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Guinea Bissau is a republic in north-western Africa, bordered on the north by Senegal, on the east and south by Guinea, and on the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The country includes about 60 offshore islands, among them the Bijagós (Bissagos) Islands. The country was renamed from Portuguese Guinea after independence from Portugal. The area is 36,125 sq km (13,948 sq mi). The capital and principal port is Bissau.

TAG-P (Transportes Aereos da Guinea Portuguesa)  last update: 02Nov2017

Status : Renamed / merged

Dates :

1960 - 1974
Airline Code : -- : ---
Genealogy : TAG-P (Transportes Aereos da Guinea Portuguesa) >Linhas Aéreas da Guiné-Bissau >Air Bissau
Comments : [Transportes Aéreos da Guiné Portuguesa was founded in 1960 to operate flights within Portuguese Guinea as its national airline. Services on international routes from Bissau to Dakar, Ilha do Sal and Praia were inaugurated not long after foundation. A de Havilland Heron and two de Havilland Dragon Rapides were operating on the routes by 1961. By 1968 the airline was operating two de Havilland Herons, three Dornier Do 27s, one Cessna 206, one Cessna 172 and one Auster. When Portuguese Guinea gained independence from Portugal in 1974, and the country was renamed to Guinea-Bissau, the airline was also renamed to Linhas Aéreas da Guiné-Bissau. The airline was operating one HS-748, one Dornier Do 27 and a Cessna 206 by the late 1980s to Senegal, Cape Verde, The Gambia and Guinea, in addition to domestic services from Bissau to Bubaque. By this time the name of the airline was also changed to Transportes Aéreos da Guiné-Bissau. In 1988 a service from Bissau to Paris was inaugurated, as a joint-service with French airline Europe Aéro Service, operated with a Boeing 727 from the latter. The name of the airline was changed to Air Bissau in 1989]
Aircraft : Nil at this time
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