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 Airline History (holiday mode)


1 October 1928

Newark, the first major airport in the New York metropolitan area was opened

1 October 1931KLM began a regular service between Amsterdam and Batavia by Fokker F.XII. At 13,744 km (8,540 miles) this was the longest regular air route in the world at the timeNetherlands
1 October 1935The first company to bear the name British Airways was formed, by the merger of Hillman Airways, Spartan Air Lines and United Airways.UK
1 October 1941Inter-Island Airways name changed to Hawaiian AirlinesUSA
1 October 1947Los Angeles Airways began the first scheduled carriage of airmail using the Sikorsky S-51 helicopterUSA
1 October 1949Aden Airways, a subsidiary of British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC), started operationsSouth Yemen
1 October 1950Ilyushin IL-14 passenger aircraft first flightUSSR
1 October 1951 Air Vietnam was formed to take over services from Air FranceSouth Vietnam
1 October 1958Nigeria Airways, founded on 23Aug1958 (after the dissolution of WAAC), commenced operations as West African Airways Corporation Nigeria LimitedNigeria
1 October 1963

UTA was formed as a result of a merger between Union Aéromaritime de Transport (UAT) and Transports Aériens Intercontinentaux (TAI)

1 October 1963Autair International commenced scheduled services after rename from Autair (>Court Lines)UK
1 October 1964Derby Airways changed its name to British Midland Airways (>British Airways)UK
1 October 1965Bechuanaland National Airways was organized on this day, with the help of the UK airline Autair International (>Botswana Airways)Bechuanaland
1 October 1967Frontier purchased Central AirlinesUSA
1 October 1969The Concorde supersonic transport plane breaks the sound barrier for the first timeUK
1 October 1972Malaysian Airlines Berhad, registered on 03Apr1971, officially began operations (>MAS)Malaysia
1 October 1972SIA (Singapore International Airlines), established on 28Jan1972, started operationsSingapore
1 October 1973TAAG, started operations as DTA on 17Jul1940, was redesignated TAAG-Angola Airlines following independenceAngola
1 October 1974Lufthansa CityLine was formed as OLT in 1958 first flew on 17Jun1959, became OLT (Ostfriesische Luftransport) in 1970 and to DLT on this dateWest Germany
1 October 1974Air Maldives was formedMaldives
1 October 1977Sun D'Or was established as El Al Charter Services LtdIsrael
1 October 1988Aerovias de Mexico was renamed  to AeroMexicoMexico
1 October 1992Ukraine International Airlines was establishedUkraine
1 October 1994ICX International Cargo Express was merged into Air Transport InternationalUSA
1 October 1994Shuttle by United (formed by United Airlines) began operations (>United Shuttle >>UAL)USA
1 October 1995airBaltic established on 28Aug1995, start operationsLatvia
1 October 1997Alitalia Express started operations (was integrated into mainline Alitalia on 06Feb2015)Italy
1 October 1998Amaszonas was foundedBolivia
1 October 1999

Japan Air Charter  name changed to JALways

1 October 2002Completion of Rheintalflug Seewald's integration into Tyrolean Airways (>Austrian arrows)Austria
1 October 2004Landsflug, established in 2004, started operationsIceland
1 October 2004Georgian Airways was launched after being renamed from Airzena Georgian AirlinesGeorgia
1 October 2006 Iberia's low-cost subsidiary Clickair was founded as CatairSpain
1 October 2007Caribbean Airlines acquired all outstanding Tobago Express shares, taking over its routes and fleetTrinidad & Tobago
1 October 2007MASWings took over the routes and aircraft previously flown by FlyAsianXpressMalaysia
1 October 2008Asian Express Airlines became Tasman Cargo AirlinesAustralia
1 October 2008Kyokushin Air ceased operationsJapan
1 October 2009SAS Norge was fully absorbed into SASNorway
1 October 2010Star1 Airlines ceased operationsLithuania
1 October 2010ANA Wings operations startedJapan
1 October 2011The Continental-United merger results in the end of ContinentalUSA
1 October 2011Flyme  began operationsMaldives
1 October 2012City Airways operations startedThailand
1 October 2014Air One services start operating under the Alitalia brandItaly
1 October 2014JAL Express started operations after merging into its parent JAL (Japan Airlines)Japan
1 October 2015Arke was renamed to TUIfly (Netherlands)Netherlands

 Latest Updates & Additions

October 1, 2016Swazi Airways, wholly owned by government, intended to start operations in Feb2016. Now revised until Nov2016Swaziland
September 29, 2016Originair suspended services in Apr2016 but restarted on 23Sep2016 [status change]New Zealand
September 24, 2016Aeroflot, Uralsk Civil Aviation Directorate [added] became Ural AirlinesUSSR
September 24, 2016Aeroflot, Privolzhsk Civil Aviation Directorate [added]USSR
September 24, 2016Aeroflot, Northern Civil Aviation Directorate [added]USSR
September 23, 2016Zoom Air [added] was registered as Zexus Air in Apr2013 but was renamed prior to start-upIndia
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1 October 1931KLM began a regular service between Amsterdam and Batavia by Fokker F.XII. At 13,744 km (8,540 miles) this was the longest regular air route in the world at the timeNetherlands

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