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13 January 1930Farman F.300 first flightFrance
17 January 1930

Pitcairn Aviation's name changed to Eastern Air Transport, Inc. (>Eastern Air Lines)

21 January 1930

First complete airport lighting system online at Calgary airport

25 January 1930

The Aviation Corporation’s airline subsidiaries are incorporated into American Airways, Inc.

1 February 1930

San Francisco’s first air ferry service started by Air Ferries

1 February 1930

Deutsche Luft Hansa, in partnership with the Chinese Government, establishes the Eurasia  Aviation Corporation

25 February 1930

Ralph O'Neil lands in Miami on first mail service New York, Rio & Buenos Aires Line (NYRBA) after 6-day flight from Argentina

3 March 1930

The inaugural flight over the Prairie Air Mail Route was carried out by Western Canada Airways Ltd.

31 March 1930

United Aircraft and Transport Corp. (UATC) acquires NAT (National Air Transport) (>United)

15 May 1930

Boeing Air Transport (>UAL) inaugurated the first airline stewardess service. The first stewardess was a registered nurse, Ellen E. Church

27 June 1930

Canadian Airways Ltd, was incorporated. Formed by the merger of Inter-Provincial Airways + Western Canada Airways (>Air Canada)

7 July 1930

Aerial Transport of Siam Company (ATSC) was formed

16 July 1930

TWA (Transcontinental and Western Air) was formed when Transcontinental Air Transport, PAIC and Western Air Express merge (>>American Airlines)

18 August 1930

Eastern Air Lines inaugurates passenger operations between New York and Washington as Eastern Air Transport

15 September 1930

Pan Am acquires its prime competitor, NYRBA (New York, Rio, and Buenos Aires Line)

13 October 1930

First flight of the Junkers Ju 52

25 October 1930

TWA (originally Transcontinental and Western Air) began the first regular passenger flights between New York and Los Angeles (>American Airlines)

29 October 1930Dobrolet was abolished, forming the basis for the Central administration of the Civil air fleet (GU GVF), later becoming AeroflotUSSR
30 October 1930Cubana, founded on 08Oct1929 as CNCAC (Compañía Nacional Cubana de Aviación Curtiss), start operationsCuba
13 November 1930Braniff Airways began operations (>Braniff International)USA
14 November 1930First flight of the Handley Page H.P.42UK
5 December 1930Fokker F.XII first flight Netherlands
21 November 1930NYRBA do Brasil was renamed to Panair do BrasilBrazil
25 November 1930

Canadian Airways acquired companies controlled by the Aviation Corporation of Canada and Western Canada Airways

10 December 1930

Eastern Air Transport inaugurated first continuous passenger service from Atlanta to New York (>Eastern Air Lines)

30 December 1930PATCO (Philippine Aerial Transport Co.) was founded (>PAL (Philippine Air Lines))Philippines
3 February 1931

Canadian Airways flew the first international service between Winnipeg and Pembina, North Dakota

24 February 1931Short S17 Kent first flight UK
26 February 1931

Imperial Airways began scheduled services between England and Africa using Armstrong Whitworth Argosys

2 March 1931Panair do Brasil restarted operationsBrazil
26 March 1931

Merger of Zurich-based Ad Astra Aero AG and Balair (Basler Luftverkehr) created Swissair (Schweizerische Luftverkehrs AG)

28 March 1931UATC formed the corporation United Air Lines, Inc. to manage its airline subsidiariesUSA
31 March 1931PATCO (Philippine Aerial Transport Co.) restarted non scheduled operationsPhilippines
April 1931Rhodesian Aviation Company was formed, started operations same yearSouthern Rhodesia
11 June 1931The 40 passenger Handley Page HP-42 four-engine biplane entered service with Imperial AirwaysUK
15 June 1931Canadian Airways pilot E. W. Stull in a Fokker F.14 A, flew the first radio beam from Winnipeg to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.Canada
30 June 1931Avianca El Salvador operations restarted as TACA AirlinesEl Salvador
13 July 1931

Aerial Transport of Siam Company (ATSC) was formally registered as a public company

15 July 1931United Air Lines restarted with mail runsUSA
16 July 1931SCADTA establishes the first mail service between Bogotá and New York City (>Avianca)Colombia
20 July 1931Northeast Airlines was formed as Boston-Maine Airways by the Boston & Maine Railroad & Maine Central Railroad (>Delta)USA
24 August 1931

