964, started daily Beech 18 trips across Chesapeake Bay USA
30 November 1964 United States Overseas Airlines ceased operations USA
8 December 1964 A United Air Lines Caravelle made the first landing in the USA completely controlled by computer (automatic touchdown) USA
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1 January 1965 TCA (Trans-Canada Airlines)) was renamed Air Canada Canada
2 January 1965 Air Manila, formed in 1964, operated its first flight (>PAL) Philippines
5 January 1965 Fairways start operations (>Filipinas Orient Airways +>PAL) Philippines
10 February 1965 Panair do Brasil was forced to cease operations abruptly Brazil
12 January 1965 Douglas Aircraft rolls-out first DC-9. It was powered by two P&W JT8D engines USA
19 February 1965 Lufthansa signs up as the first customer for the forthcoming B.737 Germany
25 February 1965

The Douglas DC-9 twinjet airliner made its first flight

27 February 1965 First flight of the Antonov An-22 USSR
10 March 1965 Douglas Airways was founded as Aerial Tours by D. B. Douglas at Port Moresby Papua New Guinea
20 March 1965 Invicta International Airlines first revenue earning flight took place UK
28 March 1965 Tropair was founded (>Safair) South Africa
1 April 1965 TEAL changed its name to Air New Zealand New Zealand
1 April 1965 NAMC YS-11 entered service with Japan Domestic Airlines Japan
1 April 1965 Malaysian Airways absorbed Borneo Airways Malaysia
9 April 1965 BAC One-Eleven entered service with British United Airways (>British Airways) UK
27 April 1955
First flight of the Sud Aviation Caravelle
20 May 1965 First flight of the De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter Canada
10 June 1965 A BEA Trident 1C performs the world's first automatic landing during a scheduled commercial air service UK
6 July 1965 FAST (Fleming Airways System Transport) ceased operations Philippines
13 June 1965 The first prototype BN-2 Islander conducted its maiden flight UK
12 July 1965 First flight of the Britten-Norman Islander UK
10 August 1965 B.727-200 received its first order, from Northeast Airlines USA
15 August 1965 Libyan Airlines, founded in 1964, started operations as Royal Libyan Airlines Libya
23 August 1965 Air Wisconsin restarted operations USA
1 September 1965 CAS (Continental Air Services), a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental Air Lines started flying in South-East Asia USA
15 September 1965 Air Siam was founded as Varan Air-Siam but it did not start services until 1970 Thailand
1 October 1965 Bechuanaland National Airways was organised on this day, with the help of the UK airline Autair International (>Botswana Airways) Bechuanaland
2 October 1965 United Libyan Airlines was absorbed into Kingdom of Libya Airlines (>Libyan Airlines) Libya
24 November 1965

First commercial services through new Auckland International Airport

New Zealand
8 December 1965 DC.9 entered service with Delta Air Lines USA
21 December 1965 New York Airways commenced helicopter services between the roof of the Pan Am building and John F. Kennedy International Airport USA
22 December 1965 The Convair CV-640 entered service with Caribair USA
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1 January 1966 TAC (Transportes Aereas Catarinense) was merged into Cruzeiro do Sul (>Gol) Brazil
1 January 1966 Skyline (NEPC) renamed from Damania Airways India
27 January 1966 First flight of the Fairchild FH-227 USA
29 January 1966

