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Latest database release - 21st August 2016 - contains 18,842 airlines + additions below
with 2,628 active, 143 planned, 13 added, 111 updates & >613 airline tickets
 Airline History


29 August 1959Victoria Flying Services was formed by Bill SylvesterCanada
29 August 1966NLM (Netherlands Airlines) started operations (>KLM City Hopper)Netherlands
29 August 1970First flight of the McDonnell Douglas DC-10USA
29 August 1973Flying Tigers were the launch customer for the B.747 freighter.USA
29 August 2002LAPA, renamed to ARG Argentina Línea Privada & was changed to AIRG had its original name restoredArgentina
29 August 2003LeCocq's Airlink was renamed to Rockhopper (>Blue Islands)UK
29 August 2005Universal Airlines ceased operationsGuyana
29 August 2014

Moskovia Airlines' AOC was withdrawn

29 August 2014Urumqi Airlines commenced revenue servicesChina
29 August 2015Gabon flyafrica was officially unveiled to the public at a ceremony held in LibrevilleGabon

 Latest Updates & Additions

August 29, 2016City Centre Air Taxis, approved to operate scheduled commuter services from Essendon Airport (Melbourne), did not begin operations [added] Australia
August 29, 2016Bykovo Avia was formerly Aeroflot Bykovo division [added] . Merged into Centre-Avia Airlines in 1999USSR
August 29, 2016Central Maine Flying Service operated scheduled third-level services in its home state and was certificated on 24Dec1965 [added] USA
August 28, 2016Catlin Aviation operated scheduled commuter services to points within the state of Oklahoma [added] USA
August 28, 2016Butler Aviation Helicopter Flight operated a scheduled helicopter air taxi service in the New York area with a Bell 47 [added] USA
August 28, 2016Blue Dog operated scheduled commuter services from Omak in the state of Washington and was certificated on 01Nov1968 [added] USA
August 27, 2016Go! Aviation intended to start in Aug2016 but has been delayed [update]Finland
August 27, 2016Sakhalin United Detachment started operations on 27Aug1932 (..>>Aurora) [added] USSR
August 26, 2016CB Air Táxi Aéreo [added]  has agreed to acquire rival operator Global Táxi Aéreo [added] Brazil
August 26, 2016Brascoota will hold a formal unveiling ceremony on 20Sep2016 at Lins airport in the state of São Paulo. Plans to to haul fresh produce & meat around the country [added] Brazil
August 26, 2016Air KG commenced operations in 2015 [added] Kyrgyzstan
August 26, 2016Zhongnan Airlines is regional carrier preparing to launch services from Changsha Huanghua International Airport [added] China
August 26, 2016Jetsmart is a regional start-up planning to begin scheduled charter operations on 01Sep2016 out of Bangalore [added] India
August 21, 2016FlyTaxi Nord [added] merged into Viking Air Norway (>>FlyViking)Norway
August 21, 2016FlyViking was renamed from Giaevair (founded and backed by former Wideroe pilot, Ola Giæver.) [status change]. Had Viking Air Norway [added] merge inNorway

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29 August 2002LAPA, renamed to ARG Argentina Línea Privada & was changed to AIRG had its original name restoredArgentina



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