Aerial Transport of Siam Company (ATSC) began operating (>Thai Airways International)

23 September 1931

First flight of the first Gibraltar Airways. Company formed by M H Bland (to be restarted as Gibair in 1947)

23 September 1931The contract between CLASSA and the Spanish government was declared void, allowing LAPE to begin operations (>Iberia)Spain
29 September 1931Aeroposta Argentina Airline “rents” its assets to the national government, which renamed its temporary acquisition Aeroposta NacionalArgentina
1 October 1931

KLM began a regular service between Amsterdam and Batavia by Fokker F.XII. At 13,744 km (8,540 miles) this was the longest regular air route in the world at the time

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1 February 1932

Dobroflot changed its name to Aeroflot

4 February 1932

British Amphibious Airlines was formed to exploit an agreement to use the sea and foreshore at Blackpool for conducting flight in amphibious flying boats

25 February 1932

The Central Administration of the Civil Air Fleet was founded and Aeroflot was adopted as the official abbreviation of the country’s civil aviation service

7 March 1932First flight of the Junkers Ju 52/3mGermany
19 March 1932Flinders Island Airways began regular aerial serviceAustralia
20 March 1932Luftschiffbau Zeppelin began regular trans-Atlantic services between Germany and Brazil, using the Graf ZeppelinGermany
25 March 1932Aeroflot was officially adopted for the entire Soviet Civil Air Fleet. Renamed from DobroletUSSR
April 1932

INAEC (Iloilo-Negros Air Express Co.) was established (>PAL)

8 April 1932CLASSA was rebranded as LAPE (Líneas Aéreas Postales Españolas) (>Iberia)Spain
6 June 1932

Armstrong Whitworth Atalanta A.W.15 first flight

7 June 1932Egyptair was established as Misr AirwaysEgypt
24 June 1932Pulkovo Airlines was founded (>>Rossiya)Russia
27 June 1932PSIoWA (Portsmouth,Southsea & I.O.W. Aviation) first flight after moving from the Isle of Wight and being renamed from Inland Flying ServiceUK
30 June 1932Alaska Airlines restarted operations as Alaska Star AirlinesUSA
26 July 1932

The Boeing Model 247, the first modern airliner, was awarded its patent

27 August 1932Sakhalin United Detachment started operationsUSSR
26 September 1932Manchurian Aviation Company, national airline of Manchukuo (Manchuria, China) was foundedChina
26 September 1932

 Imperial Airways introduces the Armstrong Whitworth A.W.15 Atalanta, four engine aircraft

15 October 1932The Aviation Division of Tata Sons start an airmail route between Karachi and Madras, the first regular air service within IndiaIndia
8 November 1932Junkers Ju 60 first flightGermany
24 November 1932de Havilland Dragon DH.84 first flightUK
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11 January 1933Sir Charles Kingsford Smith made the first commercial flight between Australia and New Zealand.Australia
30 January 1933Curtiss T-32 Condor II first flight USA
3 February 1933

INAEC (Iloilo-Negros Air Express Co.) commenced operations (>PAL)

8 February 1933

First flight of the Boeing 247

3 April 1933Highland Airways was formed (>British Airways)UK
11 April 1933Airspeed AS.5 Courier first flightUK
30 April 1933

The first air service internal to Scotland, Renfrew – Campbeltown, began, operated by Midland and Scottish Air Ferries Ltd

May 1933

INA (Indian National Airways) was registered

20 May 1933

Turkish Airlines was formed as State Airlines Administration

31 May 1933CIDNA, Air Orient, Air Union, and CGTA formed an air service named SGELA (Société General pour l'Exploitation des Lignes Aériennes)(>Air France in same year)France
15 June 1933Pacific Seaboard Air Lines was founded (>Chicago & Southern Air Lines >Delta Air Lines)USA 
21 June 1933

Indian TransContinental Airlines was formed

23 June 1933

Pacific Seaboard Air Lines made its first flight (>Chicago & Southern Air Lines >Delta Air Lines)

1 July 1933

The Douglas DC-1, a forerunner of the famed DC-3, made its first flight. Transcontinental and Western Air (TWA) purchased the only one of these monoplanes built by Douglas