Official opening of new Auckland International Airport at Mangere

New Zealand
7 February 1966 Air Charter was established under the name SAFA (>Air France) France
8 February 1966 Freddie Laker founds Laker Airways after quitting British United to start his own airline UK
28 February 1966 SPANZ (South Pacific Airline of New Zealand) was forced to call in the receivers & made its last commercial flight New Zealand
5 April 1966 Hibernian Airlines, formed in 1966, restarted general passenger and cargo charter operations Ireland
24 April 1966 Scheduled air carrier jet operations began at Washington National Airport USA
1 May 1966 Jamaica Air Service (>Caribbean Airlines (Trinidad)) began service to Miami and New York Jamaica
1 May 1966 British European Airways opens the first jet service between London Heathrow and Glasgow, using de Havilland Comet 4 Bs (>BA) UK
5 May 1966 Formosa Airlines was founded (>>Mandarin Airlines) Taiwan
24 June 1966 Air Tchad was founded Chad
25 July 1966 Air Charter International began operations as SAFA (Societe Aerienne Francaise d'Affretement) (>>Air France) France
1 August 1966 First flight of the McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30 USA
4 August 1966 Air Tchad, founded on 24Jun1966, restarted operations Chad
29 August 1966 NLM (Netherlands Airlines) started operations (>KLM City Hopper) Netherlands
21 October 1966 First flight of the Yakovlev Yak-40 USSR
1 November 1966 Aeromaya was formed by the merger of ASSA, which itself had taken over Aero Taxi SA of Merida & Servicio Aereo Gomez-Mendez Mexico
1 November 1966 Air Canada began the first North American air services to the Soviet Union Canada
17 November 1966 Transavia operations start as Transavia Limburg Netherlands
1 December 1966 China Airlines first international service between Taipei and Saigon start Taiwan
28 December 1966 TACA Airlines entered the jet age when it inaugurated their first jet, a BAC One Eleven El Salvador
31 December 1966 Air Brousse ceased operations (was taken over by Air Congo on 30Jun1967) DRC
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1 January 1967 Malayan Airways was renamed to MSA (Malaysia-Singapore Airlines) Malaysia
11 January 1967 Aeromaritime became operational (renamed to Airbus Inter Transport) France
13 January 1967 Douglas Aircraft and the McDonnell Company merge to form the McDonnell Douglas Corporation USA
16 January 1967 Air California (>American Airlines) began services with five daily return trips between Orange County Airport (Los Angeles) and San Francisco USA
1 February 1967 The Braniff-Panagra merger was completed which extended Latin American routes USA
7 February 1967

Tyumen Civil Aviation Division (>UTair) was created by a Decree of the Minister of Civil Aviation of the USSR (>Azur Air Ukraine)

10 March 1967 The IL-62 entered full passenger service on the Moscow to Khabarovsk route with Aeroflot USSR
15 March 1967 Air Southwest was incorporated by Herb Kelleher and Rollin King (>Southwest Airlines) USA
17 March 1967 Air Burkina was established under the name of Air Volta Upper Volta
5 April 1967 Vieques Air Link, founded by Osvaldo Gonzalez in Oct1965, was registered as a corporation Puerto Rico
6 April 1967

The last TWA Constellation was retired from passenger service and TWA became the first U.S. airline to go all-jet

9 April 1967 First flight of the B.737-100 USA
9 May 1967 First flight of the Fokker F28 Fellowship Netherlands
5 June 1967 Monarch Airlines was founded UK
14 June 1967 Air Mauritius was founded Mauritius
30 June 1967 Air Brousse was  taken over by Air Congo DR of Congo
30 June 1967 Air Burkina restarted operations as Air Volta Upper Volta
30 June 1967 First flight of BAC One-Eleven Series 500, evolution of British short-range jet airliner UK
1 July 1967 JTA (Japan Transocean Air) restarted operations as Southwest Air Lines Japan
10 July 1967 Air Fiji restarted as Air Pacific Fiji
27 July 1967 The B.727-200 first flight USA
1 August 1967

Qantas Empire Airways changed its name to Qantas Airways Limited

8 August 1967 First flight of the B.737-200 USA
1 September 1967 Air Malawi started operations on this date & suspended all flights on 25Feb2013 Malawi
1 September 1967 Air Rhodesia was formed (>Air Zimbabwe) Southern Rhodesia
28 September 1967 Faroe Airways (Fairline) ceased operating Faroe Islands
1 October 1967 Frontier purchased Central Airlines USA
1 November 1967 Cable Flying Services, an Air taxi operator founded by Roger Cable, began scheduled commuter air services as Cable Commuter Airlines USA
13 December 1967 Boise Aviation was certificated USA
14 December 1967 First B.727-200 was delivered to Northeast Airlines USA
29 December 1967 First delivery of B.737-200 to United Airlines USA
31 December 1967 CAA (Central African Airways) was officially dissolved Rhodesia & Nyasaland
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1 January 1968 Transpac became Air Caledonie New Caledonia
16 February 1968 CAT (Civil Air Transport) ceased operations Taiwan
1 March 1968 Aurigny Air Services restarted operations UK
5 April 1968 Monarch Airlines commenced commercial operations UK
17 April 1968 Brower Flight Service was certified (>Brower Airways) USA
17 April 1968

Bonanza Air Lines received CAB approval to merge with Pacific Air Lines & West Coast Airlines to form Air West (>Delta Air Lines)