15 July 1933Egyptair, established as Misr Airlines 07Jun1932, restarted operationsEgypt
20 July 1933 Aerolloyd Iguassú, founded in the beginning of 1933 in Curitiba, restarted operations (>>VASP)Brazil
15 August 1933Turkish Airlines, established on 20May1933 as Hava Yollari Devlet Isletmesi Idaresi, restarted operationsTurkey
7 October 1933

Air France was formed from a merger of Air Orient, Air Union, Compagnie Générale Aéropostale, CIDNA, Lignes Aériennes Farman and SGTA

8 October 1933 CGTA (Compagnie Generale de Transport Aerien) ceased operations when it merged into the newly created Air FranceFrance
16 October 1933DNL (Det Norske Luftfartselskap) was established (>>SAS)Norway
4 November 1933

VASP (Viação Aérea São Paulo) was established

1 December 1933INA (Indian National Airways) commenced the first daily service in India, between Calcutta and Dacca (....Air India)India
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2 January 1934 Allied Airways was formed as Aberdeen Airways (+>BA)UK
14 January 1934

de Havilland Express DH.86 first flight

18 January 1934Qantas Empire Airways Limited was registered in Brisbane, effectively combining the interests of Imperial Airways and Qantas each of which held a half shareAustralia
30 January 1934Junkers Ju 160 first flightGermany
1 February 1934The South African Government took over the assets and liabilities of Union Airways and renamed it to South African AirwaysSouth Africa
3 February 1934Lufthansa began the first regular airmail service across the Atlantic Ocean, between Berlin and Rio de Janeiro.Germany
7 February 1934

The first airmail flight between Australia and New Zealand was made by Charles Ulm in an Avro Ten, taking 14 hours 10 min.

9 February 1934

Postmaster General James A. Farley, carrying out the wishes of U.S. President Roosevelt, announces the cancellation of all existing airmail contracts

19 February 1934President Roosevelt cancelled all existing airmail contracts. The Military took over temporarilyUSA
19 February 1934

Wideroes Flyveselskap AS was founded

19 February 1934

The Douglas DC-1 made record coast-to-coast flight, Los Angeles to Newark, N. J., 13 hours, 4 min.

23 February 1934

First flight of the Lockheed Electra L-10

21 March 1934

Railway Air Services was registered (>British Airways).  Formed by the four mainline railways and Imperial Airways

26 March 1934Short Scylla first flightUK
30 March 1934Sikorsky S-42, the Flying Clipper, first flightUSA
31 March 1934

By Decree No. 24070, government permission was granted to VASP to “establish air traffic in the country”

April 1934

TWA (Trans World Airlines) was formed (>American Airlines)

11 April 1934

American Airways changed its name to American Airlines

16 April 1934

Northwest was reincorporated under Minnesota law as Northwest Airlines

16 April 1934VASP, founded on 04Nov1933, restarted operationsBrazil
17 April 1934First flight of the de Havilland Dragon Rapide DH.89


11 May 1934
First flight of the Douglas DC-2
18 May 1934

Douglas DC-2 entered into service with TWA

29 May 1934

Highland Airways commenced the first regular airmail service within the United Kingdom, between Inverness and Kirkwall

12 June 1934In the United States, the Air Mail Act of 1934 closely regulates the contracting of air mail services and prohibits aircraft manufacturers from owning airlinesUSA
26 June 1934First flight of the Airspeed AS.6 EnvoyUK
30 June 1934American Airways, becoming American Airlines on 11Apr1934, commenced operationsUSA
4 July 1934Delta Air Lines first airmail flight was flown in a Stinson T aircraftUSA
15 July 1934

Varney Speed Lines made its first passenger-carrying flight (>Continental Air Lines >> United Airlines)

20 July 1934

United Airlines Transport Corporation (UALTC) was formed to succeed UAL as owner/operator of BAT, NAT, PAT and Varney and United Airports of California

28 July 1934Aberdeen Airport (Dyce) was established by Eric Gandar Dower, intended to link the northern islands of Scotland with LondonUK
27 August 1934LAMSA (Lineas Aéreas Mineras) was formed (..>>Aeromexico)Mexico
14 September 1934Aeroméxico was established as Aeronaves de México by Antonio Diaz LombardoMexico
15 September 1934AeroMexico, founded on 14Sep1934 by Antonio Diaz Lombardo, commenced operations as Aerovias de MexicoMexico
19 September 1934Allied Airways, formed on 02Jan1934 as Aberdeen Airways, operated its first service (+>BA)UK
8 October 1934

Inter-Island Airways >Hawaiian Airlines made the first inter-island air mail flight in the Hawaiian Islands under a United States Post Office contract.

15 October 1934

National Airline System, later known as National Airlines, began operations as a Florida intrastate carrier (>PanAm)

1 November 1934

SAA (South African Airways) introduced the Junkers Ju 52/3m, the first multi-engine aircraft, which was used on domestic flights

South Africa
8 December 1934

Imperial Airways extends its airmail service to Australia

18 December 1934Air Travel (NZ), founded by Captain Bert Mercer in 1934, begin operations (>Air New Zealand)New Zealand
28 December 1934

BAT, NAT, PAT and Varney are merged into UALTC (=>UAL)

30 December 1934First flight of Martin M-130 USA
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January 1935

Pacific Seaboard Air Lines name changed to Chicago and Southern Air Lines

1 January 1935Aeropostal was founded as Linea Aerea Venezolana (LAV)Venezuela
7 January  1935Avro 652 first flight. it formed the basis for the successful Avro Anson.UK 
14 January 1935

United Air Lines decides to equip its fleet with a de-icing system for airplane wings, following successful tests on a Boeing 247

17 January 1935

Latécoère 521 a six-engine flying boat, and one of the first large trans-Atlantic passenger aircraft made its first flight

28 January 1935First flight of the Potez 62, a twin-engine civil airlinerFrance
1 February 1935

South African Airways acquires South West African Airways

South Africa
23 February 1935

Edmond Thieffry operated Sabena’s first long haul flight to the Congo occurs and takes five and a half days

11 March 1935

The Avro 652 G-ACRM Avalon was delivered to Imperial Airways

21 March 1935

DELAG (Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft) merges into Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei (DZR)

1 April 1935Swissair began services between Zürich and LondonSwitzerland
4 April 1935United Airways was formed by Jersey Airways to fly services from London-Heston to Blackpool, Isle of Man, Liverpool, Leeds and Morecambe (>BA)UK
15 April 1935

British Continental Airways Limited was formed (>BA)

16 April 1935East Coast Airways, established in 1935, restarted a regular passenger service (>ANZ)New Zealand
16 April 1935A Pan Am Sikorsky S-42 made the first airline flight from the continental US to HawaiiUSA
20 April 1935

The first passengers left London for Australia on a new Imperial Airways/Qantas service

25 April 1935

Cambrian Airways was set up as Cambrian Air Services

11 June 1935DNL (Det Norske Luftfartselskap) restarted operations (>SAS)Norway
10 July 1935Air Bleu restarted daily mail operations (>Air France)France
12 August 1935de Havilland DH.90 Dragonfly first flight


8 September 1935The first civil airport in Finland was opened at Turku ArtukainenFinland
30 September 1935Allied British Airways Ltd was formed (>British Airways)UK
1 October 1935

The first company to bear the name British Airways was formed, by the merger of Hillman Airways, Spartan Air Lines and United Airways.

9 October 1935The first Martin M-130, China Clipper, was delivered to Pan AmUSA
7 November 1935Imperial Airways (Nigeria and Gold Coast) Limited was jointly formed between Imperial and Elder Dempster and operated as Elders Colonial AirwaysNigeria
14 November  1935

Philippine Congress approves franchise of Philippine Aerial Taxi Company Incorporated (PATCO) to provide mail, cargo and passenger service in Luzon (>PAL)

22 November 1935

Pan Am commenced the first trans-Pacific airmail service, flying a Martin M.130 from San Francisco to Manila, via Honolulu, Midway Island, Wake Island, and Guam

30 November 1935 Adelaide Airways, a subsidiary of of the Adelaide Steamship Co., commenced operations (.. >Ansett)Australia
6 December 1935First TWA “air hostesses” began flying aboard the DC-2USA
17 December 1935

First flight of the Douglas DC-3

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1 January 1936

British Airways Limited was formed from United Airways, Hillman’s Airways and Spartan Airlines. (>British Airways)

5 January 1936 The Union Steamship Company founded a new national airway, Union Airways of N.Z.New Zealand
13 February 1936