29 April 1968 United Air Lines became the first carrier to put the B.737-200 into service USA
16 May 1968  Air Micronesia restarted operations (..>>UAL) Guam
21 May 1968 Aviogenex was founded as Genex Airlines Serbia
25 June 1968 Finnair Oy became the company's official name Finland
30 June 1968 Ameriflight restarted operations as California Air Charter USA
1 July 1968 Bonanza Air Lines merged with Pacific Air Lines & West Coast Airlines to form Air West USA
15 July 1968 The first direct airline service between the Soviet Union and the US was inaugurated, ten years after negotiations began USA
20 July 1968 Air Bahama started operations as International Air Bahama Bahamas
31 July 1968

Cook Island Airways was formed with all shares held by Air New Zealand

Cook Islands
7 August 1968 Cayman Airways restarted operations Cayman Islands
15 September 1968 Air Moorea restarted operations French Polynesia
18 September 1968 First flight of the McDonnell Douglas DC-9-20 USA
23 September 1968 Air Crews & Maintenance Inc., a scheduled air taxi services to points in Florida, was certificated USA
4 October 1968 First flight of the Tupolev Tu-154 USSR
10 September 1968 Indonesia Air started operations as Indonesia Air Transport Indonesia
23 October 1968 Aeropelican Air Services was established on this date & started ops on 01Jul1971 (>>Brindabella Airlines) Australia
26 October 1968 First flight of the Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante Brazil
1 November 1968 Blue Dog, operated scheduled commuter services from Omak in the state of Washington, was certificated USA
6 November 1968 British Eagle ceased operations, followed by voluntary liquidation two days late UK
28 November 1968 Transglobe Airways ceased operations UK
30 November 1968 The B.727-200, first flight on 27Jul1967, received FAA certification USA
31 December 1968 Tupolev Tu-144 first flight USSR
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1 January 1969 FlyBE was formed as Intra Airways UK
February 1969 Maersk Shipping Line sets up Maersk Air Denmark
9 February 1969 The B.747-100 made its first flight USA
17 February 1969

UB Air was incorporated & restarted airline services on 01Jul1990

2 March 1969

The first flight of Concorde 01 (F-WTSS) from Toulouse

19 March 1969 The first scheduled jet air service inside the Arctic Circle began as Nordair inaugurates a weekly return service between Montreal, and Resolution Bay, Cornwallis Island Canada
April 1969  Air Yugoslavia was formed (>JAT Airways) Serbia & Montenegro
April 1969 The first BEA Super One-Eleven flight from London to Berlin took place


1 April 1969 Air Jamaica, established in Oct1968, restarted operations Jamaica
16 April 1969 First flight of the Let L-410 Turbolet USSR
17 April 1969 Tigerair Mandala was founded as Mandala Airlines Indonesia
24 April 1969 BEA Airtours was formed as a division of BEA to provide it with a low cost platform for holiday travel UK
30 April 1969 Aviogenex, formed on 21May1968 as Genex Airlines, restarted under current name Serbia
30 April 1969 The first woman airline pilot in the West, Turi Widerøe of Norway, made her first flight as a first officer for SAS Norway
7 May 1969 NAYSA restarted operations as NAYSA (Navegacion y Servicios Aereos) Spain
27 May 1969 The Prototype of the Saunders ST-27 was first flown in Montreal Canada
5 June 1969 The Tu-144 first goes supersonic USSR
30 June 1969 Aerosucre operations started Colombia
14 August 1969 Braniff began non-stop B.707 service from Dallas Love Field to Honolulu USA
19 August 1969

Embraer is founded as a mixed capital company, controlled by the Union

26 August 1969 First flight of the Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner USA
25 September 1969

Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn (the D, H and L in the company name) incorporated DHL Worldwide Express (>Astar Air Cargo)

26 September 1969 Washington Airlines, formed by Butler Aviation as an attempt as a STOL operation out of Baltimore, ceased operations USA
1 October 1969 The Concorde supersonic transport plane breaks the sound barrier for the first time UK
20 October 1969 Finnair introduced an inertial navigation system on its aircraft, becoming the first airline to dispense with the need for a navigator aboard Finland
8 December 1969 Air Charter changed its name to Air Charter International (>Air France) France
12 December 1969 PanAm took first delivery of the B.747 USA
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