Imperial Airways commenced airmail services to West Africa (>British Airways)

17 February 1936

Ansett made its first flight from Hamilton to Melbourne

4 March 1936Rigid airship Hindenburg made its first flightGermany
15 April 1936

Aer Lingus, flag carrier of Ireland, was founded

9 May 1936
The German airship Hindenburg lands at Lakehurst, New Jersey after its first scheduled transatlantic flight.
22 May 1936Aer Lingus Teoranta was registered as an airline (>Aer Lingus)Ireland
23 May 1936Opening of Stockholm Bromma AirportSweden
26 May 1936State-owned Aer Lingus takes delivery of its first aircraft, registered EI-ABI, and named it "Iolar"Ireland
27 May 1936Aer Lingus made its maiden flight from Baldonnel Aerodrome in Dublin to Bristol (Whitchurch airfield) in the UKIreland
25 June 1936

American Airlines became the first to place the DC.3 in service (using the berth-equipped DST version)

27 June 1936Lockheed Model 12 Electra Junior first flight USA
8 July 1936First landing of an aircraft at Rhein-Main-Flughafen (now Frankfurt am Main Airport) was made by a Junker Ju-52Germany
1 August 1936

British Continental Airways & the Scandinavian routes were absorbed into British Airways, although the Belgian routes continued under the BCA name for a further 2 months

26 August 1936LAM was established on this date & commenced charter operations in 1936 as DETA. Regular airmail services started on 22Dec1937Mozambique
7 September 1936The tarmac of Geneva Airport is covered with concrete over a length of 400m, the first of its kind in EuropeSwitzerland
21 October 1936

Pan Am initiates regular weekly transpacific passenger service as the Hawaii Clipper takes off from Almeda, near San Francisco, arriving at Manila on 27Oct1936

27 October 1936

Pan Am initiates regular weekly transpacific passenger service as the Hawaii Clipper took off from Almeda, near San Francisco on 21Oct1936, arrives at Manila

1 November 1936

Central Airlines and Pennsylvania Airlines merged to form Pennsylvania-Central Airlines (>United Airlines)

2 November 1936Adelaide Airways amalgamated with Holyman's Airways & West Australian Airways to form ANA (Australian National Airways)Australia
19 November 1936 PLUNA, founded in Sep1936, commenced operationsUruguay
18 December 1936

Wearne's Air Service was formed (>MAS)

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15 January 1937Beechcraft Model 18 first flightUSA
7 February 1937

British Airways Ltd transfers its operational base from Gatwick to Croydon Airport

5 March 1937

Imperial Airways opens Hythe flying boat base on Southampton Water for operations of its Empire services

31 March 1937

Deruluft (Deutsch-Russische Luftverkehrs) ceased operations

2 April 1937AircraftSweden
5 April 1937USA
10 April 1937

Trans-Canada Airlines was formed by an Act of Parliament (>Air Canada)

14 April 1937

Ansett Airways was incorporated in Victoria as a public company

28 April 1937

The first commercial flight across the Pacific was made as a Pan Am Boeing 314 Clipper seaplane arrived in Hong Kong

26 May 1937

Varney Air Transport became Continental Air Lines (later Continental Airlines)(>UAL)

19 June 1937

Imperial Airways operated its first New York to Bermuda flight

28 June 1937

Wearne's Air Service restarted operations to Kuala Lumpar and Penang  (>MAS)

29 July 1937First flight of the Lockheed Model 14 Super ElectraUSA
15 August 1937Lufthansa began seaplane services between the Azores and New York with the assistance of seaplane tenders stationed along the routeGermany
1 September 1937Air Canada, Canada’s largest airline, began operations as TCA (Trans-Canada Airlines)Canada
13 October 1937Elders Colonial Airways commenced flights on the route from Lagos-Accra utilising a de Havilland Express from Imperial AirwaysNigeria
12 October 1937Malayan Airways was formed (>MAS)Malaya
31 October 1937

Continental Air Lines moved its headquarters to Stapleton Airport in Denver, Colorado from the Continental Center I building in the Cullen Center complex in Downtown Houston

22 December 1937DETA started regular airmail services Mozambique
29 December 1937CAUSA (Compania Aeronautica Uruguaya S.A) was founded by the Uruguayan banker Luis J. Supervielle and Coronel Tydeo Larre BorgesUruguay
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20 January 1938

A Flight Refuelling Ltd Armstrong Whitworth AW.23 refuels an Imperial Airways Short Empire over Southampton Water

23 January 1938

Armstrong Whitworth Ensign first flight (built for Imperial Airways)

26 January 1938

First landing of a scheduled U.S. passenger airliner using ILS (Pennsylvania Central Airlines Boeing 247-D)

2 March 1938

Eastern Air Lines acquired for $3.5 million by Eddie Rickenbacker

12 March 1938CAUSA (Compania Aeronautica Uruguaya SA) commenced operationsUruguay
15 March 1938Iranian State Airlines of the Ministry of Post and Telegram scheduled services restartedIran
April 1938North American Aviation finally sells EasternUSA
7 June 1938

The first Boeing Clipper (Model 314) made its first flight, piloted by Eddie Allen

7 June 1938

The Douglas DC-4E prototype made its first flight

20 June 1938Southern Airways restarted operationsUK
25 June 1938

The official public opening of Manchester Airport at Ringway, England, was held with an extensive air display

4 August 1938

The first Qantas official service leaves Rose Bay for Singapore

3 October 1938

Imperial Airways takes delivery at Croydon of the first of their Armstrong Whitworth AW 27

11 October 1938Blohm & Voss BV 142 first flightGermany
11 November 1938

The British government announces its intention to merge Imperial Airways and British Airways Limited to form British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) (>BA)

31 December 1938

The Boeing 377 Stratoliner, the first airliner with a pressurized cabin, made its initial flight.

1939 Top of Page
26 January 1939

The Boeing Model 314 Clipper was given permission by the Civil Aeronautics Authority to be used for commercial service by Pan American Airways

20 February 1939

First flight of the Douglas DC-5, the least known of the famous DC airliner series, 16-22 seat, twin-propeller aircraft intended for shorter routes than the DC-3 or DC-4

1 March 1939

Clarence Decatur C. D. Howe opened first TCA (Trans-Canada Air Lines) transcontinental passenger service from Montreal to Vancouver

7 March 1939

Allegheny Airlines began as All American Aviation Company, providing mail delivery and passenger operations (>American)

15 March 1939

CSA interrupts activities due to the occupation of Czechoslovakia

26 March 1939The Boeing 314’s (Clipper) first trial flight across the mid-Atlantic occursUSA
12 May 1939US Airways began operations as All American AviationUSA
20 May 1939

The Boeing 314 entered service with Pan American Airways

30 May 1938WR Carpenter Airlines begin an Australia - New Guinea air mail serviceAustralia
12 June 1939

The British Overseas Airways Corporation Ltd Bill, providing for the merger of Imperial Airways and British Airways Ltd, was introduced in the House of Commons

17 June 1939The official opening of Derby Airport, which was located at Burnaston, was performed by the Secretary of State for Air, Kingsley WoodUK
18 June 1939

The first direct transatlantic seaplane service was begun by Pan Am, from New York to Southampton

29 June 1939

Pan Am's Dixie Clipper completes first commercial plane flight to Europe

6 July 1939

First Autogyro air mail service. Eastern Air Lines, from Philadelphia Post Office to Camden NJ, in a Kellett KD-1 B

11 August 1939

Pan Am (Pan American World Airways) began scheduled flights from New York to Southampton, England

3 September 1939

Following the formal declaration of war by the British Government on Germany, all civil flying ceased

21 September 1939First flight of the Lockheed Model 18 LodestarUSA
15 October 1939New York mayor Fiorello La Guardia dedicates an airport in Flushing bearing his name. La Guardia airport was the costliest to build at the time, $45 millionUSA
28 October 1939Aerolloyd Iguassú, founded in the beginning of 1933 in Curitiba, was sold to VASPBrazil
24 November 1939

British Overseas Airways Corporation was established by the merger of Imperial Airways and the original British Airways under the BOAC Act

27 November 1939

Longest ambulance flight in Canadian history was carried out by a Junkers W-34 of Canadian Airways, piloted by WE Catton from Winnipeg Manitoba, to Repulse Bay & return

27 November 1939BWIA West Indies Airways was founded as British West Indian Airways Trinidad & Tobago
2 December 1939

New York’s La Guardia Airport opens for service

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